Another aspect of the rapid growth of the Amateur League causing concern was the need for careful control and investment of finances. A Finance Committee was formed and one of its first recommendations was to invest $5000 on term deposit with Beneficial Finance Corporation and create reserve accounts for Carnival Fund, Repairs and Maintenance, and Hall Fund. In addition budgets were prepared, and the feasibility of financing higher umpires’ payments and interstate costs explored. This resulted in umpires’ payments being raised 22% and a budget of $5500 set for the 1970 Perth carnival. The bulk of the finance for these initiatives was supplied by the clubs.

One of the budget savings designed to infuriate historians was the decision to cease production of the Amateur Footballer when the editor requested an increase in salary. This decision was taken in spite of the fact that strenuous efforts taken to obtain more publicity for the Amateur League in other areas were proving fruitless.

New clubs admitted were Greek Orthodox (from United Church) and newly-formed Westminster O.S. Modbury applied but then withdrew its application. Brighton had slumped from being an A1 club in 1965 to second-bottom of A2 in 1968, and withdrew from the competition altogether in 1969 to join Glenelg South. University changed its name to Adelaide University to avoid confusion with Flinders University. The kicking-out-on-the-full rule was introduced whereby the opposing team was awarded a free kick at the point where the ball crossed the boundary line. And in response to complaints from clubs about the difficulty of starting reserve matches on time (12.30 pm), a new starting time of 12.40 pm was introduced.

There was little cause for surprise when University and Teachers College led the A1 table, as this was the sixth time it had happened in the last eight seasons. This is a remarkable dual performance by two clubs which is unlikely to be repeated.

A1 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Team Gm W L Pts
Adelaide University 20 19 1 38
Teachers College 20 16 4 32
Rosewater 20 14 6 28
Semaphore Central 20 12 8 24
Exeter 20 10 10 20
Western Teachers 20 10 10 20
Postal Institute 20 9 11 18
Riverside 20 8 12 16
Payneham 20 7 13 14
Glenunga 20 6 14 12
Goodwood 20 6 14 12
Prince Alfred O.C. 20 3 17 6

Rosewater won the First Semi defeating Semaphore 8.12 to 6.8. The next two matches were a case of deja vu, as for the third year in a row Teachers beat Uni in the Second Semi 8.13 to 6.6, and Uni beat Rosewater in the Prelim. 8.20 to 4.5. Hence the omen was for a Uni victory in the Grand Final at Alberton Oval. The match was umpired by Les Drummond and the Uni rucks and rovers got on top early. Wingman Ray Dougherty and forward Paul Rofe created many opportunities and defenders Geoff Muecke and Val Bondar were solid. Brian Ferris was the sole Teachers player winning in the air. With both defences getting on top the game became a slog in the second half and Uni finished winners 7.8 to 4.7.

For the second year in a row the premier of the Amateur League met the League seconds premier. University met Norwood at Adelaide Oval on October 4th under central umpire Max O’Connell as a curtain-raiser to the League Grand Final. For three quarters the Uni team looked the better side as it again benefited from the strong ruckwork of Ian Hockridge and Geoff deBelle. However, poor kicking for goal, especially in the second quarter, cost the team dearly as it could have been well in front at the last break. As it turned out, a difference in fitness levels told in the last quarter when the Redlegs ran amok and piled on 10 goals.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Norwood 1.3 3.5 5.12 15.16 (106) University 2.3 4.9 7.11 9.13 (67)

  • Univ. Goalk: Clark 2, Rofe 2, Sandland 2, deBelle, Dougherty, Hockridge
  • Univ BPs: Hockridge, deBelle, Rofe, Hunt, G.Muecke, Katsaros

Flinders University had no problems with the jump from A3 to A2, finishing second to Henley & Grange at the end of the minor round.

A2 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Team Gm W L D Pts
Henley and Grange 20 17 3 0 34
Flinders University 20 15 4 1 31
Walkerville 20 14 6 0 28
Christian Brothers OC 20 13 7 0 26
Adelaide University B 20 12 8 0 24
Seaton Ramblers 20 10 9 1 21
Flinders Park 20 9 11 0 18
St. Peters O.C. 20 9 11 0 18
St. Dominics 20 8 12 0 16
Gaza 20 6 13 1 13
Broadview 20 4 15 1 9
Kings O.C. 20 1 19 0 2

Walkerville and Flinders Uni won the Semi Finals 8.11 to 8.7 and 11.12 to 8.14 respectively. Walkerville completed Henley’s demise in the Prelim. with an 11.6 to 7.6 victory, then Flinders Uni won its second successive premiership beating Walkerville in the Grand Final 14.9 to 5.10.

A3 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Team Gm W L Pts
Kilburn 20 18 2 36
Mitcham 20 15 5 30
Alberton United 20 14 6 28
Scotch O.C. 20 14 6 28
Hindmarsh C.Y.M.S. 20 12 8 24
Teachers College B 20 10 10 20
Wattle Park T.C. 20 8 12 16
Semaphore Park 20 8 12 16
Adelaide University C 20 6 14 12
Kenilworth 20 6 14 12
Pulteney O.S. 20 5 15 10
Colonel Light Gardens 20 4 16 8

Kilburn performed best in A3, but promoted A4 premier Mitcham also did well to secure second spot at the end of the minor round. The Semi Finals were won by Alberton United (6.16 to 3.4) and Kilburn (15.14 to 10.8). Mitcham won the Prelim. 11.4 to 9.5, but fell to Kilburn in the Grand Final at Ferryden Park 5.6 to 15.8.

Other Tables and Scores


Ferryden Park (34), Westminster OS (32), Greek Orthodox (28), Flinders Uni B (28), Sacred Heart OC (28), Walkerville B (22), Allenby Gardens (20), P.A.O.C. B (15), Royal Park (13), Glenunga B (8), Ethelton (8), St.Dominics B (4).

1st S. Flinders Uni 8.7 Greek Orthodox 5.5 2nd S. Ferryden Pk 11.12 Westminster OS 7.10 Prelim. Flinders Uni 9.9 Westminster OS 4.1 G.Fin1 Ferryden Pk 9.10 Flinders Uni 9.10 G.Fin2 Ferryden Pk 14.12 Flinders Uni 4.7


Payneham C (36), Teachers College E (33), Seaton Ramblers C (30), Exeter C (28), Goodwood C (22), Mitcham C (20), Flinders Park C (20), Postal Institute C (18), Broadview C (16), Western Teachers C (7), S.P.O.C. C (6), Flinders Uni E (4).

1st S. Seaton 12.8 Exeter 9.13 2nd S. Payneham 9.10 Teachers Coll 4.10 Prelim. Seaton 6.11 Teachers Coll 5.14 G.Fin. Payneham 11.11 Seaton 6.10


B.H.O.S. (37), Henley & Grange C (36), S.A.Railways Inst. (36), C.B.O.C. C (30), Teachers College F (24), Kilburn C (23), Adelaide Uni G (22), Postal Institute D (22), Wattle Park T.C. C (13), Mitcham D (11), Pulteney OS C (10), Payneham D (10), Flinders Uni F (6).

1st S. C.B.O.C. 10.11 Railways Inst 5.11 2nd S. B.H.O.S. d H. & G. Prelim. H. & G. 12.11 C.B.O.C. 8.12 G.Fin. B.H.O.S. 13.6 H. & G. 13.5

Brighton High O.S. was in the news in A6 during the season. In the match against Flinders Uni, it kicked a massive 47.23 to 1.3. Then it featured again in the finals. In the Second Semi it was leading Henley & Grange 9.11 to 7.10 about half-way through the last quarter, when one of the Brighton High players was knocked unconscious. Several people from the Brighton High bench came onto the field to render assistance, and the Henley captain asked the umpire to take a count of players. It was found that one of the people rendering assistance was a Brighton High player (dressed in a track suit) who had been replaced earlier in the match. As there were 19 Brighton High players on the field the umpire had no option but to restart Brighton’s score from zero as at that point in time. However Brighton High appealed and the Tribunal ruled that the match must be replayed. Henley & Grange then sportingly forfeited the match to Brighton High, and so Henley & Grange had to play in the Prelim. final against C.B.O.C. to win a return match with Brighton High.

A1 Reserve

Exeter (38), Payneham (34), Postal Institute (30), Goodwood (28), Teachers College (22), Rosewater (22), Western Teachers (20), Adelaide Uni (18), Glenunga (12), Semaphore Central (8), P.A.O.C. (4), Riverside (4).

1st S. Postal Inst 10.10 Goodwood 4.2 2nd S. Payneham 6.7 Exeter 5.3 Prelim. Exeter 10.2 Postal Inst 5.5 G.Fin. Exeter 6.4 Payneham 5.3

A2 Reserve

Broadview (34), Walkerville (32), Flinders Uni (31), Flinders Park (25), Adelaide Uni (24), Seaton Ramblers (22), S.P.O.C. (21), St.Dominics (17), Henley & Grange (16), Gaza (10), C.B.O.C. (8), Kings OC (0).

1st S. Flinders Pk 7.4 Flinders Uni 6.8 2nd S. Broadview 7.13 Walkerville 8.5 Prelim. Walkerville 7.11 Flinders Pk 7.6 G.Fin. Broadview 7.14 Walkerville 4.11

A3 Reserve

Mitcham (36), Kilburn (36), Scotch OC (32), Alberton United (30), Wattle Park TC (22), Adelaide Uni (22), Hindmarsh CYMS (16), Teachers College (14), Pulteney OS (12), Semaphore Park (10), Colonel Light Gardens (6), Kenilworth (4).

1st S. Alberton Utd 10.7 Scotch OC 1.1 2nd S. Mitcham 7.7 Kilburn 7.2 Prelim. Kilburn d Alberton Utd G.Fin. Kilburn 10.5 Mitcham 4.4

A4 Reserve

Flinders Uni (38), Ferryden Park (34), Allenby Gardens (34), Walkerville (28), Westminster OS (24), S.H.O.C. (22), Greek Orthodox (18), P.A.O.C. (16), Royal Park (10), Glenunga (10), St.Dominics (4), Ethelton (2).

1st S. Allenby Gdns 8.9 Walkerville 2.5 2nd S. Ferryden Pk 9.12 Flinders Uni 6.1 Prelim. Allenby Gdns d Flinders Uni G.Fin. Allenby Gdns 7.6 Ferryden Pk 6.8

Colts (Under 18)

Payneham (38), Ferryden Park (32), Flinders Park (32), Semaphore Central (24), Rosewater (24), Walkerville (20), Semaph Park (16), Riverside (8), Ethelton (6), Alberton United (0).

1st S. Flinders Pk 7.9 Semaph Cent 6.5 2nd S. Payneham 8.6 Ferryden Pk 7.9 Prelim. Flinders Pk 6.4 Ferryden Pk 4.7 G.Fin. Payneham 4.14 Flinders Pk 2.2


The Hone Medal was won by Semaphore Central speedster Malcolm Bert. Ron Bland of Teachers College was the War Memorial Medallist, and the A1 leading goalkicker for the second year in a row was Exeter’s Chris Lange with 83 goals. Wayne Potter of Flinders University became his club’s first and highest medallist by winning the A2 medal, while Kilburn stalwart Stan Volbrecht achieved the unique distinction of winning the A3 medal at the end of successive decades. Other medallists were Lee ‘Chicko’ Vincent (Ethelton – A4), Trevor Burns (Seaton – A5), Allan Lamb (B.H.O.S. – A6), Murray Goodwin (Payneham- A1 Res), Barry Potts (Broadview – A2 Res), Robert Tuckey (Alberton United – A3 Res), Trevor Whelan (Ferryden Park – A4 Res) and Rodney Burton (Rosewater – Under 18).


In preparation for the match against Victoria, a trial game was played against Combined Universities at University Oval on May 31st which the state amateurs won 13.16 to 7.4. Best players for the Amateur League were Page, Ide and Disney. The 37th interstate match against Victoria was played at Alberton Oval on June 14th. Howard Mutton replaced Neil Dansie as coach, and so began his unparalleled career as state coach. His team was as follows:

  • Bland, Ron follower Teachers College
  • Bondar, Val bp Adelaide University
  • Denny, Bruce fb Payneham
  • Disney, Julian hb Adelaide University
  • Emmel, Jeff follower Riverside
  • Ferris, Brian hf Teachers College
  • Goodhart, John chb Adelaide University
  • Griffiths, Kevin ruck Teachers College
  • Hockridge, Ian ruck Adelaide University
  • Ide, Ian hb Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Jarvis, David reserve Riverside
  • Lange, Chris ff Exeter
  • Oliver, Rick rover Goodwood
  • Page, John vice capt rover Postal Institute
  • Rofe, Paul centre Adelaide University
  • Sandland, John chf Adelaide University
  • Stuart, David captain hf Teachers College
  • Tierney, Terry wing Riverside
  • Welford, John wing Payneham
  • Wright, Gordon reserve Flinders Park

Les Drummond was the umpire. S.A. virtually won the match in the first quarter kicking seven goals to one with its rucks on top and its strong half forwards Brian Ferris, John Sandland and David Stuart cutting loose. Ruckman Ian Hockridge was the best man on the ground ably supported by Ron Bland as S.A. coasted to its first victory against the Vics since 1961.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A. 7.3 8.5 13.14 15.14 (104) Victoria 1.2 4.4 6.11 6.13 (49)

  • Goalkickers: Ferris 5, Griffiths 3, Lange 2, Stuart 2, Oliver, Page, Sandland
  • Best Players: Hockridge, Bland, Tierney, Griffiths, Ferris, Welford