ALDI has over 29 stores now in Adelaide and over 500 stores nationwide.To see if we’ll be opening in a town near you, check out our SA store locations here.

 Yes, we are a little different, here’s why.

 We like to keep things simple. We believe that everyone should be able to buy high quality groceries at the best possible prices. Everything we do revolves around this. We always ask ourselves:

·         Is it delivering the best value for our customer?

·         Is it in keeping with our strict quality standards?

·         How can we evolve and grow to be better?

 We’ve been operating in Australia since January 2001 and now have over 400 successful stores, over 9000 hardworking employees and millions of loyal customers.

 Numbers don’t tell the whole story. What gets us really excited is seeing customers fall in love with ALDI. Like any good love story, there’s bound to be a little uncertainty and a few commitment issues at first. But in the end, our customers tend to love what we stand for. We are thrilled to be providing a new choice for shoppers in South Australia.

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