Life memberships were awarded to Alan Statton, who had been transferred in his employment to Melbourne, and Fred Monten. A.F. Statton had been in the continuous service of the Amateur League since 1960 when he was appointed Assistant Secretary, becoming the Honorary Secretary in 1961 and remaining in that position until 1970. He served on the Tribunal in 1971 and was Office Manager in 1972 and 1973. He had also served as a selector and manager of the state team, as a delegate to the A.A.F.C., and sat on the Umpires and Permit Committee and the Building Committee. F.J. Monten was an umpire in the Amateur League from the early ’30s right up until the late ’40s. In 1952 he joined the Umpires and Permit Committee and served on that body as well as on the Reinstatement Committee, Selection Committee and then the Tribunal of which he was still a member.

An article in the Sunday Mail on June 2nd under the heading Sportscope written by David Capel about a breakaway movement in the Amateur League, caused quite a stir. The article named “wealthy clubs” Exeter, Flinders Park, Riverside, Rosewater, Semaphore Central and Walkerville as the instigators, but each of these clubs denied any involvement. Subsequently, a letter was sent to the Executive from Payneham signed by Alberton United, Broadview, Colonel Light Gardens, Flinders Park, Gaza, Goodwood, Greenacres, Payneham, Riverside, Royal Park, Seaton Ramblers and Semaphore Park, requesting a special meeting to discuss the administration of the Amateur League and its future.

The Special General Meeting was held on June 21st. A representative of the signatories stated that the Sportscope article was the reason for the request for a meeting, and that the article had obviously stemmed from the recent resignation of the Amateur League’s Administrative Officer. It was felt that in fairness to the new appointee to that position, the matters raised in the article needed to be investigated and resolved so that the new Administrative Officer could be confident that he would have everyone’s full support. The spokesman pointed out that although one club had denied in the press any involvement with a move to form an association similar to the V.F.A. in Melbourne, that club did hold the view that the Amateur League had become top heavy, and this could be interpreted to mean that the Amateur League had become unwieldy and chaotic. The spokesman mentioned the long hours required of the Amateur League’s Administrative Officer and the honorary office holders, and problems that had arisen in areas such as unregistered players, unavailability of ovals and mistakes in the official program. It had also been suggested that the Executive did not work closely enough with the Administrative Officer.

Lengthy discussion took place on the word ‘Amateur’ in the name of the Amateur League, and it was suggested that players were being paid. The difficulties involved in proving that players were being paid was discussed, and one speaker suggested that clubs who did pay their players would destroy themselves. The Chairman concluded the meeting by reminding delegates that they had the option of replacing the Executive members at the Annual General Meeting if they were dissatisfied with their performance.

Two new clubs were admitted in Henley High O.S. (a new club coached by Ralph Hillman) and West Croydon (from the Norwood-North Association). Christian Brothers O.C., which had originally catered for the old scholars of C.B.C., Rostrevor and Sacred Heart, changed its name to Rostrevor O.C., presumably reflecting a change in the Club’s players and administrators in recent times.

Five A1 minor round matches were played at Adelaide Oval late in season, the first of these being televised by Channel 2. Flinders Park, who had spent the last 5 seasons in A2 & A3, recaptured its old form and finished the minor round in second position, while Postal Institute made the A1 Final Four for the first and only time.

Premiership Tables

A1 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Team Gm W L D Pts
Adelaide University 20 17 3 0 34
Flinders Park 20 15 5 0 30
Postal Institute 20 13 6 1 27
Payneham 20 13 7 0 26
Semaphore Central 20 12 7 1 25
Seaton Ramblers 20 10 9 1 21
Adelaide Teachers Coll 20 9 11 0 18
Exeter 20 8 11 1 17
Rosewater 20 7 12 1 15
Walkerville 20 6 13 1 13
Henley 20 6 14 0 12
Flinders University 20 1 19 0 2

Payneham defeated Postals 14.9 to 11.4 in the First Semi at Alberton kicking 7 goals against a strong wind in the first quarter, and Uni, coached by former Teachers College supremo Kevin Griffiths, beat Flinders Park 10.22 to 7.15 at Richmond in the Second. The Preliminary Final was played at Adelaide Oval and televised by Channel 2, so Steve Cheney the Payneham full forward would have a film of himself kicking his 100th goal for the season against Flinders Park. Payneham won the Prelim. comfortably 17.10 to 12.11 after kicking 7 goals in the third quarter.

The Grand Final was also televised and played at Adelaide Oval, the first time that an Amateur League Grand Final had been played at that venue. The wet conditions were handled best by Adelaide Uni as it kicked three goals into the wind in the first 14 minutes of the match. Another burst of four goals in the first 7 minutes of the third quarter sealed the result, with the Blacks winning 16.11 to 7.5. Follower Brian Ferris won the Patron’s trophy for the best player in the Grand Final and he had good support from rovers Jim Katsaros and Morrie Croucher, and from half forward Phil Holbrook (5 goals). Dyke and Munt were best for Payneham.

A2 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Broadview stood out in the A2 competition losing only two matches, and the next 4 teams each finished with 28 points. The Semi Finals were won by St. Doms over S.P.O.C. 17.18 to 8.12, and Broadview over Riverside 11.11 to 9.13. The Prelim. Final between Riverside and St. Doms resulted in a draw 11.12 all, then Riverside won the replay 12.8 to 7.11, only to lose by 7.15 to 11.15 against Broadview in the Grand Final at Richmond Oval.

Team Gm W L D Pts
Broadview 20 17 2 1 35
Riverside 20 14 6 0 28
St. Dominics 20 14 6 0 28
St. Peters O.C. 20 14 6 0 28
Westminster O.S. 20 14 6 0 28
Ferryden Park 20 12 8 0 24
Scotch O.C. 20 8 12 0 16
Kilburn 20 7 13 0 14
Prince Alfred O.C. 20 7 13 0 14
Goodwood 20 6 14 0 12
Gaza 20 5 14 1 11
Mitcham 20 1 19 0 2

A3 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

In A3, Adelaide University B finished minor premier for only the second time since 1965.

Team Gm W L Pts
Adelaide University B 20 17 3 34
Pulteney O.S. 20 16 4 32
Brighton High O.S. 20 14 6 28
Kings O.C. 20 13 7 26
S.A. Instit. of Technology 20 13 7 26
Greek 20 11 9 22
Glenunga 20 10 10 20
Ethelton 20 9 11 18
Payneham B 20 8 12 16
Alberton United 20 7 13 14
Royal Park 20 2 18 4
Adel Teachers College B* 20 0 20 0
  • Adelaide Teachers withdrew after round 9.

Kings and Pulteney won the Semi Finals 13.7 to 5.4 and 10.10 to 9.7 against B.H.O.S. and Adelaide Uni respectively. Kings then won the Prelim. against Uni 12.14 to 9.7, and went on to win the Grand Final at Alberton 9.7 to 6.11 for its second ‘A’ grade premiership.

Other Tables and Scores


Rostrevor OC (38), Sacred Heart OC (32), Salesian OC (28), Old Ignatians (28), Hindmarsh CYMS (26), Plympton High OS (26), Colonel Light Gardens (18), Kenilworth (14), Semaphore Park (10), Flinders Uni B (10), Salisbury CAE (10), Torrens CAE (0).

1st S. Salesian OC 10.10 Old Ignatians 7.7 2nd S. S.H.O.C. 14.10 Rostrevor OC 6.8 Prelim. Rostrevor OC 11.17 Salesian OC 11.12 G.Fin. S.H.O.C. 11.13 Rostrevor OC 4.6


Postal Inst C (38), Henley High (36), Greenacres (30), West Croydon (28), Murray Park CAE (26), Sturt CAE (26), Taperoo (22), Salisbury West (20), S.A.I.T. C (18), Railways (14), National Bank (10), Adelaide Uni E (6), Henley C (6), Mitcham C (0).

1st S. West Croydon 10.6 Greenacres 3.7 2nd S. Postal Inst. 12.12 Henley H. OS 11.12 Prelim. Henley Hgh OS 10.17 West Croydon 9.9 G.Fin. Henley Hgh OS 7.13 Postal Inst. 6.10


Flinders Park C (38), Walkerville C (34), Ferryden Park C (28), Rosewater C (28), Unley High School OS (26), St.Dominics C (20), Broadview C (20), P.A.O.C. C (18), Seaton C (16), S.P.O.C. C (6), Gaza C (6), Goodwood C (0).

1st S. Ferryden Park 9.9 Rosewater 6.8 2nd S. Flinders Park 13.8 Walkerville 7.9 Prelim. Ferryden Park 11.9 Walkerville 7.6 G.Fin. Flinders Park 11.8 Ferryden Park 9.8


Pulteney OS C (38), Kilburn C (34), Alberton United C (26), P.A.O.C. D (22), Brighton High OS C (22), Colonel Light Gardens C (20), Ethelton C (18), Kenilworth C (18), S.H.O.C. C (14), Adelaide Teachers College C (8)*, Semaphore Park C (8), Greek C (6). * Adelaide Uni withdrew after round 5 and was replaced by Adelaide Teachers who had come out of A5/A5 Reserve.

1st S. Alberton United awarded the match* 2nd S. Pulteney OS 11.13 Kilburn 5.9 Prelim. Kilburn 14.5 Alberton Utd 11.5 G.Fin. Pulteney OS 8.12 Kilburn 4.3

  • P.A.O.C. scored 12.15 to Alberton’s 7.6 in the First Semi but one of its players was not qualified to play in A7 finals.

A1 Reserve

Henley (36), Flinders Park (28), Walkerville (28), Rosewater (26), Seaton (25), Exeter (22), Adelaide Teachers (21), Semaphore Central (18), Adelaide Uni (12), Postal Institute (10), Payneham (8), Flinders Uni (6).

1st S. Walkerville 4.8 Rosewater 3.5 2nd S. Flinders Park 10.3 Henley 8.10 Prelim. Henley 7.5 Walkerville 3.7 G.Fin. Henley 3.9 Flinders Park 3.7

A2 Reserve

Riverside (40), Ferryden Park (32), Broadview (29), St.Dominics (28), S.P.O.C. (26), P.A.O.C. (24), Scotch OC (15), Kilburn (12), Gaza (11), Mitcham (11), Westminster OS* (10), Goodwood (2). * Includes 2 draws.

1st S. St.Dominics 12.3 Broadview 4.7 2nd S. Riverside 9.9 Ferryden Park 4.7 Prelim. St.Dominics 7.6 Ferryden Park 5.4 G.Fin. St.Dominics 8.4 Riverside 4.7

A3 Reserve

Pulteney OS (40), Brighton High OS (32), Alberton United (28), Ethelton (26), Greek (26), S.A.I.T. (24), Kings OC (18), Adelaide Uni (18), Glenunga (16), Payneham (6), Royal Park (6), Adelaide Teachers College (0). Adelaide Teachers College withdrew after round 9.

1st S. Ethelton 7.5 Alberton Utd 1.4 2nd S. Pulteney OS 8.18 B.H.O.S. 2.4 Prelim. B.H.O.S. 6.11 Ethelton 3.7 G.Fin. Pulteney OS 11.3 B.H.O.S. 5.6

A4 Reserve

Rostrevor OC (34), S.H.O.C. (32), Kenilworth (32), Colonel Light Gardens (26), Old Ignatians (22), P.H.O.S. (22), Salesian OC (18), Semaphore Park (18), Salisbury CAE (18), Hindmarsh CYMS (12), Flinders Uni (6), Torrens CAE (0).

1st S. Kenilworth d Col Light Gdns 2nd S. S.H.O.C. 11.4 Rostrevor OC 6.8 Prelim. Rostrevor OC 10.7 Kenilworth 4.9 G.Fin. Rostrevor OC 11.7 S.H.O.C. 8.2

A5 Reserve

Salisbury West (34), Henley High OS (30), Sturt CAE (28), Greenacres (26), S.A. Railways (24), National Bank (24), Murray Park CAE (22), Taperoo (20), West Croydon (20), Henley (14), Postal Institute (12), S.A.I.T. (10), Adelaide Uni (8), Pulteney OS (8). Pulteney OS replaced Mitcham after round 6.

1st S. Greenacres 3.10 Sturt CAE 3.1 2nd S. Henley High OS 8.10 Salisbury West 5.5 Prelim. Salisbury West 14.8 Greenacres 8.9 G.Fin. Henley High OS d Salisbury West

Colts (Under 18)

Ferryden Park (37), Payneham (36), Gaza (36), Rosewater (28), Flinders Park (28), Walkerville (20), Glenunga (18), Seaton (18), Broadview (16), Exeter (16), Riverside (15), Semaphore Central (8), Colonel Light Gardens (4).

1st S. Rosewater 8.9 Gaza 7.12 2nd S. Payneham v Ferryden Park score unknown Prelim. Rosewater lost the Preliminary Final G.Fin. Payneham 4.7 Ferryden Park 3.8


The Hone Medallist for 1974 was Flinders Park rover Lou Cailotto. Rod Simpson of Westminster O.S. won the A2 Chambers Medal, and Peter Adcock of Kings O.C. won his fourth A3 McKay Medal in five seasons. The other medallists were Peter Franklyn (A4 – R.O.C.), Graham McNeill (A5 – Henley High O.S.), Terry Smallwood (A6 – Walkerville), Laurie Sutton (A7 – Ethelton), Doug Wilson (A1 Res. – Flinders Park), Jack Hillard (A2 Res. – St.Dominics), David Morgan (A3 Res. – Pulteney O.S.), Peter Richardson (A4 Res. – Kenilworth, his second in succession), Gordon Haines (A5 Res. – National Bank, his second in succession), and Ian Johnson (Colts – Ferryden Park).

The War Memorial Medallist was University’s Simon Trumble. A trophy in honour of the late Peter Haynes, who had been a long-time player at Goodwood, was donated by the Goodwood club for the leading goalkicker in A2. The inaugural winner was Geoff Heard of Scotch O.C. who kicked 60 goals for the season. The A1 leading goalkicker was Steve Cheney of Payneham who booted 92. At the end of the major round Cheney had increased his total to 102.


A match against Victoria was played at Norwood Oval on Saturday June 1st before 1500 spectators. John Christinson was the central umpire.

  • Annear, Noel hf Seaton Ramblers
  • Bradshaw, David fb Adelaide University
  • Brand, Darryl follower Postal Institute
  • Ferris, Brian follower Adelaide University
  • Griffiths, Kevin ruck Adelaide University
  • Harris, Neville rover Semaphore Central
  • Hunter, Chris vice capt. hb Seaton Ramblers
  • Johnson, Steve wing Adelaide University
  • Katsaros, Jim rover Adelaide University
  • Koziol, George hb Payneham
  • Lenthall, Mark ruck Seaton Ramblers
  • Parousis, Bill reserve Semaphore Central
  • Pilkington, Des wing Flinders Park
  • Post, Ian reserve Payneham
  • Roache, George ff Flinders Park
  • Rofe, Paul captain chf Adelaide University
  • Rogers, Trevor bp Postal Institute
  • Trumble, Simon chb Adelaide University
  • Underdown, Kim centre Exeter
  • Wells, Greg hf Seaton Ramblers

S.A. began well with Underdown winning the centre and the forwards kicking accurately for goal to lead at half time. However, the Victorians used their height advantage to good effect in the second half as S.A.’s short game broke down, and the Vics kicked 7 goals into the breeze. Nevertheless, the team persisted all day and in the end was only defeated by 11 points.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 4.2 7.7 14.10 18.14 (122) S.A. 5.1 10.2 12.7 17.9 (111)

  • Goalkickers: Roache 5, Rofe 3, Annear 2, Lenthall 2, Wells 2, Ferris, Griffiths, Harris
  • Best Players: Underdown, Lenthall, Johnson, Koziol, Ferris, Roache

The Victorians selected Jim Katsaros as S.A.’s best. Following the match an All Australian team was selected which played in an A.N.F.C. Division II Carnival at Erskineville Oval in Sydney. S.A.’s reps. (6 from Adelaide Uni) were as follows:

  • Brian Ferris Adelaide University
  • Neville Harris Semaphore Central
  • Steve Johnson Adelaide University
  • Jim Katsaros Adelaide University
  • Kevin Griffiths Adelaide University
  • Paul Rofe captain Adelaide University Simon Trumble Adelaide University
  • Kim Underdown Exeter
  • Howard Mutton coach, Sandy Cockburn trainer
  • Keith Sims assistant manager
  • George Koziol was chosen in the team but was unable to make the trip.

A.N.F.C. Scores

Saturday June 15th 1974

All the S.A. players except Ferris were selected in the first match against the A.C.T. The Amateurs had plenty of play in the opening quarter but squandered their chances with poor kicking for goal, kicking only 3 goals in 11 scoring shots. A.C.T. won the match in the second quarter when it kicked 9 goals with the breeze.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final A.C.T. 1.4 10.9 16.12 20.15 (135) Aust. Amateurs 3.8 6.10 11.14 13.15 (93)

Jim Katsaros, Kevin Griffiths and Kim Underdown were all in the best players.

Queensland defeated N.S.W. 13.10 to 9.12. Monday June 17th 1974

All the South Australians played against N.S.W., but the team played poorly in the first half to be nearly 8 goals down at half time. A better second half with Underdown and Johnson playing well across the centre saw the Amateurs with all of the play, scoring 22 times to N.S.W.’s 6, but a 1 goal 10 behinds last quarter cost them victory.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final N.S.W. 4.5 10.11 12.11 13.14 (92) Aust. Amateurs 2.2 3.6 9.11 10.21 (81)

Underdown, Griffiths and Johnson were in the best players.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Queensland 4.1 7.2 8.5 10.8 (68) A.C.T. 1.2 3.6 4.9 7.10 (52)