Another significant expansion of the Amateur League occurred in 1985 as a result of clubs leaving the Southern Metropolitan Football League (formerly Glenelg South Adelaide), and the Central District Football Association. Eight new clubs were admitted which took the total to 63. Coming in from Southern Metropolitan were Adelaide Lutheran, Glandore, Goodwood, Mitcham and Salesian. The latter two were on their second visit to the amateurs, while Goodwood had been admitted three times previously, but was now combining with St. Raphaels to form Goodwood Saints. Campbelltown-Magill and Westfields transferred from Central District, and former S.A.F.A. club Ferryden Park was admitted along with Salisbury Central from the Sunday Y.C.W.Association. Despite a recommendation from the Executive that the new clubs be graded according to their expected strength, the delegates voted to place all the new clubs in A6 which established a precedent for later years. The Under 18 and Under 16 divisions were replaced by Under 17.

Concern was expressed about the future direction of football in South Australia following the influx of Southern Metropolitan clubs, and partly as a result of this a seminar of Executive members was held on Sunday August 11th where a number of topics were discussed. The main points emerging from the seminar were:

  • the Amateur League remain affiliated with the A.A.F.C. and retain the word Amateur in its name:
  • the Amateur League remain unaffiliated with the S.A.N.F.L:
  • statutory declarations be required from club officials at the time of affiliation declaring no players are receiving payment for playing:
  • a ceiling be placed on the number of clubs in the Amateur League each year (65 for 1986):
  • an affiliation fee of $500 for new clubs:
  • each club to have at least two teams:
  • each club to supply a central umpire for use on a roster basis when shortages of official Amateur League umpires occur.

Former All-Australian captain John Staker was appointed umpires’ coach in a season in which attacks on umpires continued to cause concern. The constitution was changed to give the Executive greater power to discipline clubs, and it lost no time in putting it to use. Ovingham had been warned about misdemeanours by its players, then when one hit an umpire in the stomach, the player was suspended for six years and the club was suspended indefinitely. This led to cries of discrimination, and the Advertiser ran an article on it complete with team photo, but the suspension was enforced. Then the Port Adelaide PresbyterianA10 team was suspended in August for the remainder of the season, one of its players was suspended for four years and its coach for three years, because of an attack on an umpire, and this time it was featured in the Sunday Mail.

These were not the only problems requiring executive action. In A2 it was discovered that a Scotch O.C. player who had formerly played League, had not been reinstated, and so the club lost 4 points for the two winning matches in which he had played. Scotch won its last 8 matches in a row and 13 in total, but the two matches awarded to its opponents resulted in the Club missing the Finals by one match. Then with one round to go, Rostrevor O.C. was only 2 points behind the leaders when it was discovered that one of its players had three years previously played one under-18 SAFA game and had not subsequently been cleared. As this player had been in 5 winning matches during 1985, the club was stripped of 10 points, so even though it had won 13 matches, the reversal of 5 of these ended its finals chances. Rostrevor responded by taking out and injunction, the case was heard in chambers but the appeal was dismissed.

On a lighter note, the purchase of V.F.L. team Sydney Swans by the flamboyant Doctor Edelstein was aped by 5KA’s Ian MacRae and Channel 10’s Bob Harnett. They negotiated the purchase of the Greenacres Football Club with their mate Greenacres’ coach Terry Homan. The two entrepreneurs turned out to see ‘their’ team beat arch rivals Broadview, and in a ceremony befitting the occasion, handed over the purchase price of $10 in one-cent pieces.

Besides Homan at Greenacres, other Amateur League coaches included Evan Katsaros (Adelaide College), Mike Weatherald(Adelaide Uni), Bob Loveday (Broadview), Gary Richardson (Greek), Des Pilkington (S.H.O.C.), Rod Burton (Port District), Vic Place (Gaza), Bill Davis (S.M.O.S.H.), Bob Cross (Woodville South), Max Pascoe (Murray Park CAE), Noel Annear (Riverside),Jim Manuel (Rosewater), Rod McInnes (West Croydon), Mark Russell (Scotch O.C.), Leon Milde (Port Presbyterian), Ray Ladhams (Norwood Union), Daryl Lowry (Kilburn), Gary Parker (P.A.O.C.), Mark Caesarowicz (Kenilworth), Tony Roach (Pulteney O.S.), Bob Alexander (P.H.O.S.), Tony Burnett (Pembroke O.S.), Ross Bourne (Adelaide Uni A3), Paul Shadiac (R.O.C.), andFrank Kurzel (St. Dominics). During the season West Croydon’s Rod McInnes was injured in a road accident, and while he was convalescing former Woodville star Ray Huppatz was called in to fill the breach.

Towards the end of the minor round it became clear that A1 team Adelaide College was going to finish at the bottom of the table with Seaton Ramblers. College officials had been concerned for some time about the future of the Club ever since the College campus had been shifted some years earlier from North Terrace to Underdale. With fewer and fewer students to pick from, it seemed that either the Club must prepare itself for a slide down the grades, recruit from somewhere else or disband. As it turned out, a special meeting of members towards the end of the season voted to disband, and so the Club played its last match in round 18 against S.H.O.C. and went out with a victory.

1984 A1 grand finalists Greek and Riverside again led the way in 1985, and newly-promoted Greenacres did well to make the finals.

Premiership Tables

A1 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Played Won Lost Points Greek 18 15 3 30 Riverside 18 15 3 30 Broadview 18 12 6 24 Greenacres 18 11 7 22 Adelaide University 18 10 8 20 West Croydon 18 10 8 20 Sacred Heart O.C. 18 7 11 14 Prince Alfred O.C. 18 6 12 12 Adelaide College 18 4 14 8 Seaton Ramblers 18 0 18 0

Broadview ended a drought of finals victories since 1980 by winning a tough and skilful First Semi at Alberton Oval againstGreenacres 12.20 to 9.6, with Greenacres two best players Kevin Busbridge and Dale McLean being former Tigers. In the Second Semi at Alberton, Greek defenders Bob Targa and John Economou kept control against Riverside in a match filled with aggression and desperation, which saw Greek over the line by 8 points 12.15 to 12.7. Riverside stormed back in the Prelim. at Alberton to wipe out an undermanned Broadview 23.30 to 9.5, the Tigers missing stars Phil Allen, Paul Wedge and Kym McLean. Broadview began well but a three-goal burst in the second quarter by Rivvies’ vice captain Grant ‘Spook’ Montgomery, and a brilliant game by Peter Williams saw Riverside draw right away. A large crowd was at Alberton Oval for the Grand Final, and the match was all over at quarter time when Greek had scored 7 goals to 1, as John Panagaris ran amok in the forward lines and coach Gary Richardson with Clinton Giles dominated the ruck contests. The match was violent at times and Rivvies trailed by 10 goals at half time, but fought back to restrict Greek to 3 goals after half time and get within 5 at the finish, eventually going down 16.9 to 11.11. This was Greek’s first A1 premiership, and it had even more cause to celebrate as its A1 Reserve and A10 teams also won premierships.

A2 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

The A2 table had been tossed around by the penalties to Rostrevor and Scotch, and it was Port District in its second year back from S.A.F.A. and S.P.O.C. who led the pack. So even were these two team that they drew both times they played in the minor round.

Played Won L D Pts Port District 18 13 3 2 28 St.Peters O.C. 18 13 3 2 28 Gaza 18 13 5 0 26 Pulteney O.S. 18 12 6 0 24 Scotch O.C. 18 11 7 0 22 Rostrevor O.C. 18 8 10 0 16 Kilburn 18 6 12 0 12 Ethelton 18 6 12 0 12 Rosewater 18 4 14 0 8 Kenilworth 18 2 16 0 4

In the First Semi at Hawthorn Oval, Pulteney overcame a 7-goal deficit midway through the third term to defeat Gaza by 5 points 14.17 to 14.12. Best for Pulteney were Greg Rutherford and Brenton Anderson while Gavin Lauder starred for Gaza. S.P.O.C. was too quick for Port District in the Second Semi at Campbelltown, and Nick Walker dominated in its 16.10 to 8.12 victory. Port District recovered to double Pulteney’s score at Norwood Oval 22.22 to 11.1,1 and so had a replay against S.P.O.C. in the Grand Final at Prospect Oval. However, as in the Second Semi, S.P.O.C.’s height and pace was too much for Port, as Nick Walker and Bill Botten took control to lead S.P.O.C. to its fifth A2 premiership 23.13 to 8.9.

A3 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

The old scholars were also on top in A3.

Played Won Lost Pts St.Michaels O.S. & H. 18 14 4 28 Plympton High O.S. 18 14 4 28 Port Adelaide Presbyterian 18 13 5 26 Woodville South 18 11 7 22 St.Dominics 18 11 7 22 Adelaide University B 18 10 8 20 Norwood Union 18 7 11 14 Pembroke O.S. 18 6 12 12 Murray Park CAE 18 4 14 8 Alberton United 18 0 18 0

Despite trailing for most of the match Port Pres won the First Semi against Woodville South at Renown Park 11.10 to 10.9. In the Second Semi at Blair Athol Reserve, S.M.O.S.H struggled against P.H.O.S. up until half time, but skipped away in the second half for a comfortable victory 17.13 to 12.13. P.H.O.S. was knocked out in the Prelim. Final at Hawthorn Oval by Port Pres 15.19 to 15.10, then Port Pres went on to win the Grand Final at Thebarton Oval, beating S.M.O.S.H. 17.9 to 13.5 with centreman Trevor Wood and centre half back Dave Inglis the best players for the victors.

Other Tables and Scores


Goodwood Saints (34), Glenunga (28), Gepps Cross Sports & Social (26), Post-Tel Institute (20), Immanuel OS (20), A.N.Z. Bank (16), Burnside Kensington (12), Wingfield Royals (12), Old Ignatians (12), Woodville District (0).

1st S. Gepps Cross 11.12 Post-Tel Inst 11.8 2nd S. Goodwood 12.10 Glenunga 9.15 Prelim. Glenunga 16.15 Gepps Cross 12.6 G.Fin. Glenunga 13.8 Goodwood 11.10


Brighton High OS (28), Salisbury College (28), Edwardstown Baptist (26), Australian National Railways Institute (26), Unley (22), Christian Brothers College OC (18), Para Hills (18), Flinders University (8), Sacred Heart OC C (0). Ovingham were suspended after round 11.

1st S. Edwardst Bap 12.12 Railways 9.8 2nd S. B.H.O.S. 16.12 Salisbury Coll 11.10 Prelim. Salisbury Coll 22.14 Edwardst Bap 6.10 G.Fin. Salisb Coll 16.6 B.H.O.S. 9.12


Salesian (30), Mitcham (28), Ferryden Park (28), Adelaide Lutheran (24), Campbelltown Magill (23), Renown Park (16), Glandore (14), Port Adelaide Utd (13), Woodv West (4), Westfields (0).

1st S. Ferryden Pk 15.16 Adelaide Luth 6.8 2nd S. Salesian 19.17 Mitcham 14.5 Prelim. Mitcham 21.8 Ferryden Park 9.14 G.Fin. Salesian 25.11 Mitcham 12.9


S.A.Institute of Technology (30), St.Peters YCW (28), Broadview C (24), Greenacres C (22), Goodwood Saints C (16), P.A.O.C. C (10), Adelaide Uni E (8), S.P.O.C. C (6).

1st S. Broadview 13.9 Greenacres 8.7 2nd S. S.A.I.T. 13.17 St.Peters YCW 10.9 Prelim. Broadview 18.19 St.Peters YCW 6.5 G.Fin. Broadview 9.11 S.A.I.T. 6.13


National Australia Bank (34), Banksia Park High OS (32), West Croydon C (26), Kilburn C (22), Riverside C (20), Salisbury Central (16), Old Ignatians C (14), Gaza C (8), Burnside Kensington C (6), Para Hills C (2).

1st S. Kilburn 12.15 West Croydon 8.11 2nd S. Banksia Park 16.15 National Bank 12.7 Prelim. National Bank 13.13 Kilburn 11.12 G.Fin. Banksia Park 18.9 National Bank 14.12


Port District C (34), Rostrevor OC C (26), Scotch OC C (26), ANZ Bank C (24), Ethelton C (20), Adelaide Uni G (20), Rosewater C (14), S.M.O.S.H. C (6), St.Dominics C (6), Wingfield C (4).

1st S. Scotch OC 14.9 A.N.Z. Bank 10.5 2nd S. Port District 12.8 Rostrevor OC 11.12 Prelim. Rostrevor OC 21.13 Scotch OC 7.9 G.Fin. Rostrevor OC 12.9 Port District 5.14


SMOSH D (32), Greek C (30), Gepps Cross C (22), Pulteney OS C (18), Unley C (17), Old Ignatians D (15), Glenunga C (12), Norwood Union C (8), Glandore C (2). Port Adelaide Presbyterian was suspended after round 17. A mixup with ovals in the First Semi resulted in Pulteney forfeiting to Gepps Cross.

1st S. Pulteney OS forfeited to Gepps Cross 2nd S. Greek 14.10 S.M.O.S.H. 8.7 Prelim. S.M.O.S.H. 22.10 Gepps Cross 8.6 G.Fin. Greek 18.15 S.M.O.S.H. 12.9


Broadview E (34), Post-Tel Institute C (32), Adelaide Uni H (28), Woodville South C (24), Adelaide Lutheran C (22), A.N.R.I. C (16), Rostrevor OC D (12), Mitcham C (12), Flinders Uni C (10), S.A.I.T. C (6), Glenunga D (0).

1st S. Woodville Sth 14.13 Adelaide Uni 6.11 2nd S. Post-Tel Inst 12.11 Broadview 11.8 Prelim. Woodville Sth 9.13 Broadview 8.7 G.Fin. Woodville Sth 15.7 Post-Tel Inst 11.17

A1 Reserve

Broadview (32), Greek (28), Greenacres (24), P.A.O.C. (20), Riverside (20), S.H.O.C. (18), Adelaide Uni (16), West Croydon (16), Adelaide College (4), Seaton Ramblers (2).

1st S. Greenacres 11.5 P.A.O.C. 4.10 2nd S. Greek 9.7 Broadview 6.6 Prelim. Broadview 11.15 Greenacres 8.6 G.Fin. Greek 9.13 Broadview 7.5

A2 Reserve

Ethelton (28), Kilburn (26), Gaza (26), SPOC. (24), Pulteney OS (22), Pt District (20), ROC (12), Rosewater (12), Scotch OC (8), Kenilworth (2).

1st S. Gaza 9.7 S.P.O.C. 6.8 2nd S. Kilburn 13.5 Ethelton 11.10 Prelim. Ethelton 8.6 Gaza 6.11 G.Fin. Kilburn 13.14 Ethelton 4.9

A3 Reserve

S.M.O.S.H. (34), P.A.Presbyterian (28), St.Dominics (28), Adelaide Uni (22), Woodville South (20), P.H.O.S. (16), Norwood Union (14), Pembroke OS (12), Murray Park CAE (4), Alberton United (2).

1st S. St.Dominics 9.4 Adelaide Uni 6.9 2nd S. P.A.Pres 11.5 S.M.O.S.H. 3.10 Prelim. St.Dominics 10.6 S.M.O.S.H. 9.9 G.Fin. P.A.Pres 7.6 St.Dominics 5.7

A4 Reserve

Goodwood (34), Glenunga (24), Old Ignatians (22), ANZ Bank (22), Gepps Cross (22), Wingfield (18), Burnside Kensington (18), Post-Tel (14), Immanuel OS (6), Woodville District (0).

1st S. Old Ignatians 12.5 A.N.Z. Bank 8.11 2nd S. Goodwood 11.3 Glenunga 4.3 Prelim. Glenunga 12.8 Old Ignatians 11.5 G.Fin. Goodwood 8.8 Glenunga 5.4

A5 Reserve

Unley (32), A.N.R.I. (30), Para Hills (28), B.H.O.S. (28), Edwardstown Baptist (18), Salisbury Coll (16), CBCOC (12), Flinders Uni (8), SHOC. (6). Ovingham were suspended after round 11.

1st S. Para Hills 15.10 B.H.O.S. 8.8 2nd S. Railways 12.6 Unley 7.5 Prelim. Unley 7.9 Para Hills 6.14 G.Fin. Railways 12.7 Unley 6.6

A6 Reserve

Renown Park (30), Salesian (28), Adelaide Lutheran (26), Mitcham (26), Ferryden Park (24), Glandore (18), Campbelltown Magill (14), P.A.United (10), Woodville West (4), Westfields (0).

1st S. Adelaide Luth 5.12 Mitcham 3.8 2nd S. Renown Park 10.15 Salesian 6.7 Prelim. Salesian 10.8 Adelaide Luth 7.8 G.Fin. Renown Park 9.13 Salesian 8.4

A7 Reserve

Broadview (34), Greenacres (26), S.P.O.C. (24), P.A.O.C. (20), SAIT (20), Adelaide Uni (10), Goodwood (6), St.Peters YCW (4).

1st S. S.P.O.C. 11.13 P.A.O.C. 5.11 2nd S. Broadview 6.18 Greenacres 6.5 Prelim. S.P.O.C. 9.10 Greenacres 6.8 G.Fin. S.P.O.C. 8.15 Broadview 5.3

Under 17 (after 17 rounds)

Rosewater (34), West Croydon (26), Gaza (24), Broadview (20), Port District (18), Kilburn (8), Burnside Kensington (8), Campbelltown Magill (4).

1st S. Gaza d Broadview 2nd S. Rosewater 5.15 West Croydon 3.8 Prelim. Gaza 11.17 West Croydon 6.11 G.Fin. Rosewater d Gaza


Steve Bland, Adelaide College’s centreman, won the A1 Pfitzner medal in the last season of his club’s existence: Billy Botten of S.P.O.C. won his third A2 Chambers Medal in his team’s premiership season, and Norwood Union A3 coach Ray Ladhams won his third medal in succession. The other medallists were Brian Taylor (Wingfield Royals – A4), Michael Wilhelm (Salisbury College – A5, his second in succession), Victor Zafran (Woodville West – A6), Ricky Smith (Adelaide Uni – A7), Paul Johnson (National Bank – A8), Gary Boots (A.N.Z. Bank – A9), Bruce Wells (Gepps Cross – A10), Scott Bayly (Flinders Uni – A11), Terry Wintle (Broadview – A1 Res), John Petruzzelli (Ethelton – A2 Res), Peter Curran (S.M.O.S.H. – A3 Res, his second medal), Bradley Scragg (Goodwood – A4 Res), Chris White (B.H.O.S. – A5 Res), Robert Davis (Glandore – A6 Res), Steve Davies (P.A.O.C. – A7 Res), Rick Ahern (Broadview – Under 17 tie), Andrew Bates (Rosewater – Under 17 tie), and Malcolm Karpenny (West Croydon – Under 17 tie).

The leading goalkicker in A1 was Russell Herrod of Greenacres with 80 goals, and Shane Langley of Scotch was the top goalkicker in A2 with 89 goals. This was the seventh time that Langley had topped the goalkicking in his grade. Broadview won the Norwich Life Trophy for the best club in the Amateur League.


1985 was a carnival year, and the selectors were very pleased to take up S.A.F.A.’s offer of a trial match at Thebarton Oval on Sunday June 9th. The amateurs played very well to set up a 6-goal lead at quarter time, and gradually went further in front as the match progressed. Coach Marsh gave special praise to rover Mark Krzeminski and wingmen Mark Simpson and Peter Williams.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A.A.F.L. 7.4 10.9 13.11 19.13 (127) S.A.F.A. 1.2 3.5 5.8 10.12 (72)

  • Goalkickers: Aistrope 5, Panagaris 5, Parker 3, Williams 3, Krzeminski 2, Tankosic
  • Best Players: Juniper, Tankosic, Simpson, Krzeminski, Williams, Panagaris

The 16th A.A.F.C. carnival was held at Elsternwick Park in Victoria, and the squad was as follows:

  • Aistrope, Kevin Greenacres
  • Allen, Phil Broadview
  • Antonello, Andrew Adelaide College
  • Botten, Bill St.Peters O.C.
  • Buckley, Shaun Adelaide College
  • Clohessy, Craig Riverside
  • Coles, Ivan Riverside
  • Giles, Clinton Greek
  • Hall, Trevor Adelaide College
  • Johnston, Peter Scotch O.C.
  • Juniper, Greg Sacred Heart O.C.
  • Krzeminski, Mark West Croydon
  • Librandi, Vinnie Riverside
  • Obst, Andrew West Croydon
  • Panagaris, John Greek
  • Parker, Gary vice captain Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Schmid, Steve Sacred Heart O.C.
  • Schmidt, Greg Pulteney O.S.
  • Simpson, Mark Broadview
  • Tait, Simon Sacred Heart O.C.
  • Tankosic, Dragon Greek
  • Whiting, Peter captain Sacred Heart O.C.
  • Williams, Peter Riverside
  • Willoughby, Bob Riverside
  • Willsmore, Ian Prince Alfred O.C.

South Australian umpires John Ferme and Chris Mehaffey were part of the umpiring panel for the carnival.

Sunday June 30th 1985

S.A.Team v Tasmania

Elsternwick Park

The first match was played against Tasmania in cold windy conditions, and both teams took the first half of the match to find their carnival legs. Clinton Giles didn’t find his at all, as he pulled a hamstring running on to the ground. Phil Allen took over in ruck, and after half time the team moved into top gear with Allen in fine form and Andy Obst starring on a forward flank.1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A. 5.3 9.6 18.9 21.14 (140) Tasmania 3.4 8.8 8.9 12.14 (86)

Goalkickers: Allen 4, Panagaris 4, Williams 4, Botten 3, Obst 2, Parker 2, Aistrope, Krzeminski

Best Players: Allen, Obst, Clohessy, Antonello, Parker, Aistrope
1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 3.1 11.6 15.7 20.11 (131) W.A. 6.3 8.6 14.11 15.12 (102)

It was discovered that a Victorian player had played for Melbourne Reserves the previous Saturday and so was ineligible under the rules, resulting in W.A. being awarded the match. This immediately gave the S.A. v W.A. match a new significance.

Wednesday July 3rd 1985

Captain Peter Whiting was out with a shoulder injury for this match. After an even first half in windy conditions, S.A. booted 4 goals to 3 against the wind in the third term then ran all over W.A. in the last quarter, with Phil Allen kicking 7 goals.

S.A.Team v W.A.

Elsternwick Park

1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A. 2.4 6.10 10.16 17.22 (124) W.A. 2.10 4.14 7.16 10.17 (77)Goalkickers: Allen 7, Obst 3, Aistrope 2, Tankosic 2, Botten, Tait, Williams

Best Players: Allen, Buckley, Johnston, Simpson, Williams, Krzeminski

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 9.6 13.9 22.15 25.21 (171) Tasmania 2.0 9.5 10.5 14.10 (94)

Saturday July 6th 1985

S.A.Team v Victoria

Elsternwick Park

1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A. 4.1 9.3 12.5 23.6 (144) Victoria 5.6 8.9 9.11 12.12 (84)The decider against Victoria was played in ideal conditions, and the scores couldn’t have been closer at half time thanks to some accurate kicking by S.A. Then S.A. started to get on top in the third quarter with greater physical strength and marking power, and led by 2 goals at three-quarter time. A tough last quarter was anticipated, but the S.A. team blitzed the Vics kicking 11 goals to 3. Ian Willsmore was brilliant in ruck.

Goalkickers: Botten 5, Aistrope 4, Coles 3, Hall 2, Parker 2, Williams 2, Allen, Johnston, Krzeminski, Obst, Willsmore

Best Players: Willsmore, Botten, Krzeminski, Tait, Antonello, Clohessy

1Q 2Q 3Q Final W.A. 5.5 11.10 15.15 24.19 (163) Tasmania 1.7 4.9 5.12 9.16 (70)

This was S.A.’s fifth carnival victory and its second in Melbourne, the first being in 1973. At the conclusion of the carnival, an All-Australian team was selected which included only five S.A. players in vice captain Bill Botten, Phil Allen, Peter Johnston, Mark Krzeminski and Ian Willsmore. David Marsh was named coach and Sandy Cockburn trainer. Phil Allen topped the umpires’ votes for player of the carnival, but was ruled ineligible for the carnival medal because he was sent off for 15 minutes in the second quarter against Victoria after going to the assistance of a team-mate. An under-17 team played a match against the Hills Association at Kilburn Oval on July 7th and won 17.9 to 9.6.