Team Gms W L D Pts
Semaphore Central

















South Adelaide Ram.





Henley & Grange










Teachers College






In the A2 division, new team Underdale United was undefeated minor premier with only St. Augustine getting close.

Team Gms W L Pts
Underdale United 12 12 0 24
St.Augustine 12 10 2 20
Prince Alfred O.C. 12 6 6 12
University B 12 4 8 8
Y.M.C.A. 12 3 9 6
St. Peters O.C. 12 1 11 2


The second old scholars team entered the SAAFL in 1928 when St. Peter’s Old Scholars was admitted. Now the intense rivalry between the Reds and the Blues could be carried on by the Old Reds and the Old Blues. Two other strong clubs were also admitted. St. Augustine had been premiers in the United Church Association in 1927, while Underdale United had effectively demolished the West Torrens District Association with 6 successive Grand Final appearances before spending a year in the Mid-Southern Association after an unsuccessful application to join the SAAFL. The strength of University was such that a second team from that club was accepted into the competition, while Marryatville, who had been in the SAAFL for only two seasons, disbanded.

With 4 new teams in and 1 out, the total rose to 13 and it was decided to form a second division. The first division became A1 and the second A2. The reason for choosing this particular designation was probably to allow scope for the admission of second and third teams from member clubs into B and C grades. As will be seen, it was eventually decided to form a Junior League for this purpose, and when this proved unsatisfactory, to simply extend the ‘A’ divisions to include lower teams from existing clubs, thus allowing ‘senior’ and ‘junior’ teams from different clubs to compete against each other.

The 10-team senior division (now A1) from the previous season was reduced to 7 with the departure of Marryatville and the demotion of P.A.O.C. and Y.M.C.A. to A2. The latter division thus had 6 teams including the 4 new entrants. In addition to the usual grounds, matches were played at West Park (Underdale’s ground next to the Railways Oval), in the South Parklands on the left hand side of the Unley car line (St. Augustine), and at Barton Terrace, North Adelaide (University B). Other metropolitan football associations receiving regular press coverage included East Torrens, Independent, Mid-Southern, North Adelaide District,Port Adelaide District, South Adelaide District, United Church (4 divisions) and Y.M.C.A. (5 divisions).

The umpires panel comprised L. R. Bensch, D. Busbridge, J. T. Carr, F. S. Gordon, W. H. Hodges, M. Kinnear, T. O’Dea, and F. Snook.

For the first time teams were allowed to substitute a player in the event of injury, but only under strict guidelines. The injury had to be serious enough in the opinion of both captains and the umpire to prevent the player from taking further part in the match. Further, the replacement could only be made during the first three quarters of the match, and the substitute player was not permitted to play in the ruck (knock ruck, follower or rover) or at centre, centre half-forward or centre half-back. There was no restriction on the number of replacements.

Fine spirit was displayed between old rivals University and Semaphore Central on July 6 when H. Ransford of Semaphore dislocated his elbow during the second quarter. He was immediately attended to by University’s A. D. Smith (a medical student) who left the field and stayed with him until he was taken to hospital. Then when Semaphore’s Ern O’Regan injured his ankle and was in intense pain at half-time, another medical student B. S. Hanson of the University team attended to it allowing O’Regan to continue playing.

A newspaper report on the University club hinted at the style of play in these early years when it stated that “handball has been indulged in at practice“! Another positive mention for the amateurs followed a Teachers College match. “It says much for the amateur spirit that the Teachers after losing all of their eight games come up smiling every time and always manage to give their opponents a hard, clean tussle” (Advertiser July 13).

Whilst the players performed in the amateur spirit as the above comments indicate, they sometimes received administrative support worthy of professional bodies. One example of this was Semaphore Central who boasted a training staff of 5!

In the Semi Finals, Semaphore easily beat old rivals University at Prospect Oval 12.18 to 7.7, and the reigning premier Kenilworth was just as convincing in beating Ramblers at Thebarton Oval 10.11 to 6.6. The Final was played at Glenelg Oval under L. R. Bensch, where Kenilworth’s greater scoring accuracy saw it victorious 8.6 to Semaphore’s 4.11. However, minor premiers Semaphore exercised its right of challenge and at Thebarton Oval, again with L. R. Bensch in charge, reversed the result of the previous week by easily defeating Kenilworth 10.13 to 4.11.

This was still not the end of the season, however, as Semaphore then played the A2 premiers Underdale in the South Parklands for the George Murray Shield, and as expected the A1 premier was the victor 14.23 to 10.13.

St. Augustine loomed as a threat when it thrashed Uni B 21.26 to 2.3 in the Semi Final, while Underdale hammered Princes 20.20 to 4.7. In the Final at Glenelg Oval, Underdale was the warm favourite but suffered its first defeat in the Amateur League at the hands of Augustines, 9.13 to 12.10. However, it exercised its right of challenge, only to see the match at Prospect end in a draw, Underdale 8.17 (65 points) St. Augustine 9.11 (65 points). Hence the Challenge Final had to be replayed, and this time Underdale came out on top 9.15 to 5.14.


The A1 medallist was Les Webber, Underdale’s centre half-forward, while University’s ‘Jogger’ James with 74 goals was again the SAAFL’s leading goalkicker. Mick Spain of Underdale was the A2 leading goalkicker with 107, and it is not known whether a medal was awarded for the best player in A2.


Teams representing the SAAFL played matches against Victoria, Combined Universities and Port Pirie.

The state match against the Victorians was played at Unley Oval on the King’s Birthday holiday, Monday June 4th, under the supervision of umpire D. Busbridge. The SAAFL team, managed by Hugh Millard, was as follows:

  • Beatty, Gordon rover Kenilworth
  • Bridgman, Charles bp Henley & Grange
  • Chellew, Reg follower Y.M.C.A.
  • Flood, Jack wing St. Peters O.C.
  • Gibaut, Frank chf Semaphore Central
  • Hampel, C. M. hb Semaphore Central
  • James, W. R. ‘Jogger’ ff University
  • Jordan, Fred wing South Adelaide Ramblers
  • McKenny, Keith hf Y.M.C.A.
  • Mitchell, Bert hb University
  • Montgomery, Bill fb Semaphore Central
  • Sangster, Chris cpt. ruck University
  • Simon, Laurie chb St. Augustine
  • Sincock, Henry bp Henley & Grange
  • Tully, Claude fp South Adelaide Ramblers
  • Walsh, Norm centre Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Webber, Les hf Underdale
  • Wilke, Les fp Kingswood

The reserves were L. N. Allen (Kingswood), Ern O’Regan (Semaphore Central), Len Salvemina (Semaphore Central) and Angus Forgie (Y.M.C.A.).

For the fourth year in a row the Victorians were victorious, but the final margin was only twelve points. In the first half S.A. won in the air and kicked more accurately with James kicking six goals, but as the game wore on the pace and ball-handling of the Victorians were decisive.

The game was played in the best of spirits, with keen rivalry, and there was no display of roughness other than that allowed by the rules (Advertiser June 5).










11.20 (86)





11.8 (74)

  • Goalkickers: James 7, Bridgman 2, Gibaut, McKenny
  • Best Players: Sangster, Walsh, James, Mitchell, Montgomery

The match against a combined team from Adelaide and Melbourne Universities was played at University Oval on Thursday 16th August under the control of D. Busbridge. The SAAFL team was as follows:

  • Barron, C. Kenilworth
  • Bridgland, Lionel St. Peters O.C.
  • Cook, H. E. Kingswood
  • Howard, K. Kenilworth
  • Jordan, Fred South Adelaide Ramblers
  • Kempster, Robert South Adelaide Ramblers
  • Maddern, Ken Semaphore Central
  • Main, Hibbel Kenilworth
  • Meathrel, Bill Teachers College
  • Mitchell, F. W. Captain Teachers College
  • Montgomery, Bill Semaphore Central
  • O’Connell, Jack South Adelaide Ramblers
  • O’Connor, R. J. University B
  • Richmond, E. W. Kingswood
  • Simon, Laurie St. Augustine
  • Sims, Edgar Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Tuohy, Keith St. Augustine
  • Woolley, R. Kenilworth

In a vigorous match, the teams were even until after half-time when the students ran away with the match.

Team 1Q 2Q 3Q Final




16.12 (108)





10.7 (67)

  • Goalkickers: Sims 3, Kempster 2, O’Connor 2, Maddern, Methrel, Cook
  • Best Players: Jordan, Sims, Montgomery, Mitchell, Woolley, Main

On Saturday, August 18th, the following team travelled to Port Pirie for a match on the Memorial Oval umpired by L. P. Sandery.

  • Gibaut, Frank chf Semaphore Central
  • Hampel, C. M. ruck Semaphore Central
  • Jordan, Fred wing South Adelaide Ramblers
  • Kempster, Robert hf South Adelaide Ramblers
  • Maddern, Ken captain ff Semaphore Central
  • Main, Hibbel v.c. centre Kenilworth
  • Masters, E. R. ‘Bulla’ hf St. Augustine
  • McDougall, Ron follower St. Augustine
  • Meffert, K. hb Kenilworth
  • Milne, S. wing Kingswood
  • Mitchell, Bert chb Teachers College
  • Montgomery, Bill fb Semaphore Central
  • O’Connell, Jack bp South Adelaide Ramblers
  • O’Connor, R. J. rover University B
  • Parry, A. S. rover Henley and Grange
  • Salvemina, Len follower Semaphore Central
  • Simon, Laurie hb St. Augustine
  • Smith, Ned fp Kenilworth

Port Pirie jumped the Amateurs, and with the aid of a strong breeze led by 40 points at quarter-time. From then on the Amateurs steadily improved with Salvemina prominent and Montgomery defending stoutly. Inaccurate kicking in the final quarter saw the Amateurs fail by eleven points.

Team 1Q 2Q 3Q Final
Port Pirie




8.14 (62)





6.15 (51)

  • Goalkickers: Maddern 2, Kempster, O’Connor, Salvemina, Smith
  • Best Players: Salvemina, Hampel, Montgomery, Masters, Parry

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