SAAFL History – 1910

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Pre-World War I – Beginnings

The Amateur League began with just five clubs in 1911, Glenferrie, Marlborough, St. Bartholomew, St. Francis Xavier and University. By 1915 the number had grown to eight with the entry of teams from two colleges, Prince Alfred and St. Peters, and district clubs from Kenilworth, Kingswood and Semaphore, while two founding members Marlborough and St. Bartholomew had departed.

Three teams dominated the competition in these formative years – Kingswood, Semaphore Central and University.

University was the dominant force in the formation of the Amateur League, and the dominant force on the field for the first two years as well, losing only two games. However, Kingswood and Semaphore Central then shared the next three premierships before World War I brought games to a halt.

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