Team Gms W L Pts
Underdale 14 12 2 24
University 14 10 4 20
Kensington 14 9 5 18
Kenilworth 14 9 5 18
St. Peters O.C. 14 8 6 16
Goodwood 14 4 10 8
Prince Alfred O.C. 14 3 11 6
Alberton Church United 14 1 13 2

In A2 Exeter was undefeated at the end of the minor round, but still hotly pressed by its co-tenant at Largs Reserve, Semaphore Central.

Team Gms W L Pts
Exeter 12 12 0 24
Semaphore Central 12 10 2 20
Henley & Grange 12 8 4 16
Black Forest 12 5 7 10
Unley Amateurs 12 4 8 8
A.H.S.O.S. 12 3 9 6
Y.M.C.A. 12 0 12 0

The number of clubs in the Amateur League fell by two to 15 in 1934, when 4 clubs withdrew and 2 new ones entered. St. Augustine, which had been in existence since the early 1900s, disbanded after winning only one match the previous season. Many of its members may have been involved in the formation of Unley Amateurs. Teachers Training College withdrew because of difficulty in fielding a full team, and Scotch O.C. played in the Students Association. Flinders Park was disqualified because of the behaviour of its players and supporters as discussed in the summary for 1933. The new clubs were Black Forest (playing atWeigall Oval, Plympton) from the Glenelg District Association, and newly-formed Unley Amateurs (using St. Augustine’s ground in the south parklands).

Life Memberships were awarded to Professor H. Darnley Naylor who had been President in 1911 and from 1915 to 1926, and Dr.F. S. Hone who had been President from 1927 to 1933. Dr. Hone retired as President in 1934 and was replaced by J.T. Massey who had been Chairman for the previous four years. L.C. Bridgland, the captain of St. Peters O.C. and the state team, was appointed Chairman. However, before the season commenced he was transferred by his employers to a sheep station 350 miles north of Adelaide for a short-term stay. Bridgland’s abilities were recognised by Norwood in the S.A.N.F.L. as he played for that Club in the 1933 finals series after St. Peters O.C. had finished its season in the Amateur League. A similar event occurred with J.F. McFarlane of University who played for Port Adelaide in the S.A.N.F.L. in 1934, except he played for Port Adelaide only in the Final without having previously played any league matches.

The S.A.N.F.L. requested a conference to discuss free interchange of players with the Amateur League, and a meeting was duly held in May. It was agreed that a free interchange would apply until the end of May each year, provided the player retained his amateur status. The free interchange did not apply to the S. A. Football Association (comprised of clubs organising the second teams of S.A.N.F.L. league clubs).

The A1 competition again had 8 teams as a result of the promotion of Kensington and P.A.O.C. from A2 to take the places of disbanded St. Augustine and demoted Semaphore Central, the first and only time that Semaphore Central was demoted from A1. The A2 competition was reduced from 9 to 7 teams with the exit of 5 teams (the two promoted teams, disqualified Flinders Park, and withdrawn Scotch O.C. & P.A.O.C.), and the entry of 3 (demoted Semaphore Central and the 2 new clubs Black Forest and Unley Amateurs).

Throughout the minor round Underdale was the dominant A1 team losing only two matches, both to University. Alberton Church United on the other hand, after being competitive for the first nine rounds, was hammered 0.2 to 24.16 by Underdale in round 10 and duly forfeited its matches for the rest of the season. Kensington in only its second season in the Amateur League, did well to finish the minor round in third position.


Underdale easily defeated Kensington 18.11 to 6.12 and University had a comfortable victory over Kenilworth 11.15 to 5.9. Underdale and University then met in the Final at Norwood Oval and University won 15.4 to 7.7. However, Underdale exercised its right of challenge and also protested against the appointment of umpire D. Busbridge on the grounds that he favoured the University team, so he was duly replaced by K.W. Packham for the Challenge Final at Norwood Oval. Underdale’s ground play more than offset University’s height advantage, and a seven-goal third quarter won the match for the gold and blues, the final score being 11.11 to 8.11. Molan, Goodchild and Burnett were best for Underdale while McFarlane dominated in defence for University. This was Underdale’s second successive premiership.

In an upset Exeter was beaten in the Semi Final by Henley & Grange 11.9 to 16.9, while Semaphore Central defeated Black Forest 14.15 to 9.16. In the Final at Thebarton Oval, Henley & Grange beat Semaphore 10.7 to 7.4. Minor Premier Exeter then exercised its right of challenge, only to see Henley & Grange scrape in at Unley Oval by three points, 10.12 to 10.9. This was Henley and Grange’s first premiership in the Amateur League.


The Hone Medallist for 1934 was state wingman Mervyn Evans of Prince Alfred O.C., and there was a tie in the A2 Chambers Medal between Ted Colley of Unley Amateurs and Eric Marriott of Exeter. The tie was referred back to the umpires for a decision, but of the eight umpires, four voted for Colley and four for Marriott, so Cyril Chambers agreed to present two medals. Bill Hann of University with 69 goals led the A1 goalkicking for the second year in succession, while Alec Kinlough of Henley and Grange booted 112 goals in A2 including a bag of 22 against Y.M.C.A. to equal the Amateur League record set the previous year.


The tenth annual interstate match against Victoria was played at Norwood Oval on the 4th of June. The S.A. hierarchy was keen to repeat the performance of 1932, and so for the first time a coach was appointed to train the state players, the honour going to C.C. Daly of University. In addition, several training sessions were conducted at University and St. Peters O.C. ovals, and a blackboard lecture was delivered on the Thursday evening preceding the match. However, the S.A. team found the Vics still as tough as ever to beat. The visitors were given an official welcome at the Amateur Sports Club on the Saturday morning, then entertained at the North Adelaide-Norwood match at Adelaide Oval in the afternoon. That evening tickets were made available for a picture theatre. On Sunday they were driven to Victor Harbour, “South Australia’s most popular and best seaside resort” according to Hugh Millard (a former resident), where they lunched at the Hotel Victor accompanied by Mayor S.D. Bruce.

The S.A. side, managed by Hugh Millard, was as follows:

  • Bell, HA rover Black Forest
  • Bungey, David hb Adelaide High O.S.
  • Burnard, Don chb University
  • Colley, Ted bp Unley Amateurs
  • Evans, Mervyn hf Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Flood, Jack fb St.Peters O.C.
  • Gifford, Alan bp Underdale
  • Hann, Bill ff University
  • Hannam, Vic fp Semaphore Central
  • Holder, Ern wing Goodwood
  • Jens, Jack captain wing University
  • King, Norm centre Henley & Grange
  • Kranz, Ern hf Kensington
  • Lee, Bob vice capt. rover St.Peters O.C.
  • McFarlane, John hb University
  • Melhuish, GL follower Kenilworth
  • Shaw, Harry ruck Y.M.C.A.
  • Thompson, Horrie chf University
  • White, Tim reserve University
  • Wilson, Frank reserve Underdale

As in 1933, S.A. was again outplayed in the first half, and needed a big lift to gain the ascendancy. However, the team then missed many set shots for goal later in the match, and full forward Bill Hann kicking 0.10. University teammates McFarlane and Burnard combined well across half back for S.A. and Colley rucked well, but the S.A. play was generally scrambly and always under pressure until the last quarter when S.A. attacked the ball much harder but still found scoring difficult.

Team 1Q 2Q 3Q Final
Victoria 3.7 6.10 11.12 11.14 (80)
S.A. 2.3 3.9 4.16 6.20 (56
  • Goalkickers: Hannam 2, Lee 2, Bell, Thompson
  • Best Players: McFarlane, Burnard, Colley, Hannam, Shaw, Bell, Holder