Eddie Betts joins Lockley Football Club for training

Adelaide Crows superstar Eddie Betts gave a suburban club a thrill when he arrived at training last night and asked if he could join in.

Betts walked around to his local club, Lockleys, and knocked on the door unannounced because he needed somebody to have a kick with to complete the skills component of his individual program while the Crows enjoyed a few days off.

Eyebrows were raised and jaws dropped but naturally — like at most football clubs — new players are welcome.

Even better if they happen to be one of the best small forwards of all time.

Betts had a laugh when he took up the story of his training run with the Adelaide Footy League Division 5 club.

“We have a conditioning program that we’ve been given that we have to do,” Betts said on radio FIVEaa this morning. “And yesterday was a conditioning/skill training session.

“And so I went across the road to do some conditioning but I didn’t have anyone to kick the ball with.

“So I kind of forgot about it and then (thought) `I need some skill work’. So I thought I might just walk there (to Lockleys Football Club) because I live right there and I go there a lot and I know a couple of the boys.

“So I went to the coach … just rocked up to the change rooms and knocked on the door. The coach goes, ‘Who’s that?’

“And I walked in (and he said) ‘Oh hello Eddie.’

“(I said) I just wondered if I could have a run with you boys.

“He said: `Yeah, that’s perfect, you can come and have a run. I’m sure the boys will be happy.”

Betts said there had been some funny moments, with the players putting pressure on each other when they had to kick it to Betts.

Betts suspected they also might have trained a little bit harder than usual to make an impression.

“It was quite funny; I think it was the hardest they’ve ever trained,” Betts said. “They were running laps after drills and (somebody said) ‘We never do this’.

“They all lifted.”

Source – The Advertiser

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