Eastwood, after struggling in recent years, left the SAAFL to join Adelaide Metropolitan. Its place was taken by the powerful district club Broadview from the North Adelaide District Association. Several clubs also nominated B and C teams so that an A3 Reserve grade was introduced.

The final four in A1 took on a refreshing new look with Payneham, Hyde Park and a rejuvenated Exeter making a run for the title. At the other end of the table, Brighton and Kilburn were struggling, as was Seaton Ramblers in its first season of A1 after only 3 seasons in the SAAFL. Payneham, coached by Neil Dansie and captained by Bob Farnham (who were also the state coach and captain respectively), lost only one match during the minor round (to University).

Premiership Tables

A1 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Hyde Park20164032
Semaphore Central20127125
Teachers College20128024
Alberton United2031706
Seaton Ramblers2021715

University easily accounted for Exeter in the First Semi Final 14.21 to 4.4, and Payneham had a good victory over Hyde Park 11.11 to 5.10. Hyde Park dropped out of the race in the Prelim. Final when defeated by University 9.14 to 5.6, so University went into its fifth successive A1 Grand Final. Incredibly, it was only the second A1 Grand Final appearance for Payneham who had been beaten by Exeter in 1939. The match was played at Norwood Oval under D.J. Hardy and was even up until half time with Payneham’s John Welford starring on a wing. Uni fired in the third quarter when Ross Haslam, Bill Chapman and John Clapp got on top to skip three goals ahead, but the Demons came back in the last quarter led by Bob Farnham, Jack Smith and Dean Worden to outscore the Blacks five goals to one to win 11.11 to 10.8, giving them the first of only two A1 premierships.

A2 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

St. Peters O.C.20182036
Prince Alfred O.C.20119022
Flinders Park20911018
St. Dominics20911018
Pulteney O.S.20811117
Henley and Grange20614012
Kings O.C.20515010
Semaphore Park2021804

In A2, Riverside, down from A1 and coached by Bill Wyatt, and St. Peters O.C. coached by George Tilley were the outstanding teams. Semaphore Park and Kings O.C. were destined for demotion to A3. Goodwood displayed good finals form to beat Prince Alfred O.C. by 8 goals in muddy condition in the First Semi Final 14.8 to 6.8, but Riverside and St. Peters O.C. had a great struggle in the Second Semi before Riverside eventually won 8.14 to 9.6. Saints came back to beat Goodwood in the Prelim. 18.15 to 16.2, but lost the Grand Final to Riverside 4.8 to 6.7, although undoubtedly happy to be returning to A1 after a 5-year absence.

A3 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

New club Broadview coached by former Norwood player Brian Wells and captained by ex-North Adelaide Colt Don Reedy headed an A3 table which suggested four even teams at the top.

Western Teachers2016432
Christian Brothers O.C.2016432
University B2015530
Teachers College B2011922
Scotch O.C.2071314
Wattle Park T.C.2051510
The Teachers204168
Colonel Light Gdns202184

The Semi Finals were won by University 9.6 to 5.2 and Broadview 11.7 to 3.8. The Prelim. Final was won by Western Teachers 6.4 to 3.16 thanks to some awful goal-shooting by Uni, then in a tight Grand Final, Broadview continued the tradition of new clubs winning the A3 premiership with a 10.9 to 9.10 victory.

Other Tables and Scores


S.A.Railways Institute (34), Payneham C (30), University E (30), Flinders Park C (24), S.P.O.C. C (20), St.Dominics C (20), A.B.H.S.O.S. (16), Hyde Park C (15), P.A.O.C. C (7), Brighton C (6).

1st S. Flinders Park 9.6 University 6.5 2nd S. Railways Inst 5.16 Payneham 3.5 Prelim. Flinders Park 10.8 Payneham 6.15 G.Fin. Flinders Park 6.12 Railways Inst 3.9

A1 Reserve

Walkerville (35), University (33), Hyde Park (30), Payneham (27), Brighton (20), Semaphore Central (19), Rosewater (18), Teachers College (18), Exeter (16), Kilburn (12), Alberton United (11), Seaton Ramblers (1).

1st S. Hyde Park 4.7 Payneham 3.7 2nd S. University 6.6 Walkerville 2.2 Prelim. Hyde Park 5.2 Walkerville 4.7 G.Fin. Hyde Park 6.9 University 3.4

A2 Reserve

Riverside (38), Flinders Park (36), S.P.O.C. (34), St.Dominics (26), Semaphore Park (22), Gaza (20), P.A.O.C. (19), Pulteney OS (16), Goodwood (12), Kenilworth (8), Henley & Grange (6), Kings OC (2).

1st S. S.P.O.C. 4.9 St.Dominics 5.2 2nd S. Flinders Park 4.7 Riverside 3.8 Prelim. S.P.O.C. 8.7 Riverside 6.8 G.Fin. S.P.O.C. 4.4 Flinders Park 3.3

A3 Reserve

University (38), Western Teachers I (32), Broadview (26), Teachers College (24), Ethelton (24), C.B.O.C. (18), Scotch OC (16), Wattle Park TC (13), Western Teachers II (7), Colonel Light Gardens (2).

1st S. Broadview 7.11 Teachers Coll 5.10 2nd S. University 10.10 Western Teach 6.7 Prelim. Western Teach 8.10 Broadview 7.6 G.Fin. University 9.10 Western Teach 3.7

Colts I (Under 18)

Kilburn (38), Semaphore Central (36), Seaton Ramblers (26), Flinders Park (24), Payneham (14), Gaza (14), Riverside (6), Henley & Grange (2).

1st S. Seaton 6.6 Flinders Park 3.7 2nd S. Kilburn d Semaphore Cent Prelim. Seaton 7.5 Semaphore Cent 6.7 G.Fin. Kilburn 4.4 Seaton 3.4

Colts II (Under 18)

Goodwood (34), Brighton (33), Semaphore Park (21), Exeter (20), Ethelton (18), Kenilworth (16), Walkerville (16), Colonel Light Gardens (2).

1st S. Exeter 6.5 Semaphore Pk 4.4 2nd S. Goodwood d Brighton Prelim. Brighton d Exeter G.Fin. Brighton 1.11 Goodwood 2.4


State wingman John Welford of Payneham won the Hone Medal on a countback from David Houston of Kilburn who was subsequently recognised as a co-winner.. Goodwood captain Rick Oliver won the A2 medal. The other medallists were Don Britton (A3 C.L.G.), Don McLeod (A4 Railways), Graham Woolman (A1R Exeter), Don Jaffer (A2R Riverside), Dennis Harrison (A3R University – his second in succession), Alan Parker (Colts I Flinders Park) and Joe Zanchetta (Colts II Goodwood).

Bill Chapman of University was the War Memorial Medallist. The leading A1 goalkicker was Bill Hutchinson of Teachers College, whose tally is unknown, but it is known that with one match to play he was leading his captain Phil Howlett by only a few goals. Howlett had suggested playing Hutchinson in the backlines for the last match, but relented and placed him at full forward instead where the team fed him all day. Hutchinson finished the day with 9 goals.


The ninth A.A.F.C. carnival was held at Adelaide Oval with Neil Dansie appointed coach of the S.A. team. Payneham had seven representatives and University four.

  • Butler, Des Payneham
  • Chapman, Bill University
  • Elix, Robert Semaphore Central
  • Farnham, Bob captain Payneham
  • Freeman, Roger vice captain Exeter
  • Green, Geoff Hyde Park
  • Heskith, Robert St.Peters O.C.
  • Hoffman, Brian Payneham
  • Houston, David Kilburn
  • Howlett, Phil Teachers College
  • Hunt, Terry Exeter
  • Jackson, Wayne University
  • Jacques, Trevor Teachers College
  • O’Halloran, Brian Hyde Park
  • Potter, Rob Payneham
  • Prior, Alan University
  • Ridley, Doug St.Peters O.C.
  • Robertson, Ian Teachers College
  • Sangster, John University
  • Seppelt, Geoff Hyde Park
  • Smart, Brian Payneham
  • Thompson, Fenwick Walkerville
  • Welford, John Payneham
  • Woolford, Ray Gaza
  • Worden, Dean Payneham

The results were as follows:

Monday August 3rd 1964

S.A. Team v W.A.

In a remarkable display of inaccuracy W.A. had kicked 0 goals 14 behinds at half time. S.A. had played well with David Houston at centre half forward and ‘Poss’ Prior on the wing standing out. After half time W.A. had the better of the match and it was only the good work of rucks Bill Chapman and Wayne Jackson in the last quarter that kept W.A. out.1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A. 4.1 9.3 11.4 13.7 (85) W.A. 0.9 0.14 4.17 7.18 (60)

  • Goalkickers: Houston 3, Freeman 2, Green 2, Welford 2, Farnham, Howlett, Jackson, Jacques
  • Best Players: Prior, Howlett, Chapman, Worden, Houston, Butler, Freeman

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 1.1 7.7 9.14 15.17 (107) Tasmania 1.2 2.4 2.9 2.9 (21)

Wednesday August 5th 1964

S.A. Team v Tasmania

Ruckmen Chapman and Jackson again played well to give S.A. first use of the ball, while Howlett kicked four goals to half time. S.A. relaxed in the third quarter but came home well to win by 34 points.1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A. 4.2 8.4 8.5 11.7 (73) Tasmania 2.3 3.4 3.8 5.9 (39)

  • Goalkickers: Howlett 4, Farnham 2, Houston 2, Butler, Elix, Jackson
  • Best Players: Jackson, Chapman, Seppelt, Elix, Howlett, Ridley

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 3.4 8.9 13.12 20.19 (139) W.A. 5.2 8.4 11.7 12.8 (80)

Saturday August 8th 1964

S.A. Team v Victoria

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 1.2 7.8 10.11 11.16 (82) S.A. 3.4 3.7 4.8 5.10 (40)Despite Chapman and Green winning in ruck, the Vic. rovers dominated and its half-back line was impassable. Des Butler played well on a half back flank for S.A.

  • Goalkickers: Ridley 2, Chapman, Green, Howlett
  • Best Players: Chapman, Butler, Jackson, Seppelt, Prior, Farnham.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Tasmania 1.2 2.10 4.14 7.18 (60) W.A. 0.2 1.2 3.5 4.5 (29)

Bill Chapman won the trophy for the highest number of votes by an S.A. player. This was Victoria’s eighth carnival victory out of nine.