Two old clubs (Semaphore Central and Exeter) in a new guise (Port District) left S.A.F.A. to re-enter the amateur competition along with Gepps Cross Sports & Social Club. Their entry was offset by no less than 4 clubs going out of existence. Eastwood and Royal Park disbanded, along with Taperoo who’s facilities were inadequate, and The Parks, who had been advised that an application for re-affiliation would be unsuccessful due to incidents involving the Club throughout 1983.

With one minor round match to play in A1, 6 teams were vying for the double chance or a place in the finals. Broadview and Prince Alfred O.C., out of the four by two points, had to win their last matches against third-placed Adelaide Uni and Adelaide College respectively, and hope that top side Sacred Heart O.C. beat fourth-placed Greek. As it turned out, both Broadview and Princes did win, but Greek walloped Sacred Heart by 12 goals. Sacred Heart’s presence in the finals was the first for an old collegiate club in 31 years, and only the second occurrence since World War II.

A1 Premiership Table 1984 (as at the end of the minor round)

Played Won L D Pts Riverside 18 13 5 0 26 Sacred Heart O.C. 18 12 5 1 25 Greek 18 12 6 0 24 Adelaide University 18 11 6 1 23 Broadview 18 11 7 0 22 Prince Alfred O.C. 18 11 7 0 22 Seaton Ramblers 18 8 10 0 16 Adelaide College 18 7 11 0 14 Kilburn 18 2 16 0 4 St.Peters O.C. 18 2 16 0 4

The First Semi at Prospect Oval saw Gary Richardson’s Greek pitted against Mike Weatherald’s Adelaide Uni. The game opened in dry conditions and Uni looked the better side until the rain started to fall, then in an exciting finish Greek hit the front for the first time at the 21-minute mark of the last quarter and held on to win by 2 points 10.11 to 10.9. Dragon Tankosic was best for Greek and future Norwood star Richard Anderson starred for Uni. The Second Semi was also played at Prospect Oval and was also a thriller ending in a draw. The lead see-sawed throughout, but Noel Annear’s Riverside looked the winner at three-quarter time with an 8-point lead and the wind at its back. However, Des Pilkington’s Sacred Heart kicked 5 goals in a row, and looked home with a 13-point lead 25 minutes into the final quarter. Then two running goals from Riverside’s Mark Hofner levelled the score on the siren, 10.16 to Sacred Heart’s 11.10. The replay was at Adelaide Oval and this time Riverside ran all over Sacred Heart in the last quarter to win 12.19 to 7.10. The Preliminary final between Sacred Heart and Greek was played at Adelaide Oval. Greek blitzed its opponent in the first quarter with superior physical strength to set up a 7-goal lead. Sacred Heart fought it out from then on, but lost 19.16 to 12.13, and so missed the opportunity of being only the third old scholars team after Saints (1935) and Princes (1937) to play in an A1 grand final. The Grand Final was played at Norwood Oval, and Greek got on top in the second quarter to lead 8.7 to 4.8 at half time. However, Annear shuffled his team around at half time, and in a brilliant third quarter Riverside scored 5.6 to 3 points and went on to win its second successive A1 premiership 14.15 to 11.14. Marty Martinovic and Darryl Ashby starred for Rivvies, while Ken Crane and Mick Kenny were Greek’s best.

Coach Rod McInnes had his West Croydon team on target in A2, while Bob Ford was happy for Greenacres to get the double chance. Pulteney O.S. had succeeded in making the finals after promotion from A3 the previous year. The 2 teams down from A1 had contrasting success. Rosewater finished the minor round in third position and looked a real premiership threat, while St. Dominics went straight from second bottom in A1 to bottom in A2.

A2 Premiership Table 1984 (as at the end of the minor round)

Played Won Lost Pts West Croydon 18 16 2 32 Greenacres 18 15 3 30 Rosewater 18 15 3 30 Pulteney O.S. 18 11 7 22 Scotch O.C. 18 9 9 18 Kenilworth 18 7 11 14 Ethelton 18 7 11 14 Gaza 18 6 12 12 Woodville South 18 3 15 6 St.Dominics 18 1 17 2

The Semi Finals were delayed by a week due to a dispute with the Umpires’ Association about officiating in matches involving Rosewater, following incidents in an Under-18 match two weeks earlier. Jim Manuel’s Rosewater was unaffected by the controversy however, and kicked 9 goals in the last quarter of the First Semi Final at Pedlar Reserve to defeat Rob Warhurst’s Pulteney O.S. 13.19 to 11.7. Greenacres came back from a 31-point deficit at half time in the Second Semi to beat West Croydon at Alberton 17.12 to 13.13. West Croydon regrouped in the Preliminary Final at Alberton to easily beat Rosewater 19.14 to 8.14, but despite a fine game from future Melbourne player Andy Obst, was no match for Greenacres in the Grand Final at Alberton, losing to Greenacres 11.10 to 17.17. Kevin Aistrope was best for the premier.

Newcomer Port District led the Adelaide University B team in A3.

A3 Premiership Table 1984 (as at the end of the minor round)

Played Won L D Pts Port District 18 15 2 1 31 Adelaide University B 18 15 3 0 30 Rostrevor O.C. 18 10 8 0 20 Alberton United 18 9 9 0 18 St.Michaels O.S. & H. 18 9 9 0 18 Murray Park CAE 18 8 10 0 16 Plympton High O.S. 18 8 10 0 16 Pembroke O.S. 18 7 11 0 14 Old Ignatians 18 6 12 0 12 St.Raphaels 18 2 15 1 5

Rostrevor defeated Alberton in the First Semi at Wingfield 16.8 to 11.8, and Port District beat Uni in the Second Semi at Seaton 11.20 to 6.11. Rostrevor knocked Uni out in the Prelim. at Unley 12.13 to 9.11, and so met Port District in the Grand Final at Prospect. The lead changed eight times in the second half, and it was Port’s straighter kicking in the end that gave them a two point victory 11.6 to 10.10. Port’s best were Lamont and Mayne, while Shadiac and Michael Carey were best for Rostrevor.

Other Tables and Scores 1984

A4: Port Adelaide Presbyterian (30), Norwood Union (30), Post-Tel Institute (18), Burnside Kensington (18), Wingfield Royals (18), A.N.Z. Bank (17), Glenunga (14), Woodville District (13), Flinders University (12), Christian Brothers College OC (10).

1st S. Burnside Kens 11.14 Post Tel Inst 9.9 2nd S. Norwood Union 9.19 P.A.Presbyt 9.8 Prelim. P.A.Presbyt 17.15 Burnside Kens 6.11 G.Fin. P.A.Presbyt 17.13 Norwood Un. 14.11

A5: Gepps Cross Sports & Social (30), Brighton High OS (30), Edwardstown Baptist (30), Immanuel OS (26), Australian National Railways Institute (20), Ovingham (14), Unley (10), Para Hills (10), Renown Park (8), S.A.Institute of Technology (2).

1st S. Immanuel OS 9.11 Edwardst Bap 6.9 2nd S. Gepps Cross 19.16 B.H.O.S. 2.5 Prelim. Immanuel OS 15.12 B.H.O.S. 12.13 G.Fin. Gepps Cross 16.7 Immanuel OS 10.18

A6: Salisbury College (36), Broadview C (32), Woodville West (20), Sacred Heart OC C (20), Prince Alfred OC C (18), Port Adelaide United (16), Greenacres C (16), St.Peters OC C (14), St.Peters YCW (8).

1st S. S.H.O.C. 14.12 Woodville West 10.8 2nd S. Salisbury Coll 12.12 Broadview 3.13 Prelim. S.H.O.C. 18.14 Broadview 9.8 G.Fin. Salisbury Coll 17.15 S.H.O.C. 7.8 A7: National Australia Bank (30), Kilburn C (30), Seaton C (28), West Croydon C (24), Riverside C (22), Adelaide Uni E (20), Gaza C (12), Adelaide College C (8), St.Dominics C (6). Greek withdrew after round 5 to be replaced by Kilburn D which in turn withdrew after round 14.

1st S. West Croydon 11.8 Seaton 10.3 2nd S. National Bank 13.8 Kilburn 7.7 Prelim. Kilburn 13.14 West Croydon 7.7 G.Fin. National Bank 11.14 Kilburn 8.6

A8: Banksia Park High OS (34), Adelaide Uni F (24), Burnside Kensington C (24), Ethelton C (20), A.N.Z. Bank C (20), Old Ignatians C (19), Scotch OC C (14), Kenilworth C (11), S.M.O.S.H. C (8), Gepps Cross C (6).

1st S. Burnside Kens 12.12 Ethelton 11.16 2nd S. Banksia Park 15.11 Adel Uni 7.7 Prelim. Burnside Kens 11.15 Adel Uni 10.7 G.Fin. Banksia Park 20.19 Burns Kens 8.11

A9: Wingfield C (32), Rostrevor OC C (31), Adelaide Uni G (26), Pulteney OS C (24), Unley C (19), P.A.Presbyterian C (12)*, Woodville District C (12), Norwood Union C (10), Murray Park CAE C (8), Flinders Uni C (6). * Includes 2 draws.

1st S. Pulteney OS 13.14 Adelaide Uni 6.5 2nd S. Rostrevor OC 9.8 Wingfield 7.10 Prelim. Wingfield 19.15 Pulteney OS 16.11 G.Fin. Rostrevor OC 12.18 Wingfield 12.14

A10: C.B.C.O.C. C (30), Port District C (27), Broadview E (27), Post-Tel Inst. C (22), Glenunga C (20), Para Hills C (16), Old Ignatians D (16), Adelaide Uni H (14), Rostrevor OC D (14), S.A.I.T. C (4).

1st S. Broadview 17.6 Post-Tel Inst 16.9 2nd S. C.B.C.O.C. 16.15 Port District 7.7 Prelim. Port District 13.13 Broadview 12.10 G.Fin. C.B.C.O.C. 18.12 Port District 9.5

A1 Reserve: Broadview (30), Riverside (26), Kilburn (22), Adelaide Uni (22), S.H.O.C. (22), Adelaide College (16), S.P.O.C. (16), P.A.O.C. (10), Seaton (10), Greek (6).

1st S. Adelaide Uni 18.8 Kilburn 7.8 2nd S. Riverside 12.9 Broadview 9.5 Prelim. Adelaide Uni 10.12 Broadview 3.7 G.Fin. Adelaide Uni 13.10 Riverside 4.7

A2 Reserve: Greenacres (34), Scotch OC (30), Ethelton (28), West Croydon (28), Rosewater (18), Gaza (14), Pulteney OS (8), St.Dominics (8), Kenilworth (6), Woodville South (6).

1st S. Ethelton 7.13 West Croydon 7.9 2nd S. Greenacres 9.4 Scotch OC 7.9 Prelim. Ethelton 6.13 Scotch OC 4.6 G.Fin. Greenacres 6.3 Ethelton 5.6

A3 Reserve: S.M.O.S.H. (34), Port District (28), Adelaide Uni (26), Rostrevor OC (24), Old Ignatians (16), Murray Park CAE (16), Pembroke OS (12), Alberton United (10), P.H.O.S. (10), St.Raphaels (4).

1st S. Rostrevor OC 15.12 Adelaide Uni 6.8 2nd S. S.M.O.S.H. 15.9 Port District 6.1 Prelim. Port District 9.9 Rostrevor OC 6.6 G.Fin. S.M.O.S.H. 8.13 Port District 8.6

A4 Reserve: Burnside Kensington (32), Wingfield (26), P.A.Presbyterian (24), A.N.Z. Bank (22), Norwood Union (22), Post-Tel Inst (20), Glenunga (16), C.B.C.O.C. (8), Woodville District (6), Flinders Uni (4).

1st S1. A.N.Z. Bank 9.11 P.A.Presbyt 10.5 1st S2. A.N.Z. Bank 13.11 P.A.Presbyt 7.8 2nd S. Burnside Kens 11.7 Wingfield 8.10 Prelim. A.N.Z. Bank 10.5 Wingfield 4.8 G.Fin. Burnside Kens 7.10 A.N.Z. Bank 7.7

A5 Reserve: Gepps Cross (34), B.H.O.S. (24), Unley (24), Ovingham (22), Para Hills (22), Immanuel OS (14), Renown Park (14), Edwardstown Baptist (14), A.N.I. (6), S.A. Inst. Tech. (6).

1st S. Unley 11.12 Ovingham 8.8 2nd S. Gepps Cross 9.9 B.H.O.S. 4.4 Prelim. Unley 13.8 B.H.O.S. 4.7 G.Fin. Gepps Cross 5.9 Unley 5.6

A6 Reserve: Broadview (34), P.A.O.C. (30), Greenacres (28), Salisbury College (26), S.P.O.C. (18), S.H.O.C. (16), P.A. United (12), St.Peters YCW (10), Woodville West (6).

1st S. Greenacres 11.17 Salisbury Coll 8.6 2nd S. Broadview 10.6 P.A.O.C. 9.4 Prelim. P.A.O.C. 12.11 Greenacres 8.5 G.Fin. P.A.O.C. 7.6 Broadview 7.5

Under 18: Broadview (30), Rosewater (26), Kilburn (20), Riverside (16), West Croydon (14), Ethelton (6), Gaza (6).

1st S. Riverside 5.14 Kilburn 6.5 2nd S. Broadview 13.4 Rosewater 8.4 Prelim. Rosewater 14.7 Riverside 8.1 G.Fin. Broadview 10.11 Rosewater 6.8

Under 16: Rosewater (34), Port District (32), Gaza (30), Kilburn (24), Broadview (18), Alberton United (18), Burnside Kensington (16), Riverside (8), Ethelton (4)*, Greenacres (2).

  • Ethelton withdrew after round 8.

1st S. Gaza 14.8 Kilburn 9.10 2nd S. Rosewater 18.13 Port District 9.8 Prelim. Gaza 6.12 Port District 4.8 G.Fin. Rosewater 12.8 Gaza 3.9
Awards 1984

Follower Michael Storti had the honour of being the first Broadview player to win the A1 medal for the best and fairest player. State player and former Sturt player Tony Fiore won the A2 medal, his third in five years, while centreman Garry Tucker of Port District was the A3 medallist. Ray Ladhams of Norwood Union’s A4 team, won his second medal in succession. Rosewater’s A2 Reserve star Kevin Jacquier, equalled Peter Adcock’s record by winning his 5th medal. Other medallists were Robert Moyle (Australian National Railways Institute – A5), Michael Wilhelm (Salisbury College – A6), Mick O’Malley (Seaton – A7), Bernie Mahoney (Burnside Kensington – A8), Rick Sarre (Adelaide Uni – A9, his second medal), Tony Morelle (C.B.C.O.C. – A10), Drew Naylor (Broadview – A1 Res), Lou Boffo (Ethelton – A2 Res tie, his second medal), Kevin Jacquier (Rosewater – A2 Res tie), Dave Taylor (Adelaide Uni – A3 Res), Phil Shaw (Norwood Union – A4 Res), Steve Guy (A5 Res – Gepps Cross), Greg Perks (P.A.O.C. – A6 Res), Paul Smith (Broadview – Under 18), and Gary Bradshaw (Gaza – Under 16). Mark Cunnington of Adelaide College was the A1 leading goalkicker with 80 goals, and West Croydon coach Rod McInnes kicked 98 in A2. A6 premier Salisbury College won the Norwich Life Trophy.

Interstate 1984

A trial match was played against Adelaide Uni at Thebarton Oval under lights on Tuesday May 15th which the students won narrowly. Then the following team travelled to Perth for a match against W.A. at Leederville Oval on Sunday May 27th.

Anderson, Richard rover Adelaide University Botten, Bill foll vice captain St.Peters O.C. Carroll, Bill fb Seaton Ramblers Cousins, Peter bp captain Seaton Ramblers Delaine, David int St.Peters O.C. Giles, Clinton ruck Greek Graham, Colin chf Greenacres Green, Steve hb Riverside Hall, Trevor rover Adelaide College Harrison, Mike ff Adelaide University Hearn, Richard hb Adelaide University Hewett, Ian hf Prince Alfred O.C. Keeble, Morrie int Greenacres Kenny, Michael centre Adelaide University Lawson, Shane ruck Riverside Manuel, Geoff wing Riverside Montgomery, Grant fp Riverside Schulz, Craig bp Adelaide University Simpson, Mark wing Broadview Stephens, Don chb Prince Alfred O.C. Williams, Peter hf Riverside

The selectors had picked a fast running side for the normal dry Perth conditions, but the match was hampered by a gusty wind in the first half, and then continuous pelting rain in the second. W.A. had experienced four wet Saturdays in a row, and so adapted themselves to the conditions far better, finishing with a 7-goal last quarter.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final W.A. 1.3 5.4 6.8 13.14 (92) S.A. 1.4 3.6 3.6 5.9 (39)

Goalkickers: Graham, Keeble, Lawson, Montgomery, Simpson

Best Players: Cousins, Kenny, Botten, Schulz, Hall

The match against Victoria was played at Elsternwick Park on Sunday June 10th, and the following team had eight changes from the team beaten by W.A.

Anderson, Richard hf Adelaide University Antonello, Andrew fb Adelaide College Botten, Bill vice capt foll St.Peters O.C. Clohessy, Craig bp Riverside Cousins, Peter captain hb Seaton Ramblers Cunnington, Mark ff Adelaide College Giles, Clinton ruck Greek Green, Steve interchange Riverside Hall, Trevor rover Adelaide College Hank, Barry interchange Adelaide College Harrison, Mike follower Adelaide University Hewett, Ian rover Prince Alfred O.C. Kenny, Michael centre Adelaide University Martinovic, Marty bp Riverside Schulz, Craig hb Adelaide University Simpson, Mark wing Broadview Stephens, Don ruck Prince Alfred O.C. Tait, Simon chb Sacred Heart O.C. Webber, Martin hf Prince Alfred O.C. Whiting, Peter chf Sacred Heart O.C. Williams, Peter wing Riverside

Unfortunately the Vics proved too tall and too physically strong in the perfect playing conditions, drawing further ahead as the match progressed despite sterling efforts by ruckman Clinton Giles and follower Bill Botten

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 5.10 11.10 17.16 21.20 (146) S.A. 2.2 6.2 11.3 13.8 (86)

Goalkickers: Webber 3, Anderson 2, Botten 2, Clohessy, Hank, Harrison, Kenny, Stephens, Williams

Best Players: Giles, Botten, Anderson, Stephens, Kenny, Clohessy

An Under-18 combined team competed in the Kookaburra Cup, and defeated the Hills Association in the first round on May 21st at Lobethal 15.9 to 11.17, with future state player Peter Crerar kicking 7 goals. The second round match on June 11th resulted in a loss to S.A.F.A. 14.13 to 10.7. An Under-16 representative team also played matches against an Under-17 team from the Hills Association and North Adelaide Under-16s.