A singular event occurred in the 1930s. St. Peters O.C. in 1935 became the only old scholars club to win an A1 premiership to the date of writing. If the players had known the significance of their achievement they might have celebrated a little longer!

Another rare event occurred in the ’30s, when first Flinders Park and then dual premiers West Adelaide United were refused re-affiliation because of the behaviour of supporters, players and officials.

During the ’30s the entrance fee to finals was nine pence; a tribunal of three was formed to hear reports against players; we beat the Vics for the first time; a Junior League was formed for club’s ‘B’ grades (and then disbanded after only two years); the Australian Amateur Football Council was formed leading to the establishment of AAFC carnivals; the Executive Committee was formed; 16-a-side football teams was proposed and trialed; the first Amateur League carnival was held and the honour went to the fair city of Adelaide, and we had our first win in Melbourne.

The social scene probably reached its highest peak ever with the Amateur League Ball held in the Palais Royal. And legendary umpire L.R. ‘Casey’ Cooper began a 27-year association with the Amateur League.