Compared to 1940, the last year that a full complement of twenty teams competed, four teams had left and three returned giving nineteen teams in all. Three teams which had been in recess during 1941 never reformed at all. These were Underdale United,Y.M.C.A. and Combined Banks, the first two having been in existence for nearly 25 years. The other missing team wasPayneham ‘B’ which had returned to the East Torrens Association. Goodwood had come back in 1941, Scotch O.C. returned after a brief absence, and Kelvinator (playing at Weigall Oval) transferred from Adelaide & Suburban where it had played the previous three years.

The 6 teams which had competed in A1 in 1941 were supplemented by the 1941 A2 Finalists Woodville and Colonel Light Gardens, plus St. Peters O.C. With 9 sides in A1 there was a bye each week so each team played sixteen minor round matches. In July Walkerville scored 40.25 to Railways 2.3, and full forward Sid Maley kicked 26 goals, a record which still stands at the time of writing. University was minor premier, winning its first fourteen matches in succession only to lose the last two matches of the minor round. Exeter, having won the last three premierships before war caused the suspension of competition, failed to make the finals.

Premiership Tables

A1 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Team Gms W L D Pts
University 16 14 2 0 28
Woodville 16 12 4 0 24
Colonel Light Gardens 16 10 5 1 21
Semaphore Central 16 10 6 0 20
Exeter 16 8 7 1 17
Walkerville 16 8 8 0 16
Payneham 16 7 9 0 14
St. Peters O.C. 16 1 15 0 2
S.A. Railways Institute 16 1 15 0 2

University then made it three losses in a row being defeated by Colonel Light Gardens in the Semi Final 12.12 to 10.13, while Woodville beat Semaphore 12.18 to 10.13. The Final between Colonel Light Gardens and Woodville was played at Unley Oval with Woodville the victor 13.15 to 11.9. Woodville then had to withstand a challenge at Alberton Oval from minor premier University but did so successfully, winning by just two points 8.13 to 9.5, the dominant players being Skelley, Hickman and Burns for Woodville and Holmes, Goode and Davies for University. This gave Woodville successive premierships in A2 and A1 (albeit with an intervening 4-year break for war), thus joining West Adelaide United as the only club to achieve this feat.

A2 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

The competition was reasonably even in A2 where Kings O.C. and University B showed significant improvement (compared with1940) to finish the minor round in the top four.

Team Gms W L Pts
Goodwood 18 15 3 30
Kings O.C. 18 14 4 28
Prince Alfred O.C. 18 14 4 28
University B 18 11 7 22
Kelvinator 18 10 8 20
Alberton Church Unit. 18 10 8 20
Kenilworth 18 8 10 16
Teachers College 18 4 14 8
Pulteney O.S. 18 2 16 4
Scotch O.C. 18 2 16 4

Prince Alfred convincingly defeated minor premier Goodwood 14.9 to 7.11, Arthur Dawkins kicking six goals for Princes, andKings easily defeated University 22.11 to 13.18. Princes were favourites in the Final against Kings played at Mortlock Park and duly won 11.13 to 10.10. Goodwood then exercised its right of challenge and the Challenge Final was played at Mortlock Park. For the second week in a row, Princes’ ruckman Doug Sanders dominated play and led Princes to its first Amateur League premiership by defeating Goodwood 12.13 to 10.11.


Now that the War was over the Hone and Chambers Medals were once again awarded to the outstanding players in A1 and A2. Two A1 medals were struck as Harold Harris of Colonel Light Gardens and Don Russell of Exeter tied in the umpires’ voting.Gordon Gratton of Scotch O.C. was the A2 medallist. Sid Maley of Walkerville was the A1 leading goalkicker with 66 goals.


In the absence of an interstate match, an inter-grade match was held at the end of the minor round. Teams representing the A1 and A2 competitions played each other at Goodwood Oval, and in a repeat of the 1935 performance, the A2 combined team easily defeated the A1 team 14.21 to 10.14. Ray Wood of Kings O.C. kicked 8 goals and was named best player for the A2 team.