Q – How do I get new committee members details on The Update list or League Correspondence?
A – Simply forward the email addresses of new members to Tanya at tanya@adelaidefooty.com.au

Q – How do we update the names of club office bearers/Coaches on League Publications?
A – Email Tony with all new officers/coaches including phone numbers and emails addresses tony@adelaidefooty.com.au

Q – Who is permitted to speak on behalf of our club to The League?
A – Each club is offered the opportunity to declare two (2) delegates. The League will not accept any request or instruction from anyone else but those two designated club officers.


Q – Where do I get a Certificate of Currency for Insurance from?
A – Contact the League Insurer at https://afl.jltsport.com.au/club_selection.aspx

Football Operations

Q – When will the C Division final fixture be out?
A – We will endeavor to release the final draw in the couple of days after the close off of Nominations due 28th February

Q – Why does it take so long?
A – It isn’t that it takes so long, we could release a draw today but just one change to team nominations from one club potentially affects the make-up of divisions and in turn the fixture even if it’s a C grade.

Q – Why does the League get the first call fee upfront for new teams?
A – Because The League can’t plan a season based on optimism of either getting a C or D grade up and putting money up-front gives The League some confidence the nomination is a serious one (refer the Q & A above)

Q – What do we do if we want to start a game earlier or later in the day?
A – A club should make contact with the opposing club to get their cooperation. Upon the opposition team agreeing, advise The League by email of the details and include the opposition club.

Q – Does our C grade have to play in triple headers?
A – Clubs are not compelled to play in a triple header. The League simply schedules them as triple headers because more people participate in triple headers than not. Based on feedback, clubs prefer triple headers due to a shortage of volunteers as well as keeping members together as much as possible on match day.

Q – When are Calls due?
A – On the 30th April,  31st May, 30th June and 31st July

Q – What is the penalty for non-payment of calls?
A – No club may compete for premiership points or score whilst un-financial.

Q – Where is the best place to find information?
A – The Leagues Rules and Regulations provides information on most areas governed by The League. They should be your first step in finding information. Our website also has comprehensive information. To limit the queries directed to The League any queries should be directed to the relevant person and your club first and that person should be the one who contacts the League for clarification. http://www.adelaidefootball.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Rules-Regs-2016-1.pdf

Q – We would like to form a new club in the League. What is required?
A – Section 2 of the Rules & Regulations provides the information you will need.

Q – How do I find out what Insurance cover our club has?
A – Contact JLT Insurance on 1300 130 373 or see link http://www.adelaidefootball.com.au/insurance-for-affiliated-leagues/

Q – How do we go about purchasing new Guernseys?
A – Contact one of our licensed Apparel suppliers who will assist you. http://www.adelaidefootball.com.au/apparel-medical-suppliers/  They are aware of the various requirements of the League and arrange approvals for new designs.

Q – Do players and Officials need to be registered?
A -Yes all players and officials must be registered on the official SportsTG system before participating in a match of the league. If a player has not played structured match previously then they may be registered as a new player. If a player has played previously then they should be transferred from their previous club regardless of whether they have played in the last two seasons or not.
Your new club’s Football Director or Registrar should be able to assist you to register.

Q – Do I have to register every season?
A -Yes each season prior to playing you must register for that season on SportsTG.

Q – How do I register for the new season?
A – Go to http://www.adelaidefootball.com.au/registrations/ , select the club you are registering for, enter your email address then your password. If you have forgotten your password select “Forgot Password” and an email will be sent to you to renew.
If you are changing clubs, you need your new club to apply for a transfer first before you register for your new club. Your new club’s Football Director or Registrar will arrange for your transfer.

Q – My Transfer still says “awaiting completion of online registration”, what does this mean?
A – Your transfer has been completed but you need to register for your new club

Q – If I have a query about my registration who should I contact?
A -Your club’s Football Director should be the person you contact. They will liaise with The League if needed.

Q – What is the Player Points System (APPS)?
A – The APPS is a system designed and governed by the SA Community Football League to regulate the movement of players throughout South Australia. Players are allocated points from 0-5 depending on where they previously played. An A Grade team is allowed a maximum of 15 points in any one match.

Q – What is the Salary Cap?
A – The Salary Cap is designed to limit the payment of players to sustainable levels. Clubs are limited to paying a total of $3,000 a match in match payments and no more than $400 per player per match.

Q – Are there rules regarding age restrictions on playing in an Under 18’s competition?
A – To enable as many boys the opportunity to play football, The League tries to be flexible with the rules for eligibility. Each year The League will look at the number of teams and their standard before formulating the competitions to make them as competitive and enjoyable as possible. The League will also adjust the age eligibility when required to ensure that teams are able to get sufficient numbers and are competitive.

Q – Can SANFL players come back and play at their local club when they are not selected?
A – Yes they can however there are some restrictions particularly when the SANFL club has a bye.

Q – Where do I can forms for Match Days?
A – Most forms are entered using the MDP App by the officiating umpires. The League has some forms including Score Cards and Interchange Cards which can be supplied on request.

Q – What is the MDP App?
A – The Match Day Paperwork (MDP) App was introduced in 2016 with great success. The Central Umpires enter the matches Best & Fairest, Umpires comments, Reports and Yellow Cards via the App after each match.

Q – How do I get the App?
A – The App can be downloaded from the i store or the Play Store.

Q – Where do I find the role of The Match Day Official?
A – Rule 23 of The Leagues Rules & Regulations provided information on what is required.

Q – What happens if I receive a Yellow Card in a Match?
A – The Yellow Card will be recorded against you. If you receive two Cards in the one match then you will receive a one match suspension. If you receive a total of three Yellow Cards in the minor round you will receive a two match suspension. You may appeal a Yellow Card(s) by applying and paying a fee.

Q – Is there a Heat Procedure for trial matches?
A -Yes trial matches are covered by The Leagues Heat Procedures.

Accounts/ Finance

Q – Do you accept credit card payments?
A – No. We do accept electronic payments, cheques or direct deposit into our account over the BankSA counter. Please ensure that the payment reference has your club name and invoice # included.

Q – Can we pay the account in installments?
A – Yes, as long as the final amount payable is received by the due date of each invoice.


Q: Can our Club place an ad in The Sunday Mail under the results section
A: Yes subject to availability– Book your space early with Dee 8443 8999
The dimensions for your ads is 60mm high x 262mm wide and must be sent in JPEG and PDF format.
It must have Adelaide Footy League logo incorporated into the artwork

Q: Can our Club advertise in The Bounce
A: Yes subject to availability and at no cost– Book your space early with Dee 8443 8999
Your ad must be in JPEG format

Q: Can our Club advertise on Facebook
A: Yes subject to availability and at no cost– Book your space early with Dee 8443 8999
Your ad must be in JPEG format

Q: Where does our Club get access to Adelaide Footy League logo’s
A: Email Dee: dee@adelaidefooty.com.au

Q: How does how Club get in contact with Adelaide Footy League’s Sponsors
A: Adelaide Footy League website – http://www.adelaidefootball.com.au/corporate/


Q: What is the difference between a panel, recreational and club umpire?


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