Decision on new rules for 2019

New rules and interpretations for Adelaide Footy umpires in Season 2019 have been finalised after the League’s General Committee meeting on Monday night. The Football Operations department and Executive Committee put forward recommendations to the League’s clubs which then agreed on what new AFL rules would also be adopted in Adelaide Footy games next year.


Changes to be included will be the new kick-in rules (the defending player can play on from inside the goal square without kicking the ball to themselves), having the player on the mark move back in line with the top of the goal square when there is a mark or free kick behind the kick off line, allowing a player being given a 25m penalty to play on, not considering taking the ball out of the ruck a prior opportunity and getting rid of the hands in the back rule (only paying marking infringements if the player is pushed).


Changes not adopted will be the starting positions rule, restrictions on runners and water carriers, prohibited zones behind umpires and allowing players to kick for a goal after the siren on an angle. Other existing AFL rules will continue to not be used in Adelaide Footy games including ruck nominations, deliberate rushed points and 50m penalties (25m instead).


Adelaide Footy Umpiring Manager Colin Rowston says there has been a great deal of thought put into what is appropriate for local football. “It was important for the League to go through a process to work out what was best for us. While we acknowledge the influence the AFL has on players, coaches, spectators and umpires, it is also clear that not everything that happens at that level can or should be implemented in our games. The challenge will now be to educate everyone involved exactly what is expected in Season 2019.”


One other major change to be implemented next year will be a tightening of the holding the ball rule, with the player who has possession of the ball to be penalised more often if there is seen to be a prior opportunity or if there is not a genuine attempt to dispose of the ball.


A video will be produced to outline these changes, with its release in February so it can be distributed to umpires and clubs before trial games begin. A forum for coaches at all levels will be held at ALDI Arena on the evening of Wednesday February 20 to discuss the rules and interpretations for 2019 in detail.


A summary of the outcome of the recommendations can be found online at

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