After some lobbying by delegates over the previous couple of seasons, the age eligibility for Colts was changed from under 17 on July 1st to under 18 on July 1st of the year of playing. There were still restrictions on movements between the Colts and senior teams within a season.

In the A1 competition there was a departure from the normal relegation procedure when the second-bottom team in 1958 (Teachers College) remained in A1 but the third-bottom team (Woodville) was relegated to A2. This was because Woodville’s ‘A’ team had been admitted to the S.A.N.F.L.’s seconds competition. For the first time since 1950 University finished the minor round below second position but Exeter was back in the finals. Rosewater had taken a tumble to second last.

The Semi Finals were won by Riverside (9.13 to 9.10) and University (11.6 to 4.8), then in front of a crowd of 3000 people at Woodville Oval, Semaphore Central jumped Uni to lead by five goals after twenty minutes, but the Blacks came back to hit the front in the third quarter only to go down by a point 10.6 to 9.13. With Uni’s elimination Tony Clarkson played for Sturt in the League finals. In the Grand Final at Kensington Oval, Centrals won easily 15.10 to 8.17, its height advantage in defence shutting out the smaller Riverside forwards.

Premiership Tables

A1 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Semaphore Central1815330
Teachers College189918
Prince Alfred O.C.1871114
St. Peters O.C.181172

A2 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

In A2, five teams vied for a place in the finals. Goodwood had been in the four the whole season until the last minor round match when it lost to Brighton. It was replaced by Alberton United who had beaten Eastwood, costing that team the double chance. Brighton had to struggle to beat Kenilworth 6.13 to 6.6 in the Second Semi, while in the First Semi, for the second week in a row Alberton United disposed of Eastwood 14.13 to 7.13. Kenilworth then won the Preliminary Final 12.9 to 8.13, but Brighton was too good in the Grand Final winning 8.10 to 5.8 to give it successive premierships.

Alberton United1812624
Flinders Park189918
Semaphore Park189918
University B1871114
Woodville B184148
Colonel Light Gdns181172

A3 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Kilburn, in its second season in the amateurs under non-playing coach John Tidswell, swamped the A3 competition going through undefeated.

Riverside B1815330
Payneham B1811722
Henley & Grange1811722
Kings O.C.1871114
S.A. Railways Inst.1861212
University C1851310
Walkerville B182164
Exeter B182164

The Semi Finals saw Payneham defeat Ethelton 11.14 to 8.9, and Kilburn defeat Riverside 10.7 to 5.11. Riverside won the Prelim. Final 11.13 to Payneham’s 7.9, then Kilburn completed its undefeated season by winning the Grand Final 13.15 to 8.5.

After 18 rounds the A4 premiership table showed Scotch O.C. (32), Wattle Park T.C. (28), Pulteney O.S. (26), Rosewater B (22), Teachers College B (20), Kilburn B (12), Brighton B (12), Semaphore Central B (12), Semaphore Park B (10) and P.A.O.C. B (4). In the Second Semi Final against Wattle Park, Scotch kicked a record score for a final 36.24 to 6.5, and Rosewater beat Pulteney 8.10 to 7.11. Rosewater then won the Prelim. against Wattle Park 11.15 to 9.17 but fell to Scotch in the Grand Final 11.9 to 13.22. This was Scotch’s first Amateur League premiership.

The A5 grade was comprised of 12 teams but also had 18 rounds, and they finished in the order Kenilworth B (34), Goodwood B (30), University D (28), Teachers College C (28), S.P.O.C. B (24), Payneham C (20), Brighton C (17), Henley & Grange B (14), Flinders Park B (10), Alberton United B (5), Ethelton B (4) and P.A.O.C. C (2). The Semi Finals were won by Goodwood (10.10 to 7.9) and Teachers (8.5 to 6.13), the Prelim. Final by Teachers (9.13 to 9.3), and the Grand Final by Teachers 8.9 to 7.6.

The Under 18 Colts after 16 rounds had Exeter undefeated on 32 points, followed by Semaphore Central (24), Flinders Park (14), Kilburn (13), Payneham (11), Walkerville (8), and Brighton (6). Exeter and Flinders Park won the Semi Finals 15.9 to 4.6 and 8.11 to 5.7 respectively, Semaphore Central the Prelim. 9.5 to 6.3, and Exeter the Grand Final 8.8 to 3.3 to give Exeter an undefeated season and successive premierships.

Tony Clarkson followed up his A2 Chambers Medal in 1958 when he was with P.A.O.C. with the A1 Hone Medal in 1959 playing for University. The A2 medallist was Bill Buckley of Alberton United, Stan Volbrecht of Kilburn won the A3 medal, while the A4, A5 and Colts medallists were J. Ferguson (Teachers), Lance Poulton (Kenilworth) and Jack Smith (Payneham) respectively. TheWar Memorial Medallist was Brian Seppelt of University. State player Richie Bray of Exeter won the A1 goalkicking with 56 goals.

The seventh A.A.F.C. carnival was held at Subiaco Oval in Perth. Unlike the trip to the ’48 Perth carnival or the trip there in 1954, the party flew both ways, although the players had to pay for their own accommodation. The coach of Kilburn and ex-North Adelaide ruckman John Tidswell was appointed coach and K.C. Sims was manager. Also in the party were assistant manager A.F.R. Dodd and trainer L.R. Jarrett. The squad was as follows:

  • Beer, Brian Rosewater
  • Bray, Richie Exeter
  • Briscoe, Gordon Exeter
  • Butcher, Peter Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Codd, Mick University
  • Durbridge, Graham Exeter
  • Edwards, Doug Semaphore Central
  • Fairclough, Brian Rosewater
  • Farnham, Bob Payneham
  • Fitzgerald, Brian Riverside
  • Gibbs, Bob Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Gillen, Peter Walkerville
  • Gregory, Leon St.Peters O.C.
  • Hawes, Frank Semaphore Central
  • Peek, John Brighton
  • Perrott, Dean Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Perry, Ray Riverside
  • Powell, Bob Semaphore Central
  • Rundle, Brian captain Brighton
  • Salvemini, Kevin Semaphore Central
  • Seppelt, Brian vice captain University
  • Skinner, Barry Exeter
  • Skinner, Bob Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Trimbell, Alec Riverside
  • Williams, Nicky Kilburn

S.A. opened with a good win against Tasmania, but went down to W.A. and Victoria.

Sunday July 12th 1959

S.A. opened well against Tasmania kicking six goals in the first quarter then maintaining this lead for the rest of the match. RoverPeter Gillen and ruckman Bob Skinner were best for S.A.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A. 6.6 8.6 14.9 14.12 (96) Tasmania 1.0 5.4 6.7 8.11 (59)

  • Goalkickers: Gillen 4, Powell 3, Rundle 3, Skinner 2, Bray, Peek
  • Best Players: Gillen, Skinner, Perrott, Beer, Williams, Codd

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 5.5 7.6 12.10 16.13 (109) W.A. 1.1 4.8 6.9 8.12 (60)

Tuesday July 14th 1959

In a match characterised by inaccurate goal-shooting and little teamwork, S.A. struggled to kick goals while W.A.’s centre half forward Ken Wake gave his team lots of drive with long dropkicks.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final W.A. 2.4 5.11 7.15 9.21 (75) S.A. 1.2 1.5 3.10 5.14 (44)

  • Goalkickers: Bray 2, Fitzgerald, Powell, Rundle
  • Best Players: Powell, Gregory, Hawes, Skinner, Beer, Fairclough

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 3.2 7.4 12.5 14.11 (95) Tasmania 1.4 8.6 10.9 12.14 (86)

Thursday July 16 1959

S.A. defended well in the first half to restrict Victoria to just 4 goals, Brian Seppelt at centre half back proving a thorn in the Vics’ side. However, S.A. gradually fell behind in the second half despite a strong performance by Richie Bray and went down by 31 points.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 2.5 4.11 8.18 13.21 (99) S.A. 1.4 6.4 9.6 10.8 (68)

  • Goalkickers: Rundle 5, Salvemini 2, Bray, Gillen Powell
  • Best Players: Seppelt, Bray, R.Skinner, Gregory, Rundle, Codd

1Q 2Q 3Q Final W.A. 1.2 4.7 8.8 12.12 (84) Tasmania 1.4 3.6 5.11 7.11 (53)

Trophies were won by Peter Gillen for the match against Tasmania, Richie Bray for the W.A. game, and Bob Skinner for the match against Victoria. Nicky Williams won the trophy for the most consistent player at the carnival.

This was Victoria’s sixth carnival victory in seven tries.