The future S.A. National Football League (S.A.N.F.L.) team Woodville entered the amateurs in 1940, and then won the premiership immediately after the war in 1946. Surprisingly, this was its only A1 premiership. The war years saw the suspension of state football for seven years until 1947 when Adelaide Oval was used for the first time since the 1936 carnival. S.A. beat the Vics in 1947 and then took out the carnival in Perth in 1948. The Australian Amateurs were granted representation on theAustralian National Football Council in 1948, paving the way for participation in N.F.C. carnivals.

The A3 competition was introduced in 1947 as there was now twenty two teams, and in an A2 game a goal umpire fainted just as the ‘winning’ goal was being kicked, requiring the central umpire to disallow the goal and bounce the ball in the goal square.

1949 saw the entry of three very strong clubs in Flinders Park, Riverside and Rosewater. Flinders Park celebrated its entry by kicking a score of 60 goals 32 behinds to nil, believed to be a record in South Australia, and had an average score over the season of 26 goals. Semaphore Central finished the decade as premier, and the ’40s became notable as the only decade in the history of the Amateur League in which University failed to win a premiership.