Names: 1913-76 Ovingham Methodist
1977-82 Ovingham United
1983- Ovingham
Affiliations: 1913-15 United Church
1925-26 United Church
1939-76 United Church
1977 Norwood North
1978-79 Adelaide Suburban
1980-85 S.A.A.F.L.
1986 Southern Metropolitan
1987-88 Central District
1989- S.A.A.F.L.
Grounds: 1913-26 Caledonian Park
1939-41 Cnr Barton Tce & Jeffecott St
1946-63 Park 2 Sth Barton Tce
1964- Cane Reserve



Royal blue: white star on chest


Royal blue: white ‘O’ on chest


Navy blue and white facings


Royal blue with white sash


Blue and white hoops


Blue with white big V on chest


Blue & white vert. stripes

SAAFL Premierships: A6 1991
A7 1989
D10S 2004
C2 2008
SAAFL Medallists: A6 1981 Emmanuel Desira
A7 1989 Apostolos Pashalidis
D8 2000 John Tsoulos
D9N 1997 John Tsoulos
D10A 2006 Levi Dunn
D10S 2004 John Leach
2005 Damien Handke
A6R 1980 Emmanuel Desira
1991 Parry Papadopoulos
A7R 1989 Shaun Hanley
C2 2011 Jason Scott
C6 2007 Roger Jurina

SAAFL Grades/Divisions:

1980 A6(5), A6R(6) 1981 A6(2), A6R(4)
1982 A5(6), A5R(10), U16(9) 1983 A5(9), A5R(10)
1984 A5(6), A5R(4) 1985 A5(S), A5R(S)
1986 Southern Metro 1987-88 Central District
1989 A7(1), A7R(3) 1990 A6(4), A6R(6)
1991 A6(1), A6R(4) 1992 A5(5), A5R(9)
1993 A5(10), A5R(10) 1994 A6(7), A6R(10)
1995 A5N(10), A5NR(10) 1996 A7(5)
1997 D9N(4) 1998 D8(4), D8R(7)
1999 D8(4), D8R(6) 2000 D8(2), D8R(5)
2001 D8(7), D8R(7) 2002 D10N(10)
2003 D10S(5) 2004 D10S(1)
2005 D10S(5) 2006 D10A(3)
2007 C6(2) 2008 C2(1)
2009 D7(10), D7R(9) 2010 C1(9)
2011 C2(6) 2012 C1(9)
The first ever recorded game played by Ovingham was in June 1897. The match was between Ovingham and the Royal Oak (a North Adelaide Hotel) in the northern parklands. The score was Ovingham 6.9 (45) Royal Oak 1.3 (9). The Ovingham best players were Burford, Willis and Everett. The colours of Ovingham are unknown.

The Ovingham Methodist Football Club began in the 1913 season of the United Church Football Association. One football team was fielded in the C Division. The Home ground was at Caledonian Park, opposite the Caledonian Hotel in North Adelaide. The jumper colours were Royal Blue and White. The Club Secretary was Mr. G. W. Wright who lived at Drayton Street, Bowden. The Ovingham Football Delegates were Mr. M. Rilstone and Mr. W. Wright. The Ovingham Methodist Churchwas the focus of the team with the local Reverend appointed the President and Patron of the football club. Ovingham Methodist finished fourth after being defeated by Richmond Baptist in the First Semi-final by two points.

In 1915, the Ovingham Football Club won its first ever premiership winning the C Division premiership. There are no results known. The United Church Football Association was suspended until 1919.

The Ovingham Football Club reformed for the 1925 and 1926 seasons. It fielded one team in the A Division No. 2 for these two years. The jumper colours were blue with a white star on the chest, blue socks with a white band. Our home ground was still at Caledonian Park. The Club Secretary was Mr. G. Rilstone.

The Club folded until the start of the 1939 season and remained viable till the 1942 season. The Second World War suspended the UCFA until the 1946 season.

The future names like Mead, Thede, Johnson and Turnbull would either play, captain, coach or organise the Ovingham Methodist Football Club for the next two decades or more. Ern and Jack Turnbull played and captained the 1946-47 teams. Ern’s sons would later play for the Ovingham Methodist Colts and senior football teams in the 1960’s. Reg Mead and Harrold Thede would organise, captain or coach the teams during the 1950’s. Harold’s brother Alan Thede was a UCFL medallist, UCFL representative player and club champion during the late 1950’s. Reg retired from playing in 1956 but he continued to coach football teams for the next decade. Reg also was a founder and Chairman of the United Church Colts Football League (1957 – 73). ‘Uncle’ Reg coached a number of Ovingham Methodist Colts football teams until 1964. The Ovingham Methodist Colts won 9 premierships from 15 contested.

Des Mead (Reg’s son) began as an Ovingham Methodist Colt in 1962 to continue playing to 1968. He next played with the North Adelaide Football Club in the SANFL for a season.

Jack Johnson played in 1939 and 1940 but he soon retired to assist and volunteer for off field support during the late 1950’s and 1960’s. He assisted with the management of a number of Ovingham Methodist Colts’ football teams until the 1973 season.

The United Church Football League folded after the 1977 season. The Club was seeking another challenge and direction to follow. Heather Manhood (later Sandford) had begun as a medical trainer in the 1974 season (the first female trainer in amateur football). Heather took over the direction of the Club and remained as the Secretary and/or Treasurer of the Club over the over 34 years.

Heather Sandford was a pioneering female administrator of an SAAFL Club for many years. She kept the Club solvent financially, attracting players, coaches and volunteers. The Club was always small in player list and finances struggling from crisis to crisis. However, there was a sense of ‘family’ and commitment to continue at any cost.

The Club relied on a growing Greek and Italian ethnicity during the late 1980’s and 1990’s. The Pashalidis family would play a major part on and off field. ‘Lucky’ Pashalidis would win 8 Club Best and Fairests, a SAAFL Medal, coach a winning Premiership team and kick 21 goals in a match. His father, George Pashalidis, would be a Club President and his brother Adam Pashalidis would coach and play.

The Ovingham United Football Club joined the SAAFL in the 1980 season. The Club changed its name to the Ovingham Football Club after the 1982 season. The Club was suspended in 1985 until 1989 from the SAAFL.

The Ovingham Football Club joined the Southern Metropolitan Football League for one season before joining the Central District Football Association for two seasons. The Club won an A2 Division Premiership in the CDFA.

The Ovingham Football Club was re-registered in the SAAFL for the 1989 season, winning an A7 Division Premiership, and having the A7 and A7 Reserve Medallist. The next premiership came in the A6 Division in 1991.

Ron Scothern was a major contributor at the Club as a Medical Trainer from 1986 until his retirement in 2008. Joe Filipovic was a long serving Club President for 9 years (1987 – 91, 93, 95 – 98).

‘Lucky Pashalidis is the Club’s most decorated player with two League Medals (an SMFL and SAAFL medal), eight Club Best and Fairest awards, Captain for five years and Coach for six years including coaching our 1991 Premiership and in leadership positions in our 1988 and 1989 premiership years. He is the Club’s highest individual game scorer with 21 goals in one game.

Dennis Case has the most games played for the Club beginning in 1969 and retiring in 2003 (34 seasons). Dennis is believed to have played in excess of 500+ games but unfortunately there is no official record available. Next, Alan Hetherington has played over 350 games.

The Ovingham Football Club had to wait until the 2004 season to win the D10 South Premiership followed by the C2 Division Premiership in 2008.

During early 2008, Heather Sandford left the Ovingham Football Club in circumstances that was a ‘blight’ on the integrity of the executive of the Club at that time. Heather’s energy, experience and ability to run the Club through a number of crises over the 35 years were sadly missed.

The Club has a proud tradition and it has a bright future in the SAAFL. The Ovingham Football Club celebrated a century during the 2013 season, since its establishment back in the 1913 season of the United Church Football Association, fielding a team in the C Division.

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