Brahma Lodge

Brahma Lodge

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Brahma Lodge Away 2011
Mascot/Nickname: Tigers
Grades: D6, D6R & C6
Established: 1962
Joined SAAFL: 1996
Premierships: 2012 (D5)
President: Luke Howe – 0404 833 011
Senior Coach: Ryan McKee – 0411 748 958
Football Director: Luke Howe – 0404 833 011
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Club Premierships


1967 (A), 1971 (B), 1977 (A), 1979 (B), 1981 (B), 1982 (B), 1987 (C), 1993 (A), 1994 (A, B & C), 2012 (A)


Club History


Brahma Lodge was formed in 1962 as a junior football club for the new families moving into the previous farming area. The Club quickly built to numerous junior sides as well as a senior side in the mid to late 60’s. The Club continued to grow in the Central Districts Football Association and was able to attract SANFL players of the likes of John “Sticks” Phillips, Barry Hearl and Garry Ryan from North Adelaide along with Barry Amos from Central Districts.


In the mid to late 70’s the Club was a powerhouse winning the 1977 premiership against a strong Salisbury North. The Club would be a regular finals participant throughout this period and into the early 80’s. There would be 3 grand final losses in a row from 82-84 whilst the B Grade were winning premierships.


This was the period of Club stalwart and record games player Wayne Proctor 376.


The Club went into a finals wilderness for a few years before erupting in the 1993 season under Central Districts player Phil Graham. The 93 grand final was played at Elizabeth Oval against Salisbury West in rainy conditions, highlighted by Darren “Slippery” Wilson kicking his 100th goal; which then seen his father run out and huge him.


1994 was on field a huge success with the A Grade going back to back by comfortably defeating Eastern Park, along with the B Grade who also easily accounted for Eastern Park and the C Grade convincing winners over Elizabeth


The club had been in existence for 33 years when in 1994 it won three premierships, only to go into recess in 1995 because of financial difficulties and a dispute with the local council. The club regrouped in 1996 when the Macedonian Orthodox Community to over the lease of the ground. The gold lion insignia worn in 1996 & 1997 when the club joined the SAAFL was a symbol of the Macedonian Community.


In 1998 the Club reverted back to wearing its Guersney that it currently wears today. 1999, 2003 & 2009 seen the A Grade play in the Grand Final and earn promotion, unfortunately losing all 3. In the Clubs 50th Year in 2012 the 18 year premiership drought was finally broken with the A Grade winning the Club’s first SAAFL Premiership by a massive 104 points against Hope Valley in Division 5.


A History of the South Australian Amateur Football League 1911-1994, Fred Bloch © 1995



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