Scotch O.C. went into recess for a year, and Commonwealth Bank disbanded. Newly formed Wattle Park Teachers College came in and started in A4.

The A1 competition saw a great battle for the double chance. University (coached by Jack Giles) was minor premier with 28 points, but with one round to go Rosewater had 24 points and Semaphore Central and Flinders Park (up from A2) had 22 each. It looked then as though Rosewater, even with a poor percentage, would finish second, as it played Woodville (7 wins) in the last match and was expected to win, whilst Semaphore had to play top side University at University Oval. If on the other hand Rosewater did lose, then Flinders Park was in best position to take second spot as it was playing Exeter (8 wins). As it turned out Woodville beat Rosewater by 19 points, while Semaphore caused a major upset by beating University by 11 points and thereby pinching second spot for itself. The premiership table thus looked as follows:

Premiership Tables

A1 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Team Gm W L Pts
University 18 14 4 28
Semaphore Central 18 12 6 24
Flinders Park 18 12 6 24
Rosewater 18 12 6 24
Payneham 18 11 7 22
Walkerville 18 10 8 20
Exeter 18 8 10 16
Woodville 18 8 10 16
St. Peters O.C. 18 2 16 4
Kenilworth 18 1 17 2

This was University’s eighth minor premiership in twelve seasons following the War. In the First Semi Rosewater defeated Flinders Park 17.20 to 12.13, while in the Second Semi Semaphore beat University for the second week in a row 10.20 to 9.6. University (with its two-pronged attack of Akkermans and state cricketer John Lill), was keen to win the Prelim. and have another crack at old rivals Semaphore, but got a shock when it was outplayed by Rosewater who won 11.15 to 9.9.

The Grand Final was under the control of central umpire W.A. Henderson and it developed into a hard slogging match. State centre half back Kevin Simmons was playing his 100th game for Centrals, and both defences were on top with Rosewater centre half back Beer closing down Centrals’ direct route to goal. At three quarter time Rosewater led by one point 6.13 to 6.12, but it was all Rosewater in the last quarter as it went on to win 8.19 to 6.13. This was Rosewater’s first and only A1 premiership in the Amateur League.

A2 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

In A2 there was a mini-sensation involving Colonel Light Gardens. Gardens had been second at the end of the first round, but lost five of its next seven matches and so needed to win its last two to make the finals. This it may have been confident of doing, however, as it first played bottom side Grange and then sixth-team Semaphore Park. The scores of its last two matches are not known, but what is known is that in the match against Grange, the central umpire ordered a Colonel Light Gardens player to leave the arena because of a serious infringement but the player refused to leave! The umpire then and there awarded the match to Grange and this decision was upheld. Colonel Light Gardens thus finished the season in seventh position.

Team Gm W L Pts
Riverside 18 17 1 34
Teachers College 18 14 4 28
Goodwood 18 12 6 24
Henley 18 11 7 22
Semaphore Park 18 9 9 18
Prince Alfred O.C. 18 9 9 18
Colonel Light Gardens 18 9 9 18
University B 18 6 12 12
Grange 18 2 16 4
Myer 18 1 17 2

Riverside dominated the minor round losing only one match (to University by a point), but it was still a surprise when they thrashed Teachers College in the Second Semi 31.26 to 4.3. Goodwood won the First Semi Final beating Henley 12.15 to 10.12. Teachers College bounced back from its hammering in the Second Semi to beat Goodwood in the Prelim. Final 15.9 to 11.13, and then in one of the great comebacks of all time, defeated Riverside in the Grand Final, Teachers College 8.2 to Riverside 6.5.

A3 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

The two new teams in A3 Alberton United (down from A2) and Eastwood (up from A4) led the field at the end of the minor round.

Team Gm W L D Pts
Alberton United 18 15 3 0 30
Eastwood 18 15 3 0 30
Woodville B 18 14 4 0 28
Payneham B 18 13 5 0 26
S.A. Railways Institute 18 11 7 0 22
Kings O.C. 18 9 9 0 18
Pulteney O.S. 18 5 12 1 11
Exeter B 18 5 13 0 10
Long Range Weapons 18 1 16 1 3
University C 18 1 17 0 2

The finals went much as expected. Woodville won the First Semi 17.9 to Payneham’s 6.8, and Alberton beat Eastwood in a cliff-hanger 13.12 to 13.11. Eastwood then won the Prelim. 15.11 to Woodville’s 8.9, and faced up to Alberton for a re-match in the Grand Final at Payneham Oval. Alberton led all day except for the last few minutes of the match when Eastwood got up to win by a goal, 6.7 to 5.7.

The A5 premier of the previous season Ethelton did well in A4. At the end of 18 rounds of matches the A4 table had Ethelton (30), Semaphore Central B (30), Walkerville B (26), new club Wattle Park T.C. (24), Rosewater B (20), Birkenhead Sports (16), Teachers College B (14), S.P.O.C. B (12), Henley B (4) and Kenilworth B (4). Ethelton and Walkerville won the Semis 14.13 to 12.10 and 16.12 to 6.16 respectively, then Walkerville beat Semaphore in the Preliminary Final. For a while it looked as though Walkerville might cause an upset in the Grand Final as it led by 10 points going into the final quarter, but Ethelton stormed home kicking 6.3 to nil in the last quarter to win 10.15 to 6.10.

Semaphore Park B led the A5 table after 12 minor round matches with 22 points, followed by Flinders Park B (16), Riverside B (14), University D (14), Goodwood B (12), P.A.O.C. B (4) and Colonel Light Gardens B (0). The Semi Finals were won by Riverside (7.8 to 7.3) and Semaphore Park (18.11 to 6.10). Riverside went on to win the Preliminary Final against Flinders Park 12.15 to 4.5, but lost in the Grand Final to Semaphore Park 6.10 to 8.8.

In the Under 17 Colts Woodville again led the table with 28 points after 15 matches followed by Flinders Park (20), Payneham (18), Exeter (18), Walkerville (4) and Henley (2). Bad kicking cost Payneham the First Semi losing to Exeter 4.13 to 6.4, while Woodville thrashed Flinders Park 16.15 to 1.7. Flinders Park then accounted for Exeter in the Prelim. 3.6 to 3.2, and played much better against Woodville in the Grand Final to lose narrowly 4.12 to 5.12. This was Woodville’s third Colts premiership in the five years of the competition.

Future state half back Telford Chambers of Exeter was the A1 Hone Medallist. Barry Walker of Goodwood won the A2 medal, Fred Higgie of Eastwood the A3 medal, the A4 winner was Barry Martin of Ethelton, Neil Matheson of Flinders Park won in A5 and the Colts medallist was Michael Sirenco of Flinders Park. The War Memorial Medal was awarded to Geoff Wilson of University, and the inaugural winner of the Charles Irvine Memorial Trophy for leading A1 goalkicker was Charlie Akkermans of University who kicked 106 goals.

The interstate match was played at Olympic Park in Melbourne on Monday 17th June so the surroundings were familiar to Olympic 400-metre relay silver medallist Leon Gregory. The match was notable for being the first Australian Rules match televised live from start to finish, as in those days it was only the last quarter of senior League matches that were televised. The new coach was Ray Linke and Executive Committee member R.J. Samuels was manager. Don Fletcher was captain for the third year in a row, and Allen Greer, a newcomer to the state team, vice captain. Allen was the captain/coach of Riverside and a former Port Adelaide and state player. Full forward Charlie Akkermans who kicked 3 goals, had the pleasure of playing against his old Xavier Juniors schoolmate and now a Melbourne University player Tony Capes.

The S.A. team was as follows:

  • Akkermans, Charlie ff University
  • Altmann, Frank hf University
  • Basket, Bill chf Payneham
  • Chambers, Telford reserve Exeter
  • Christensen, Clarrie reserve Rosewater
  • Clarke, George wing Riverside
  • Cocks, Kevin centre Walkerville
  • Downer, John follower University
  • Edwards, John rover University
  • Fletcher, Don capt. follower Semaphore Central
  • Greer, Allen vice. capt. hb Riverside
  • Gregory, Leon reserve St.Peters O.C.
  • Hale, Charlie ruck Flinders Park
  • Harvey, Peter reserve Kenilworth
  • Hobbs, Stan rover Semaphore Central
  • Jarman, Trevor hf Flinders Park
  • Kinnear, Bronte wing Woodville
  • McAuliffe, Terry ruck University
  • Powell, Peter hb Semaphore Central
  • Slade, Bob bp Payneham
  • Wilson, Geoff fb University
  • Wortmeyer, Ken chb Flinders Park

The Monday holiday was nice in Melbourne but not so nice at Olympic Park as far as the South Australians were concerned. After a good first half of non-stop football, the visitors enjoyed a 12-point lead but were blitzed in the third quarter scoring nil to 7.4. The team tired badly and lost their aerial dominance, and players began to fumble under the pressure exerted by the Vics. Geoff Wilson was solid at full back, while Basket and Cocks also stood out.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 3.2 4.3 11.7 15.9 (99) S.A. 4.0 6.3 6.3 8.3 (51)

  • Goalkickers: Akkermans 4, Altmann 2, Gregory, Hobbs
  • Best Players: Wilson, Cocks, Basket, Slade, Powell, Akkerman