For the first time in ten years the number of clubs in the Amateur League fell. Incidents on two successive Saturdays in 1974 had resulted in Taperoo being advised that its application for reaffiliation would not be accepted, whilst Salisbury C.A.E. joined the Central District Association, and Torrens C.A.E. did not form. Edwardstown Baptist from the United Church Association was admitted, and Hindmarsh CYMS was renamed St. Michaels Old Scholars and Hindmarsh (S.M.O.S.H.). Despite the decrease in the number of clubs, a new grade A8 was formed to reduce the numbers in all grades below A3/A3 Reserve to 10, the top three grades remaining at 12. A shield for the new grade was donated by Vice President and former state team manager John B.Day, and a medal for the best and fairest player was donated by Graham Bert in honour of his father.

Coaches in A1 included Trevor Hughes (Broadview), Andy Miller (Adelaide Teachers), Glen Collins (Walkerville), Peter Brenton (Seaton), Peter Milsom (Flinders Park), future South Adelaide coach John Reid (Postals) and Ray Williams (Payneham). Lou Cailotto of Flinders Park had an outstanding year, winning his second successive Hone Medal, 2 trophies in the interstate match against Victoria, and the War Memorial Medal. His biggest disappointment, however, would have been missing the Grand Final through injury.

In the last match of the A1 minor round, Adelaide Teachers College grabbed fourth spot by beating Semaphore Central at the same time that promoted A2 premier Riverside lost to Payneham. The following week, however, Teachers suffered at the feet of Payneham’s Wayne Cheney who kicked 11 goals for Payneham in the First Semi Final, giving the Demons a 23.12 to 18.18 victory. In the Second Semi, University had an easy victory over Flinders Park 18.12 to 8.10, but Flinders recovered to defeat Payneham in the Preliminary Final 17.7 to 12.6.

Premiership Tables

A1 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

The Grand Final was played at Prospect Oval under central umpire Barrie Mansom. This was the first A1 Grand Final for Flinders Park and was to be a learning experience for the following year. In a repeat of the Second Semi Final, University ran away with the match in the second half restricting Parks to just 4 points, the final score being 14.15 to 4.9. Captain/coach Kevin Griffiths was inspirational and formed a formidable ruck combination with Jock McFarlane. Ray Newberry in defence was best for Parks. This was Uni’s second successive A1 premiership, the seventh time it had achieved this feat.

Adelaide University2016432
Flinders Park2016432
Adelaide Teachers College2012824
Postal Institute2091118
Semaphore Central2091118
Seaton Ramblers2091118

A2 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Interest in the A2 competition was sustained right down to the last match of the minor round at Scotch College when Goodwood beat Scotch to win a place in the finals.

Ferryden Park20164032
Kings O.C.20155030
Scotch O.C.20128024
Pulteney O.S.20109121
St. Peters O.C.20911018
St. Dominics20812016
Westminster O.S.20712115
Flinders University20712115
Prince Alfred O.C.2011902

Goodwood’s joy at making the finals was short-lived when it was soundly beaten in the First Semi by Kings 22.16 to 12.9. Henley had an easy victory in the Second Semi against Ferryden Park winning 21.15 to 11.9 and looked set for the flag. In the Prelim. Kings kicked accurately to win 18.6 to 13.12, then went on to defeat Henley in the Grand Final 12.10 to 8.16 giving it its second ‘A’ grade premiership.

A3 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

The top four sides in A3 were a cut above the remainder.

Sacred Heart O.C.20173034
S.A. Institute Technology20910119
Alberton United20911018
Adelaide University B20812016
Rostrevor O.C.20713014
Brighton High O.S.20614012
Payneham B2021804

S.H.O.C. defeated Greek in the First Semi Final 13.9 to 8.12, and Glenunga caused an upset by beating Gaza convincingly in the Second 16.12 to 9.12. Gaza recovered to beat S.H.O.C. in the Prelim. 19.14 to 12.17, and then had revenge on Glenunga in the Grand Final beating it 14.8 to 10.12. Gaza’s ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams also won premierships, an achievement that only University had previously accomplished.

Other Tables and Scores


Henley High OS (36), Old Ignatians (34), Semaphore Park (30), Salesian OC (22), St. Michaels OS&H (20), Kenilworth (18), Postals B (14), Plympton High OS (14), Colonel Light Gardens (10), Royal Park (2).

1st S. Semaph Park 13.10 Salesian OC 11.6 2nd S. Old Ignatians 16.6 Henley H. OS 15.11 Prelim. Henley H. OS 17.15 Semaph Park 13.13 G.Fin. Old Ignatians 13.8 Henley H. OS 9.10


West Croydon (40), Sturt C.A.E. (36), Salisbury West (28), National Bank (28), Murray Park CAE (20), Unley High OS (16), Greenacres (12), Edwardstown Baptist (12), S.A.Railways Institute (8), S.A.I.T. B (0).

1st S. National Bank 18.14 Salisbury West 9.12 2nd S. Sturt CAE 22.8 West Croydon 11.8 Prelim. National Bank 15.18 West Croydon 8.11 G.Fin. National Bank 13.9 Sturt CAE 10.21


Broadview opened the A6 season in a mean mood kicking 43.18 to Kilburn’s 0.3 in round 1, Jimmy Fiege kicking 17 goals, and finished the minor round in third place. Flinders Park C (36), Seaton C (34), Broadview C (30), Ferryden Park C (26), P.A.O.C. C (19), Walkerville C (18), St.Doms C (14), Pulteney OS C (10), Rosewater C (9), Kilburn C (4).

1st S. Ferryden Park 13.12 Broadview 9.11 2nd S. Seaton 10.11 Flinders Park 9.12 Prelim. Ferryden Park 16.10 Flinders Park 14.11 G.Fin. Ferryden Park 13.7 Seaton 9.11


Gaza C (34), S.P.O.C. C (28), Henley C (26), Adelaide Teachers C (26), S.H.O.C. C (22), Alberton United C (16), Ethelton C (8), Colonel Light Gardens (8). B.H.O.S. C and P.A.O.C. D both withdrew after round 11.

1st S. Henley 15.10 Adel Teach 12.11 2nd S. Gaza 10.14 S.P.O.C. 9.10 Prelim. S.P.O.C. 16.10 Henley 11.12 G.Fin. Gaza 16.5 S.P.O.C. 7.15


Mitcham C (36), Adelaide Uni E (26), Adelaide Uni F (26), Henley High OS C (26), Old Ignatians C (24), Pulteney OS C (22), Flinders University C (18), Kenilworth C (10), Salisbury West C (4), Semaphore Park C (0). Salisbury West C replaced Greek C in round 12, the latter team having been suspended for misbehaviour. For the first and only time two teams from the same club met in combat in the finals when Adelaide Uni E (‘Adelaide University Black’) played Adelaide Uni F (‘Adelaide University White’) in the Preliminary Final.

1st S. Adel. Uni F 16.10 Henley H. OS 10.9 2nd S. Mitcham 10.13 Adel. Uni E 9.8 Prelim. Adel. Uni E 18.17 Adel. Uni F 7.12 G.Fin. Mitcham 10.11 Adel. Uni E 9.9

A1 Reserve

Seaton (36), Broadview (34), Riverside (30), Adelaide Teachers (30), Rosewater (27), Flinders Park (25), Semaphore Central (20), Adelaide Uni (10), Walkerville (10), Exeter (8), Payneham (8), Postals (2).

1st S. Riverside 5.10 Adel Teach 5.9 2nd S. Broadview 8.5 Seaton 7.9 Prelim. Seaton 14.10 Riverside 5.2 G.Fin. Seaton 11.4 Broadview 7.6

A2 Reserve

Ferryden Park (40), Pulteney OS (30), St.Doms (28), P.A.O.C. (27), Henley (24), S.P.O.C. (16), Flinders Uni (16), Westminster OS (14), Kilburn (14), Scotch OC (14), Goodwood (9), Kings OC (8).

1st S. P.A.O.C. 5.8 St.Dominics 6.1 2nd S. Ferryden Park 17.11 Pulteney OS 8.2 Prelim. P.A.O.C. 10.7 Pulteney OS 8.6 G.Fin. Ferryden Park 7.11 P.A.O.C. 5.6

A3 Reserve

Gaza (36), S.H.O.C. (34), Glenunga (31), Rostrevor OC (29), Ethelton (26), Mitcham (22), Greek (20), Alberton United (14), Payneham (14), Adelaide Uni (8), B.H.O.S. (6), S.A.I.T. (0).

1st S. Glenunga 9.8 Rostrevor OC 8.9 2nd S. Gaza 10.8 S.H.O.C. 5.2 Prelim. Glenunga d S.H.O.C. G.Fin. Gaza 12.11 Glenunga 7.7

A4 Reserve

Henley High OS (34), Kenilworth (30), Old Ignatians (30), S.M.O.S.H. (26), Colonel Light Gardens (24), Semaphore Park (20), P.H.O.S. (18), Salesian OC (14), Postals (4), Royal Park (0).

A4 Reserve

1st S. Old Ignatians 13.5 S.M.O.S.H. 3.5 2nd S. Kenilworth 7.8 Henley H. OS 7.5 Prelim. Henley H. OS 12.14 Old Ignatians 6.6 G.Fin. Henley H. OS 10.8 Kenilworth 8.8

A5 Reserve

Salisbury West (38), Greenacres (32), National Bank (27), Murray Park CAE (25), Sturt CAE (22), West Croydon (20), Unley High OS (18), Edwardstown Baptist (12), S.A.I.T. (2), S.A. Railways (2).

1st S. Murray Park 10.7 National Bank 7.4 2nd S. Greenacres 11.9 Salisb West 8.2 Prelim. Salisb West 7.4 Murray Park 5.11 G.Fin. Salisb West 7.11 Greenacres 4.8

Colts (Under 18)

Payneham (38), Ferryden Park (36), Semaphore Central (30), Rosewater (30), Glenunga (29), Exeter (24), Broadview (24), Flinders Park (21), Seaton (12), Riverside (12), Kilburn (12), Walkerville (8), Ethelton (4), Gaza (0).

1st S. Semaph Cent 8.10 Rosewater 8.8 2nd S. Payneham 14.8 Ferryd Pk 11.10 Prelim. Ferryd Pk drew with Rosewater * Prelim 2. Ferryd Pk 11.6 Rosewater 10.7 G.Fin. Payneham d Ferryd Pk

  • Centrals must have been guilty of some infraction because it did not compete in the Prelim. Final.


Lou Cailotto scooped the pool following his interstate match awards by winning two other awards. He became only the third player to win successive Hone Medals, the previous two players being Rex Walter in 1930-31 and Tony Clarkson in 1959-60. Then he was awarded the Amateur Sports Association War Memorial Medal as the outstanding young sportsman in the Amateur League. There were other players who performed special feats in 1975 as well. John Griffen of Adelaide Teachers polled 17 votes in the six A1 matches he played before being seriously injured, only one vote short of the maximum possible. Peter Adcock, the captain/coach of A2 premier Kings O.C., won his fifth best and fairest medal in six years, and ironically, the year he missed winning the medal was in 1971 when he was beaten on a countback by none other than Lou Cailotto! Allen Robertson of Seaton Ramblers polled a massive 35 votes to win the A1 Reserve medal and his fourth in total. Then there was Peter Richardson of the Kenilworth A4 Reserve team who won his third successive medal.

The other medal winners for 1975 were Bernie Schroeder (A3 – S.A.I.T.), Tom Kelly (A4 – Old Ignatians), Brian Johnson (A5 – Railways), Glenn Washington (A6 – Broadview), Greg Bulger (A7 tie – Henley), Anthony Haritos (A7 tie – S.P.O.C.), Eamann Power (A8 – Old Ignatians), Graham Hibbard (A2 Res. – St.Doms), Anthony Vass (A3 Res. – Mitcham), Bill Rattley (A5 Res. – West Croydon), and Robbie Palmer (Colts – Payneham).

Trophies for Leading Goalkicker were awarded to Semaphore Central’s Ian Brown in A1 (87 goals) and Goodwood’s Shane Langley in A2 (70 goals). Shane had previously been the A1 leading goalkicker in 1972 and 1973. David Harben of Salesians kicked 106 goals in A4, and Neil Wuttke of Sturt CAE kicked 151 in A5.


The 50th anniversary of interstate matches between S.A. and Victoria was celebrated at Elsternwick Park on Sunday June 15. This was the first amateur game played in Melbourne on a Sunday. The S.A. players were fitted with made-to-measure lace-up jackets and the team was as follows:

  • Cailotto, Lou rover Flinders Park
  • Cheney, Steve ff Payneham
  • Collins, Dennis fb Broadview
  • Cunnington, Mark reserve Payneham
  • Ferris, Brian follower Adelaide University
  • Harley, Rick ruck Walkerville
  • Hunter, Chris vice capt. chb Riverside
  • Jamieson, Kym follower Payneham
  • Kerr-Grant, Malcolm chf Adelaide University
  • Koziol, George hb Payneham
  • McFarlane, Jock ruck Adelaide University
  • Olekalns, Egils wing Adelaide University
  • Parousis, Bill reserve Semaphore Central
  • Post, Ian hf Payneham
  • Schwartz, Mark bp Adelaide University
  • Tierney, Terry captain hf Walkerville
  • Trumble, Simon hb Adelaide University
  • Underdown, Kim centre Exeter
  • Williams, David rover Payneham
  • Wilson, Doug reserve Flinders Park
  • Woodcock, Brian wing Payneham

The weather was fine and S.A. had the breeze in the first quarter but trailed by 3 points at quarter time and 23 points at half time. Quick goals late in the third quarter left S.A. trailing at three-quarter time by 14 points, and then the last quarter became a real struggle. S.A. had the chance to draw level with five minutes to play, but three set shots failed to score and the Vics held on to win by 12 points, kicking a goal after the siren. Rover Lou Cailotto had 26 kicks and 4 handballs and was judged best for S.A. by both the S.A. and Victorian selectors.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 5.1 9.10 11.16 13.24 (102) S.A. 4.4 6.5 10.8 13.12 (90)

  • Goalkickers: Cheney 5, Kerr-Grant 2, Post 2, Tierney 2, Cailotto, Cunnington
  • Best Players: Cailotto, Underdown, Post, Hunter, Schwartz, McFarlane