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Mascot/Nickname: Tigers
Grades: D2, D2R, C2, U18
Established: 1928
Joined SAAFL: 1964
Premierships: 64 (D3), 74 (D2), 80 (D1), 87 (D1), 89 (D1), 93 (D1), 98 (D1), 04 (D1), 09 (D2)
President: Shane Eastwood – 0417 820 867
Senior Coach: Nathan Grainger – 0404 365 498
Football Director: Sean Carlier – 0404 884 946
Website: Click here

Club History


Broadview had a long 36-year involvement with the North Adelaide District Association. The Club’s changing- room in the ’20s was an 8-foot square tin shed in which only 10 players at a time could change. The players wore painted sugar sacks as guernseys, and played on a muddy paddock criss-crossed with cart-tracks. Applications to join the SAAFL in 1937 and 1939 were unsuccessful, but the Club was finally admitted in 1964, and was required to change its guernsey design to avoid a clash with Goodwood. New change-rooms were built in 1961 and substantially extended with licensed facilities in the ’80s. The Club had only moderate success in the North Adelaide Association, and it was not until the ’80s that it developed into one of the strongest clubs in the SAAFL, as witnessed by its performances in 1987 and 1989 when of its 5 senior teams, 4 were premiers and 1 runner-up. It has had a continuous presence in Division 1 since 1978, longer than any other club except Adelaide University. John ‘Harry’ Harrison was awarded an O.A.M. for services to junior football after 23 years consecutive service as a coach.

A History of the South Australian Amateur Football League 1911-1994, Fred Bloch © 1995

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