SAAFL History – 1980

The Adelaide Suburban Football Association which had been in existence for only 2 seasons following the absorption of Norwood North into S.A.F.A. and the demise of United Church, folded in 1980. The decision was made to admit 7 of its teams to the Amateur League. The teams were Nunga Community, Ovingham, Para Houghton (a combination of Paracombe and Houghton), Port Adelaide Presbyterian, Port Adelaide United, St.Pauls O.S. and Taperoo. Also admitted was Immanuel O.S. from Glenelg-South, and re-formed Edwardstown Baptist. This raised the number of clubs in the Amateur League to 55, an all-time high, but no formal discussion seems to have taken place either by the Executive or by club delegates about whether growth of the Amateur League should continue indefinitely or whether there was an ideal number of clubs for the competition.

Two more clubs left to join S.A.F.A., namely Payneham and Walkerville, while Salesian O.C. left to join Glenelg-South. The increase in the number of senior teams to 144 required the introduction of the A9 grade, with a medal and shield presented by the Amateur League’s Publicity Officer and Executive member Brian Lees. Unley High O.S. was renamed Unley.

John Caulfield was back as umpires’ coach taking over from Bob Bache, and two new rules were introduced. A new rule covering the reporting of players was introduced involving three categories. The serious offences such as striking and kicking were Category A offences requiring the central umpire to report the offending player and to order him off the field for the remainder of the match, with a replacement player to take his place. Category B offences were reportable but the player was allowed to remain on the ground provided he didn’t offend a second time, while Category C offences simply resulted in a report. This rule was change again at a Delegates Meeting on May 30th to just two categories A and B. Category A would apply as above but with no replacement player allowed, while Category B would operate as above but apply to all non-Category A offences. The other rule change allowed the interchange of reserves, an experiment which had been carried out with success in state matches since 1977.

With one match to play in the A1 competition, Broadview was top ahead of Adelaide College and Riverside, and Adelaide University was ahead of Henley on percentage only. University had to play second team Adelaide College, while Henley had the easier match against lowly Kilburn and so had a real chance of playing in the finals. However, University beat College by 14 goals to deprive Henley of a place in the finals. Riverside under coach Bob Peterson was making its first A1 finals appearance since 1967, and Scotch O.C. did well under coach Mike Weatherald to win 10 matches in its first appearance in A1 since it formed in 1929.

Premiership Tables

A1 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Club Gms W L Pts
Broadview 18 15 3 30
Adelaide College 18 13 5 26
Riverside 18 12 6 24
Adelaide University 18 11 7 22
Henley Dist. and O.S. 18 11 7 22
Scotch O.C. 18 10 8 20
St. Dominics 18 8 10 16
Kilburn 18 7 11 14
Pulteney O.S. 18 2 16 4
Glenunga 18 1 17 2

Adelaide University benefited from poor goalshooting by Riverside to win the First Semi at Unley Oval 11.11 to 7.19. The Second Semi Final was an exciting tussle between Broadview and Adelaide College played at Kilburn Oval which the former won by a solitary point 12.18 to 12.17. Adelaide College then recovered in the Preliminary Final at Adelaide Oval to turn the tables on Adelaide University from their last minor round encounter winning convincingly 14.27 to 9.12.

Rival coaches Noel Annear (Broadview) and Evan Katsaros (Adelaide College) were confident of success in the Grand Final at Adelaide Oval. The central umpires for the big game were Rex Lambert and Dennis Davoren. Adelaide College played well in the first quarter, but from then on it was Broadview who took over to win easily 17.12 to 4.18. Best for Broadview were Annear (winner of the Patron’s Trophy), Mark Lenthall and ‘Butch’ Jones. Allan Willats and Brian Matthews had the pleasure of playing their 100th and 200th games respectively in a premiership team, Broadview’s first in A1.

West Croydon had no trouble with the jump from A3 to A2 finishing minor premier.

A2 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Club Gms W L Pts
West Croydon 18 13 5 26
Seaton Ramblers 18 13 5 26
Greek 18 13 5 26
Sacred Heart O.C. 18 12 6 24
Rosewater 18 10 8 20
Greenacres 18 9 9 18
St. Peters O.C. 18 7 11 14
Gaza 18 6 12 12
Ethelton 18 5 13 10
Pembroke O.S. 18 2 16 4

Greek won the First Semi at Kilburn against Sacred Heart 15.11 to 9.13, and West Croydon won the Second Semi at Weigall Oval 11.16 to 9.13. The Prelim. was played at Henley, and Greek won 16.5 to 12.13. In the Grand Final at Kilburn, it took West Croydon, coached by Vic Place, until the last quarter to shake off Greek and win the premiership by 16.21 to 14.8.

The premier and runner-up from A4 did well to finish the minor round in A3 in third and first positions respectively.

A3 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Club Gms W L Pts
St. Michaels O.S. and H. 18 16 2 32
Prince Alfred O.C. 18 15 3 30
Plympton High O.S. 18 14 4 28
Murray Park CAE 18 8 10 16
Brighton High O.S. 18 8 10 16
Kenilworth 18 8 10 16
Adelaide University B 18 7 11 14
Post-Tel Institute 18 5 13 10
Old Ignatians 18 5 13 10
National Bank 18 4 14 8

Plympton High beat Murray Park CAE easily in the First Semi at Henley 12.14 to 3.12, while P.A.O.C. also won comfortably beating S.M.O.S.H. at Seaton Oval 15.15 to 8.12. S.M.O.S.H. then knocked out Plympton High in the Prelim. at Weigall Oval winning 13.12 to 7.14, but fell to Princes (coached by David Marsh) in the Grand Final at Weigall 11.12 to 9.5.

Other Tables and Scores


Alberton United (32), St.Raphaels (26), Christian Brothers College OC (24), Rostrevor OC (24), Westminster OC (18), Woodville South (16), Port Adelaide Presbyterian (14), S.A.Institute of Technology (10), Unley (10), Salisbury CAE (6). A4 (cont.)

1st S. Rostrevor OC 10.12 C.B.C.O.C. 9.8 2nd S. Alberton United 17.17 St.Raphaels 15.15 Prelim. Rostrevor OC 13.17 St.Raphaels 12.16 G.Fin. Rostrevor OC 17.18 Alberton Utd 9.13


St.Peters Y.C.W. (30), Para Hills (28), Woodv. District (27), Henley D&OS C (20), Eastwood (16), Brompton (15), Flinders Univ (6), St. Pauls OS (2).

1st S. Woodv Dist 21.17 Henley D&OS 7.5 2nd S. Para Hills 18.16 St.Peters YCW 10.12 Prelim. Woodv Dist 15.17 St.Peters YCW 11.17 G.Fin. Woodv Dist 11.19 Para Hills 7.15


Taperoo (32), Immanuel OS (28), Para Houghton (24), Nunga Comm. (20), Ovingham (16), Greenacres C (14), Aust.National Railways Inst. (8), St.Peters OC C (2).

1st S. Nunga Comm 15.11 Para Houghton 8.8 2nd S. Immanuel OS 15.19 Taperoo 11.10 Prelim. Nunga Comm d Taperoo G.Fin. Immanuel OS 11.12 Nunga Comm 8.7


Kilburn C (32), St.Michaels OS&H. C (32), Broadview C (30), Sturt CAE (26), Port Adelaide United (16), P.A.O.C. C (16), St.Dominics C (14), S.H.O.C. C (14), Edwardstown Baptist (12), Adel. College C (12), Rosewater C (8), Glenunga C (4).

1st S. Broadview 24.16 Sturt CAE 11.7 2nd S. Kilburn 11.10 S.M.O.S.H. 10.15 Prelim. Broadview 13.16 S.M.O.S.H. 12.11 G.Fin. Broadview 14.10 Kilburn 11.11


Adelaide Uni E (30), West Croydon C (30), Greek C (28), P.H.O.S. C (24), B.H.O.S. C. (22), Para Hills C (14), Old Ignatians C (12), Pulteney OS C (10), Post-Tel Inst. C (8), Kenilworth C (2).

1st S. P.H.O.S. 9.11 Greek 8.6 2nd S. Adel Uni 17.13 West Croydon 6.2 Prelim. P.H.O.S. 16.9 West Croydon 11.4 G.Fin. Adel Uni 14.8 P.H.O.S. 12.8


Ethelton C (34), R.O.C. C (23), Alberton United C (22), Scotch OC C (22), Adelaide Uni F (21), Broadview D (20), Murray Park CAE C (20), Pembroke OS C (8), Gaza C (6), S.A.I.T. C (4). Broadview had 2 draws, including the last minor round match which knocked Adelaide Uni out of the four and let Scotch (coached by Ross Bourne) in, who then went on to win the premiership.

1st S. Scotch OC 13.17 Alberton Utd 6.12 2nd S. Ethelton 19.28 Rostrevor OC 3.4 Prelim. Scotch OC 14.22 Rostrevor OC 7.11 G.Fin. Scotch OC 13.13 Ethelton 10.7

A1 Reserve

Adelaide College (32), Adelaide Uni (26), Henley D&OS (24), Kilburn (24), Riverside (22), Broadview (16), St.Dominics (14), Glenunga (12), Scotch OC (8), Pulteney OS (2).

1st S. Henley D&OS 8.10 Kilburn 8.5 2nd S. Adelaide Uni 9.6 Adel College 4.7 Prelim. Henley D&OS 9.13 Adel College 8.3 G.Fin. Adelaide Uni 5.14 Henley D&OS 3.7

A2 Reserve

Greenacres (30), Rosewater (26), West Croydon (26), S.H.O.C. (22), Seaton (22), S.P.O.C. (18), Greek (16), Gaza (10), Ethelton (8), Pembroke OS (2).

1st S. West Croydon 7.6 S.H.O.C. 5.6 2nd S. Rosewater 8.10 Greenacres 7.5 Prelim. Greenacres 8.8 West Croydon 2.12 G.Fin. Rosewater d Greenacres

A3 Reserve

S.M.O.S.H. (34), P.A.O.C. (29), P.H.O.S. (23), Old Ignatians (22), Adelaide Uni (21), B.H.O.S. (19), Post-Tel Inst. (14), National Bank (8), Kenilworth (6), Murray Park CAE (4).

1st S. P.H.O.S. 7.10 Old Ignatians 8.3 2nd S. S.M.O.S.H. 11.5 P.A.O.C. 3.8 Prelim. P.A.O.C. 10.5 P.H.O.S. 5.5 G.Fin. S.M.O.S.H. 5.4 P.A.O.C. 3.9

A4 Reserve

St.Raphaels (34), Alberton United (28), Rostrevor OC (26), S.A.I.T. (20), Woodville South (20), Westminster OS (18), C.B.C.O.C. (18), Unley (8), P.A. Pres (8), Salisbury CAE (0).

1st S. Rostrevor OC 5.9 S.A.I.T. 3.10 2nd S. Alberton Utd 6.15 St.Raphaels 6.5 Prelim. St.Raphaels 10.10 Rostrevor OC 7.6 G.Fin. St.Raphaels 10.8 Alberton Utd 3.13

A5 Reserve

Para Hills (36), St.Peters YCW (28), Henley D&OS (26), Woodville Dist (20), Brompton (16), St.Pauls OS (8), Flinders Uni (6), Eastwood (4).

1st S. Henley D&OS 9.6 Woodville Dist 8.4 2nd S. St.Peters YCW 9.5 Para Hills 6.12 Prelim. Para Hills 6.4 Henley D&OS 4.4 G.Fin. Para Hills 12.5 St.Peters YCW 7.3

A6 Reserve

Taperoo (32), Nunga Comm. (26), A.N.Railways Inst. (24), Greenacres (22), Immanuel OS (18), Ovingham (16), S.P.O.C. (6), Para Houghton (0).

1st S. Greenacres 5.4 Railways 5.3 2nd S. Taperoo 9.13 Nunga Comm 9.10 Prelim. Nunga Comm 7.8 Greenacres 7.5 G.Fin. Nunga Comm 5.5 Taperoo 4.9

Under 18

Henley D&OS (36), Broadview (25), Ethelton (22), Greenacres (21), Riverside (20), Kilburn (12), P.H.O.S. (8).

1st S. Greenacres 14.6 Ethelton 9.12 2nd S. Henley D&OS 12.12 Broadview 9.9 Prelim. Broadview 9.7 Greenacres 6.7 G.Fin. Henley D&OS 8.19 Broadview 3.6

Under 16

Broadview (34), Gaza (28), Henley D&OS (26), Kenilworth (22), Glenunga (16), Greenacres (10), Para Hills (8).

1st S. Henley D&OS 8.7 Kenilworth 7.7 2nd S. Broadview 14.12 Gaza 5.9 Prelim. Henley D&OS 10.8 Gaza 7.7 G.Fin. Broadview 6.12 Henley D&OS 6.10


The Hone Medallist for 1980 was St.Dominics ruckman David Pearce He won on a countback from Scotch O.C. Ian Harrison who was subsequently recognised as a co-winner.

Seaton Ramblers’ captain/coach Greg ‘Goldie’ Wells won the A2 Chambers Medal, and Tony Fiore of Kenilworth was the A3 McKay Medallist. Other medallists were Rod Simpson (Westminster O.S. – A4, his third medal), Jeff Harrop (Eastwood – A5), Martin Chapman (Para Houghton – A6), Chris Cotter (Broadview – A7), Rick Sarre (Adelaide Uni – A8), Robin ‘Chick’ Coward (Broadview – A9), Neil Page (Adelaide Uni – A1 Res), Kevin Jacquier (Rosewater – A2 Res – his third medal in succession), Chris Cunningham (S.M.O.S.H. – A3 Res), Robert Hillier (Woodville South – A4 Res), Anthony Dunn (Flinders Uni – A5 Res), Emmanuel Desira (Ovingham – A6 Res), Mark Bell (Henley D&OS – Under 18), and Steve Walker (Henley D&OS – Under 16).

The Leading Goalkicker award in A1 saw a tie between the previous year’s winner Broadview’s Danny Neve, and Scotch’s Shane Langley who both kicked 73 goals. This was the third time that Langley had led the A1 goalkicking besides winning the A2 goalkicking on two occasions. There was also a tie in A2, Geoff Byrt of Gaza and Peter Williams of Ethelton both kicking 47 goals.


The interstate program involved matches against Victoria and W.A., and as a lead-up a trial match was played against the Barossa and Light Association at Angaston Oval on Monday May 19th.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A.A.F.L. 3.5 10.8 17.17 24.21 (165) Barossa & Lt 2.3 5.5 7.7 9.10 (64)

  • Goalkickers: Aistrope 4, Lowry 4, Neve 4, Coulls 2, Cunnington 2, Griffen 2, Homan 2, Bennett, Katsaros, Hansberry, Olekalns
  • Best Players: Aistrope, Harrison, Lowry, Gehling, Alexander

Joe Koslowski became only the second A4 player (after Fred Higgie in 1956) to be selected in the senior state team. The squad for the two interstate matches was as follows:

  • Aistrope, Kevin Broadview
  • Alexander, Bob Greek
  • Annear, Noel vice captain Broadview
  • Antonello, Andrew Adelaide College
  • Coulls, Rob Scotch O.C.
  • Flynn, Mick Adelaide College
  • Hansberry, Peter Scotch O.C.
  • Hearn, Rick Adelaide University
  • Harrison, Ian Scotch O.C.
  • Haslam, Ross captain Scotch O.C.
  • Homan, Terry Broadview
  • Hunter, Chris Riverside
  • Inglis, Steve Adelaide College
  • Katsaros, Evan Adelaide College
  • Kerr-Grant, Malcolm Adelaide University
  • Kozlowski, Joe Alberton United
  • Lemmey, Andrew Adelaide College
  • Lenthall, Mark Kilburn
  • Lowry, Daryl Kilburn
  • Manuel, Jim Rosewater
  • McLean, Dale Broadview
  • Neve, Danny Broadview
  • Olekalns, Egils Adelaide University
  • Parousis, Bill Riverside
  • Pearce, David St.Dominics
  • Smart, Garry Kilburn
  • Thomas, Peter Kilburn
  • Wellington, Mark Adelaide University
  • Wells, Greg Seaton Ramblers

Saturday June 14th 1980

S.A.Team v Victoria

Alberton Oval

For the first time in interstate matches, two central umpires (Rex Lambert and John Ferme) were used in the match against Victoria, and there were three interchange players. S.A. lost the game in the first quarter when the Vics scored 6 goals against the wind. S.A.’s coach Howard Mutton said this was the best quarter of football he had seen Victoria play. It consistently took the ball from the square, backed up and handballed long, was too quick across centre and in the ruck, and played in front. S.A. did better in the second half with closer checking and greater desperation, but could not establish any flow to its game.1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 6.4 10.8 13.9 16.10 (106) S.A. 2.1 3.2 7.6 12.8 (80)

  • Goalkickers: Antonello 2, Haslam 2, Manuel 2, Aistrope, Annear, Coulls, Flynn, Katsaros, Kerr-Grant
  • Best Players: Wells, Parousis, Thomas, Harrison, Antonello, Aistrope.

The Under-18 and Under-16 representative teams played their counterparts from Port Pirie as curtain-raisers. The Under-18 Amateurs won 13.14 to 5.10, and the Under-16 Amateurs won 14.9 to 4.6. Saturday July 12th 1980

S.A.Team v W.A.

The match against W.A. was played in heavy conditions but the play was fast and open. The W.A. rucks were on top early, but Terry Homan in the centre took many of their taps. The three interchange players were needed as Andrew Lemmey and Kevin Aistrope were both off the ground injured by half-time, and Peter Hansberry was injured later. The game was in the balance until the last quarter when S.A. broke loose to kick 5 goals without reply. Terry Homan had 35 kicks and 9 handballs for the match, David Pearce dominated the packs along with Noel Annear and Garry Smart, while Rob Coulls and Jim Manuel ran riot across half forward.1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A. 2.3 5.7 8.11 13.16 (94) W.A. 3.5 6.9 9.10 9.12 (66)

  • Goalkickers: Antonello 3, Manuel 3, Aistrope 2, Smart 2, Annear, Coulls, Katsaros
  • Best Players: Homan, Pearce, Coulls, Manuel, Annear, Smart

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