Finals Permits 2017

Finals Permits Granted

The following permits have been granted by the Football Committee to play in the 2017 finals.

19th AugAdelaide LutheranC6Michael Menz
19th AugAdelaide LutheranC6Xander RedheadYes
19th AugAdelaide LutheranC6Ryan MillerYes
19th AugAdelaide LutheranC6Thomas YoultenYes
19th AugAdelaide LutheranC6Craig BentleyYes
19th AugAdelaide LutheranC6Hayden Scharnberg
19th AugAdelaide UniversityC6Darragh Coughlin
19th AugAdelaide UniversityC6David Jean
26th AugAthelstone2RLucas Norsworthy
19th AugBrighton Bombers3RThomas Hoare
19th AugBrighton Bombers3RBrett IronsYes
26th AugEdwardstown4RCameron Forbes
9th SepElizabeth5RMatthew Daniels
3rd SepFinders ParkU18Kris Karafoulidis
3rd SepFinders ParkU18Jackson McCann
9th SepFinders ParkC3Adam Noyce
9th SepFinders Park3RChad Mayes
9th SepFinders ParkC3Geordi Haklar
9th SepFinders ParkC3Josh Oliver
9th SepFinders ParkC3Matthew Krueger
19th AugHope Valley5RBen Tonkin
9th SepModburyC1Nick Bridgeland
26th AugMorphettville ParkD4Pheonix Spicer
19th AugNorth HavenC4Cody Hoffrichter
19th AugNorth HavenC4Scott DrewettYes
2nd SeptNorth Haven1RJames Lakin
2nd SepNorth HavenC4Joshua Montgomery
2nd SepNorth HavenC4Kane Woolman
19th AugOld IgnatiansC6Paul AoukarYes
19th AugOld IgnatiansC6Alex MarateoYes
19th AugOld IgnatiansC6Ben Schwab
19th AugOld IgnatiansC6Patrick Tymukas
20th AugPayneham NUU18Charles Durack
20th AugPayneham NUU18Tay Crawford Sandison
20th AugPayneham NUU18Marcus Roberts
3rd SepPHOS CamdenU18Liam Toohey
3rd SepPHOS CamdenU18Dean Bonnici
3rd SepPHOS CamdenU18Joshua Bayliss
3rd SepPHOS CamdenU18Declan Grant
9th SepPHOS CamdenD2Henry Papatolis
26th AugPlympton3/3RAiden Boylan
26th AugPlympton3/3RBrady Searle
2nd SepRostrevor OC1RLuke ManuelYes
16th SepRostrevor OC1RJames Butterworth
16th SepRostrevor OC1RLuke Allen
27th AugSacred Heart OCU18Cameron Vinall
3rd SepSacred Heart OCU18Sam Whelan
3rd SepSacred Heart OCU18Henry McKay
3rd SepSacred Heart OCU18Leo Potts
3rd SepSacred Heart OCU18Tom O’Malley
3rd SepSacred Heart OCU18Lachlan Mill
3rd SepSacred Heart OCU18Logan Kelly
9th SepSacred Heart OC2RTom Howard
9th SepSacred Heart OCC2Austin Kiddy
9th SepSacred Heart OCC2Leo Potts
9th SepSacred Heart OCC2Darcy Noll
26th AugTea Tree GullyD7Matthew Wilson
19th AugWoodville SouthC5Jonathan Bugeja
19th AugWoodville SouthC5Andrew Shreeve
19th AugWoodville SouthC5Dean Sumner
19th AugWoodville SouthC5Adrian Niscoli
19th AugWoodville SouthC5David Henry-Whiting

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