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Registrations and Transfers are now open. There was a small delay in the system meaning that the 2018 season did not roll over until approx.. 9.30am South Australian time – any registrations done prior to this time will need to be redone. Apologies for the confusion on that it was out of our control.

2018 Season Information

I am pleased to announce that for 2018 there is no major changes to Footyweb for season 2018.

There are a few things for leagues to be aware of in preparation for 2018

Player Registrations and Transfers

Player registrations & transfers in Footyweb open on Wednesday 1st of November.

As per last year there are two transfer windows

  • 1 November – 30 November
  • 1 February – 30 June


Last year we introduced a new system for recording APPS points in Footyweb – most leagues used this in 2017 but we do recommend that all leagues implement this for 2018. Attached is the manual on how to implement this system

Junior Registration Age Restrictions

Registration forms will be age restricted to any player turning 7 before 31st of December in 2018 (31/12/2011). This age restriction will be enforced across the state. We have changed this from 30th April date for a number of reasons including feedback from leagues.

Please note that all junior rules and guidelines will be applicable to this age group i.e. fair play, two year age groups etc.

 Sports Vouchers

In the last few days I have added the 2018 Sports Voucher questions  to all registration forms. This year these questions are filtered to anyone born after 1/1/2005 and we have been able to make these Conditional Fields this year where only players who state they wish to use a voucher will see the following questions including Medicare Number.

Attached is a manual on Sports Vouchers for 2018

Footyweb Manual for 2018

Attached is a Footyweb manual for 2018 that covers:

  • Email login registrations
  • Transfers/Permits
  • Re-registration emails

SANFL Players

Due to changes in the way permits are handled by Footyweb and the requirement for a player to be registered before a permit can be requested, there will be a change to where SANFL Listed Players are primarily registered.

We will be enforcing strict guidelines for SANFL Clubs when approving a player permit out of their club. More information will be provided at the leagues forum on the 18th of November. However below is a brief summary

  • All Senior List players will sit primarily with SANFL Clubs and be permitted annually to their home Community Club (where appropriate)
  • U18 and U17 age-eligible Youth List players will sit primarily with SANFL Clubs and be permitted annually to their home Community Club
  • U16 and below age-eligible Youth List players will continue to sit primarily with the Community Club and be permitted on an annual basis to the SANFL Club or until they are in their 17th year where the above occurs

SANFL Clubs will not be able to start moving players until November 20. Once a player has been transferred out of their club the Community Club will be able to request a Type 2 permit for the player to keep them connected to their club.

The Community Club a player is transferred out of will have first permit rights on a player until 1st of February after which the SANFL Club may approve a permit to another Community Club. This will be monitored by SANFL Head Office with auto approves turned off.

A permit can only be requested for a maximum of 12 months but this can be future dated (i.e. a club can apply for a permit on the 20 of November to take affect from the 1st of February 2018 to the 31st January 2019 giving the Community Club protection of the player during the initial transfer window in future years)

This change has been discussed at length with the Regional Football Advisory Council and will provide the Community Club greater control over their SANFL Listed Player as they will need to lift a permit before the SANFL can approve a permit to a different club

Any permit approved to a club that the player wasn’t transferred from prior to 1st February 2018 will be cancelled.

A Community Club is not required to submit a permit for the player but if they chose not to they will not have any control over player movement.

For any help or assistance with Footyweb please contact Sarah using the Footyweb specific email address


Footyweb 2018 Guide

Sports Vouchers Manual

Approved Player Points in Footyweb


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