A sensation occurred in 1970 when Adelaide University’s eight teams lost all their points after round eight for playing and illegible player in their A2 team. At that stage the A1 team was undefeated, and though it kept winning it just failed to make the finals. This unfortunate start to the new decade saw University come back to the pack and lose the dominance that it had enjoyed for most of the Amateur League’s existence.

During the ’70s, the 50-yard diamond then square was introduced, two central umpires were used at some A1 games, andAdelaide Oval was used for a grand final for the first time. Peter Adcock of Kings O.C. won five best and fairest medals, whilePaul Rofe became the only South Australian (at time of writing) to win a carnival medal. Super Office Manager Elaine Davorenwas appointed in 1974, and Clarrie Tideman retired as Treasurer in 1976 after 47 years in the job.

Probably the biggest event in the ’70s was the formation of a new association involving some former Amateur League clubs. In1974 thirteen clubs requested a special general meeting to discuss the administration of the Amateur League following a report in the Sunday Mail of a breakaway by some ‘wealthy’ clubs. Following this meeting, relative calm ensued until 1978 when after some intense activity the South Australian Football Association was formed. Three top clubs from the Amateur League left to join the new association in that year, followed by four more over the next two years, including the second-oldest club in the Amateur League, Semaphore Central.