Team Gms W L Pts
University 12 11 1 22
Underdale United 12 10 2 20
Kenilworth 12 9 3 18
Semaphore Central 12 5 7 10
St. Augustine 12 3 9 6
Henley & Grange 12 3 9 6
South Adelaide Ramb. 12 1 11 2

In A2, Kingswood were undefeated minor premiers.

Team Gms W L Pts
Kingswood 12 12 0 24
Teachers College 12 10 2 20
Prince Alfred O.C. 12 7 5 14
St. Peters O.C. 12 7 5 14
Y.M.C.A. 12 3 9 6
Scotch O.C. 12 2 10 4
University B 12 1 11 2

The third old scholars club in four years made its way into the SAAFL when Scotch Old Collegians was admitted to A2. The A2 finalists of the previous season, Underdale United and St. Augustine, were promoted to A1 replacing Kingswood and Teachers College who were relegated to A2, giving A1 & A2 each 7 teams. This system of relegation/promotion continues today throughout all grades of the S.A.A.F.L., and is considered one of its main strengths. Scotch’s home ground was “near the old South Terrace station” in the south parklands near Pulteney Grammar. The University established a new playing field at Urrbrae for the use of University B.

The Semi Finals produced surprising results with University and Underdale both being beaten, 10.10 to 10.12 and 9.3 to 11.9 respectively. Semaphore then thrashed Kenilworth in the Final on Jubilee Oval 11.13 to 0.7, but went down to University 10.10 to 11.11 in the Challenge Final, also played on Jubilee Oval.

Kingswood and Teachers easily won their Semi Finals 13.14 to 6.7 and 16.15 to 6.7 respectively, but then Kingswood was surprisingly beaten in both the Final (3.4 to 6.4) at Alberton Oval, and the Challenge Final at Glenelg (13.4 to 15.12) by Teachers College.


The Hone Medallist was Chris Sangster, medical student and captain of University and the state team. The Richards Medallist in A2 (possibly named after Kenilworth secretary H. J. Richards) was Jack Woods of Prince Alfred O.C. The A1 leading goalkicker was Frank Finlayson of University with 53 goals, while George Downs of Teachers Training College led the A2 division with 81 goals.


The interstate match against Victoria was played at the Albert Cricket Ground on the holiday Monday June 3rd.

The S.A. team, managed by Hugh Millard, was as follows:

  • Cocks, Frank follower Sth. Adelaide Ramblers
  • Dunn, R. J. ruck Kenilworth
  • Evans, Mervyn wing University
  • Finlayson, Frank ff University
  • Jones, Keith rover Semaphore Central
  • Jordan, Fred wing Sth. Adelaide Ramblers
  • King, Laurie rover Kenilworth
  • McDonald, M. bp Kenilworth
  • McDougall, Ron follow St. Augustine
  • Montgomery, Bill fb Semaphore Central
  • Morton, Bo fp St. Augustine
  • O’Regan, Ern chb Semaphore Central
  • Packham, Keith vc. centre St. Augustine
  • Sangster, Chris cpt. ruck University
  • Smith, Ned hf Kenilworth
  • Stephenson, J. bp Kenilworth
  • Waldeck, Arthur hb Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Webber, Les chf Underdale

Reserves for the match were Ted Colley (St. Augustine), N. A. Moore (Ramblers) and Bob Lee (St. Peters O.C.). The game was played in windy conditions and S.A. opened well with Mervyn Evans dominating on his wing. S.A. opened up a break at quarter-time, but the Vic’s came back to hit the front at half-time. Then S.A. had many chances in the third quarter as Chris Sangster &Ron McDougall dominated the ruck duels, but was unable to convert its opportunities, with the result that Victoria scored enough in the final quarter to win the match.

Team 1Q 2Q 3Q Final
Victoria 1.4 7.10 10.11 14.16 (100)
S.A. 6.4 7.6 9.14 10.16 (76)
  • Goalkickers: King 3, Webber 3, Evans 2, Finlayson, Sangster
  • Best Players: Sangster, Evans, O’Regan, McDougall, King, Jones

For the second year in succession a team representing the SAAFL was defeated by Port Pirie at the Memorial Oval. The team was as follows:

  • Beatty, Gordon Kenilworth
  • Bridgland, Lionel St. Peters O.C.
  • Colley, Ted St. Augustine
  • Finlayson, Frank University
  • Harris, Phil Henley & Grange
  • McDonald, M. Kenilworth
  • Milne, S. Kingswood
  • Minear, Bill vice captain Underdale
  • Montgomery, Bill Semaphore Central
  • Nolan, J. Unknown
  • O’Regan, Ern Semaphore Central
  • Packham, Keith captain St. Augustine
  • Prideaux, R. J. Semaphore Central
  • Reinberg, Augie Semaphore Central
  • Rosenthal, Charles Kenilworth
  • Toms, E. Semaphore Central
  • Waldeck, Arthur Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Woods, Jack Prince Alfred O.C.

Port Pirie 13.21 defeated SAAFL 11.12

  • Goalkickers: Toms 3, Finlayson 2, Minear 2, Bridgland, Harris, Prideaux, Rosenthal
  • Best Players: Minear, Packham, Bridgland, O’Regan, Beatty, Reinberg, Toms, Milne

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