Local footy to be umpired differently than AFL

A new video detailing the way Adelaide Footy League umpires will interpret the rules in Season 2017 has been released, with several areas of the game to be officiated differently to what is seen in the AFL.

Players, coaches and spectators should notice the differences in the way such rules as high tackles, holding the ball, ruck infringements and deliberate out of bounds are adjudicated, with the emphasis in Adelaide Footy League games being on rewarding the ball player and keeping interpretations simple for umpires at all levels.

Unique instructions for melees, yellow cards and red cards are designed to assist umpires in keeping control of games and ensuring player safety, with specific details also outlined on the video.

The 20 minute video was first shown to over 100 people at the 2017 Adelaide Footy League’s Coaches Forum last night. Current coaches in attendance included Margarey Medallists Garry McIntosh, Jeremy Clayton, Brett Backwell, James Allan and Jade Sheedy. 45 Adelaide Footy League clubs in the men’s competition were represented while 11 of the women’s clubs had coaches present.

“There is no doubt local footy umpiring requires some differences to what occurs at AFL level,” said Colin Rowston, the current Umpire Manager of the Adelaide Footy League. “AFL players are full time professionals who have the skill level and fitness to adjust to more technical interpretations of rules such as deliberate out of bounds and holding the ball. At local level, we would rather give the benefit of the doubt to the player who is first to the ball. We also can’t rely on video replays to deal with all incidents so we need our umpires to take control when necessary using our unique rules and instructions. It is really important for everyone to understand that what they see on TV is not what they will often see at an Adelaide Footy League game.”

The video can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM7gjb-9BDg&feature=em-upload_owner with all Adelaide Footy League umpires, players, coaches and spectators encouraged to watch it before the season starts.

For further information about Adelaide Footy League umpiring in Season 2017, visit www.adelaidefootball.com.au/umpiring


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