SAAFL History – 1972

Ray Harvey resigned as Secretary after just one year in office and was replaced by E.J. (Ted) Mason. A new honorary position of Manager was created and Alan Statton filled that position. The Umpires and Permit Committee was split into two separate bodies. The new Chairman of the Tribunal was Ian Burnett and Lloyd Heylen was Chairman of the Umpires Appointment Board. The 50-yard square rule at centre bounces was brought in, although originally in the shape of a diamond with the boundary umpires level with the central umpire.

Two newly-formed clubs were admitted in Old Ignatians and Bedford Park Teachers College. With the expansion of the Amateur League to 51 clubs and 138 senior teams, there was great difficulty in finding sufficient umpires, and so the umpires’ fees were raised by over 40% after a three-year hiatus. The new fee for an A1 umpire was $14, and calls on clubs were raised 33%. It was suggested at an Executive meeting that thought be given to controlling the number of clubs admitted in the future.

The S.A.N.F.L. advised that due to a revamp of the Australian Champions series there would be no match this year between the premiers of the Amateur League and the S.A.N.F.L. seconds.

Premiership Tables

A1 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

At the end of the minor round the top 3 teams from 1971 again headed the A1 table along with Exeter who had climbed from tenth. Teachers College had been renamed Adelaide Teachers College.

Semaphore Central20173034
Seaton Ramblers20155030
Adelaide Teachers Coll.20146028
Adelaide University20128024
Postal Institute201010020
Flinders University20911018
St. Dominics20812016
St. Peters O.C.2041608

In an exciting First Semi Final at Hawthorn Oval, Adelaide Teachers defeated Exeter by 4 points 18.10 to 17.12, helped by a 7-goal haul from Hannan. The Second Semi was a much more one-sided affair with Centrals defeating Seaton 21.11 to 9.14, undoubtedly inspired by what was reported as 75-yard drop-kicking for goal by captain/coach George Roache. It looked as though Ramblers was in for another hiding at half time of the Preliminary Final when it trailed Teachers by 8 goals, but came home with a wet sail to go down by only 2 points 14.13 to 14.11. The Grand Final was played at Alberton Oval, and after Teachers led by 13 points at quarter time, Centrals kicked 5.5 to a point in the second quarter to lead by 21 points. This turned out to be a match-winning quarter, because even though Teachers regained the lead in a good second-half display, the final score showed Centrals in front by just 2 points 13.11 to 13.9. Ian Brown kicked 5 for Centrals and Brian Nielsen 5 for Teachers, while Scanlan, George Roache and McGowan were best for the premiers. This was Teachers’ seventh successive Grand Final.

A2 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

In A2 Ferryden Park had made its way up the ladder to join the teams down from A1 and Walkerville in the finals. Ferryden Park beat Riverside in the First Semi 16.11 to 11.10, while Rosewater won the Second Semi 14.11 to 9.11. Walkerville then stopped Ferryden Park’s charge in the Prelim. by 17.15 to 15.11, and the Grand Final was won by Rosewater by just 5 points, 16.9 to 15.10. This was Rosewater’s first ‘A’ grade premiership since its A1 victory in 1957.

Ferryden Park20146028
Flinders Park201010020
Adelaide University B20712115
Christian Brothers O.C.2031706
Alberton United2011902

A3 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

The fight for a place in the finals in A3 came down to the last minor round match at Scotch College between Scotch and Teachers, the loser to drop out. Scotch won by 20 points to keep its premiership aspirations alive.

Prince Alfred O.C.20173034
Westminster O.S.20155030
Scotch O.C.20146028
Adelaide Teach. Coll. B20146028
Brighton High O.S.20146028
Kings O.C.20911018
Semaphore Park20515010
Pulteney O.S.2041608
Allenby Gardens2031706
Hindmarsh CYMS2021804

Scotch won the First Semi easily against Kilburn 17.12 to 5.8, but the Second Semi was close with Princes lucky to win by 2 points 11.8 to 10.12. Westminster then repeated its inaccurate goal shooting in the Prelim., going down to Scotch 10.18 to 13.12, and Princes won the Grand Final 10.15 to 10.5. This was the first A3 premiership for the Old Reds, having already won four A2 premierships, and the only occasion on which both its ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams celebrated premierships in the same year.

Other Tables and Scores


Payneham B (35), Ethelton (34), Kenilworth (28), S.A. Institute of Technology (24), Sacred Heart OC (24), Western Teachers (22), Salisbury Teachers (18), Flinders Uni B (15), Royal Park (14), Adelaide Uni C (12), Colonel Light Gardens (12), Wattle Park TC (2).

1st S. Kenilworth 17.11 S.A.I.T. 12.9 2nd S. Ethelton 11.12 Payneham 6.11 Prelim. Payneham 14.13 Kenilworth 4.5 G.Fin. Payneham 10.17 Ethelton 6.10


Plympton High OS (38), Seaton B (32), S.A.Railways Institute (30), National Bank (28), Postal Institute B (24), Salisbury West (20), Bedford Park TC (14), Mitcham B (8), Glenunga B (4), Flinders Uni E (2).

1st S. National Bank 19.11 Railways Inst. 10.8 2nd S. Seaton 10.13 P.H.O.S. 11.6 Prelim. P.H.O.S. 15.11 National Bank 7.10 G.Fin. P.H.O.S. 15.9 Seaton 9.8


Broadview C (30), Taperoo (30), Flinders Park C (30), Ferryden Park C (28), Walkerville C (28), P.A.O.C. C (25), Unley High OS (22), Rosewater C (20), St.Dominics C (16), S.P.O.C. C (8), Adelaide Uni G (3), B.H.O.S. C (0).

1st S. Flinders Park 17.16 Ferryden Park 6.8 2nd S. Broadview 11.9 Taperoo 10.13 Prelim. Taperoo 11.7 Flinders Park 7.14 G.Fin. Broadview 16.9 Taperoo 11.4


Old Ignatians (39), Goodwood C (30), Henley C (30), S.A.I.T. C (27), Adelaide Teachers College E (22), Kilburn C (18), Alberton United C (18), Walkerville D (8), Taperoo B (6), Adelaide Uni H (2).

1st S. Henley d S.A.I.T. 2nd S. Old Ignatians 16.5 Goodwood 9.4 Prelim. Goodwood 16.15 Henley 5.6 G.Fin. Goodwood 15.8 Old Ignatians 7.11

A1 Reserve

Semaphore Central (40), Adelaide TC (34), Postals (28), St.Doms (28), Glenunga (24), Exeter (24), Goodwood (16), Payneham (14), Adelaide Uni (12), S.P.O.C. (8), Seaton (6), Flinders Uni (6).

1st S. Postal Inst. 10.13 St.Dominics 6.7 2nd S. Semaph Cent 6.9 Adelaide Teach 5.6 Prelim. Postal Inst. 10.11 Adelaide Teach 5.5 G.Fin. Semaph Cent 7.7 Postal Inst. 4.7

A2 Reserve

Flinders Park (36), Rosewater (32), Walkerville (32), Broadview (30), Ferryden Park (24), Riverside (24), Mitcham (17), Gaza (15), Alberton United (10), Adelaide Uni (10), Henley (8), C.B.O.C. (2).

1st S. Walkerville 8.10 Broadview 6.7 2nd S. Rosewater 4.7 Flinders Park 4.4 Prelim. Flinders Park 7.9 Walkerville 2.7 G.Fin. Flinders Park 10.6 Rosewater 7.9

A3 Reserve

P.A.O.C. (38), Kilburn (34), Scotch OC (32), Brighton High OS (27), Pulteney OS (24), Adelaide TC (23), Kings OC (18), Westminster OS (18), Greek (14), Hindmarsh CYMS (6), Semaphore Park (4), Allenby Gardens (2).

1st S. Scotch OC 12.7 B.H.O.S. 5.8 2nd S. P.A.O.C. 7.9 Kilburn 5.8 Prelim. Kilburn 10.8 Scotch OC 5.8 G.Fin. P.A.O.C. 6.8 Kilburn 6.6

A4 Reserve

Ethelton (36), Adelaide Uni (34), S.H.O.C. (32), S.A.I.T. (30), Salisbury T.C. (26), Wattle Park TC (22), Flinders Uni (14), Colonel Light Gardens (13), Western Teachers (10), Royal Park (10), Kenilworth (7), Payneham (6).

1st S. S.H.O.C. 11.7 S.A.I.T. 5.4 2nd S. Adelaide Uni 8.8 Ethelton 6.6 Prelim 1. Ethelton 7.3 S.H.O.C. 7.3 Prelim 2. S.H.O.C. 8.4 Ethelton 5.6 G.Fin. Adelaide Uni 7.5 S.H.O.C. 5.8

A4 Reserve Premier Adelaide Uni was known as ‘Harcourt’s Heroes’ in honour of its captain, economics professor Geoffrey Harcourt. Future state Attorney General Chris Sumner starred on a half-forward flank in the Grand Final.

A5 Reserve

Plympton High OS (36), Glenunga (30), Salisbury West (26), Postals (25), Seaton (24), Bedford Park TC (18), Railways (15), National Bank (10), Flinders Uni (8), Mitcham (8).

1st S. Salisbury West 8.5 Postal Inst. 7.8 2nd S. Glenunga 10.10 P.H.O.S. 8.2 Prelim. P.H.O.S. 9.9 Salisbury West 8.9 G.Fin. Glenunga 10.10 P.H.O.S. 5.2

Colts (Under 18)

Gaza (34), Walkerville (34), Riverside (32), Flinders Park (30), Rosewater (22), Payneham (22), Broadview (18), Ferryden Park (17), Semaphore Central (15), Alberton United (14), Exeter (4), Taperoo (2). Kenilworth withdrew after round 3.

1st S. Riverside 14.8 Flinders Park 8.8 2nd S. Gaza 11.11 Walkerville 4.5 Prelim. Riverside 10.1 Walkerville 5.1 G.Fin. Riverside 7.9 Gaza 7.7


The best and fairest player in A1 was Teachers College wingman John Donaldson, the 7th Hone Medallist for Teachers College equalling Adelaide University’s record. Terry McKenna of Riverside won the A2 Chambers Medal and Peter Adcock of Kings O.C. the A3 McKay Medal. The other medallists were Steve Griffen (A4 – Ethelton), C.Hall (A5 – Bedford Park), Roger Brown (A6 – U.H.O.S.), Chris McCarthy (A7 – Old Ignatians), former Hone Medallist Malcolm Bert (A1 Res. – Semaphore Central), Brian Parham (A2 Res. – Rosewater), Tony Dalwood (A3 Res. – P.A.O.C.), Tony Davis (A4 Res. – Adelaide Uni), Peter Roberts (A5 Res. – Seaton) and John Phillips (Colts – Riverside).

The Charles Irvine Trophy winner for scoring most goals in A1 was Shane Langley of Goodwood who kicked 72 goals, just ahead of the previous year’s winner Allen Robertson of Seaton who kicked 70.


Two interstate matches were again played, the first against Victoria at Alberton Oval on June 10th, and the second at Perth Oval on Sunday July 9 against W.A. The match against Victoria was televised by the A.B.C. The squad was as follows:

  • Barns, Peter Henley
  • Brand, Darryl Postal Institute
  • Chaplain, Horrie Riverside
  • Cranwell, Don Glenunga
  • Delaney, Colin Exeter
  • Donaldson, John Adelaide Teachers Coll.
  • Emmel, Jeff Riverside
  • Emmett, Brenton Adelaide University
  • Finney, Greg Seaton Ramblers
  • Forby, Brian Adelaide Teachers Coll.
  • Gould, Bill Adelaide University
  • Harley, Rick St.Peters O.C.
  • Harris, Neville Semaphore Central
  • Harwood, Ron Exeter
  • Holmes, Brian Semaphore Central
  • Hunter, Chris Seaton Ramblers
  • Jolly, Stuart Exeter
  • Katsaros, Jim Adelaide University
  • McCann, Peter Flinders University
  • Moore, Colin v.capt Vic. Exeter
  • Post, Ian Goodwood
  • Roache, George Semaphore Central
  • Rodgers, Trevor Adelaide Teachers Coll.
  • Rofe, Paul vice capt W.A. Adelaide University
  • Smith, Paul Postal Institute
  • Tierney, Terry captain Riverside
  • Tilley, Joe Seaton Ramblers

Saturday June 10th 1972

S.A.Team v Victoria

The match against Victoria at Alberton Oval was umpired by Peter Clee. S.A. benefited from its ruck superiority, particularly rover Katsaros and ruckmen Delaney and Gould, the latter dominating in the second quarter. It was in the second quarter that S.A. won the match, kicking 8.4 to 2.2. Coach Mutton sent runner Paul Rofe (injured) on to the ground to move Peter McCann from centre half forward to follower in a switch with Jeff Emmel, but Emmel had gone off the ball for a rest and George Roache was following. Never a man to let the unexpected rattle him, Rofe simply switched McCann with George Roache instead. So Roache went to centre half forward, kicked two booming screw punts each covering more than 60 yards, forcing the Vics to take their ruckman off the ball and on to Roache, and S.A. then proceeded to run away with the match.Scores:

1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A. 1.1 9.5 12.10 16.18 (114) Victoria 4.1 6.3 11.5 13.5 (83)

  • Goalkickers: Harris 3, Katsaros 3, Gould 2, Roache 2, Smith 2, Delaney, Emmel, Harwood, Tilley
  • Best Players: Donaldson, Katsaros, Moore, Roache, Emmel, Delaney

Jim Katsaros won the Patron’s Trophy and the Vics named John Donaldson as S.A.’s best.

Sunday July 9th 1972

S.A.Team v W.A.

Conditions were wet at Perth Oval and S.A. struggled to adapt in the first half, trailing by 15 points at half time and looking in trouble. However coach Mutton made two match-winning changes in the second half, moving Paul Rofe from follower to centre half forward where he kicked a goal and initiated three others, and Jeff Emmel from follower to centre where he took W.A.’s Stephen Seward out of the game. S.A.’s superior fitness and strong marking of the heavy ball also took its toll in the second half.1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A. 3.1 4.4 9.7 11.11 (77) W.A. 4.3 6.7 8.7 9.9 (63)

  • Goalkickers: Chaplain 3, Katsaros 2, Post 2, Finney, Forby, Roache, Rofe
  • Best Players: McFarlane, Rofe, Hunter, Rogers, Emmett, Post

Jock McFarlane, Paul Rofe and Chris Hunter all won trophies.

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