Other administrative changes involved Peter Collins taking over as Chairman of the Tribunal to replace Judge Peter Allan who was overseas, and John Mehaffey replacing John Staker as Umpires’ Coach, the latter being forced to resign due to work commitments. An Investigation Committee was also set up to hear complaints and protests rather than involve the full Executive Committee on each occasion.

Due to continuing concern that several clubs were surreptitiously paying their players, a new requirement was introduced whereby the chairman and secretary of each club had to sign a statutory declaration that their players were indeed playing as amateurs.

The only new club to enter in 1986 was ex-Southern Metropolitan team Lockleys, whilst suspended Ovingham and disbandedAdelaide College were absent. Kenilworth combined with former Amateur League club Colonel Light Gardens to form Kenilworth Colonel Light, Murray Park CAE became S.A.College & Teachers, while Gepps Cross Sports & Social became simply Gepps Cross.

In the A1 competition, Greek was celebrating its 25th birthday following two consecutive Grand Final appearances, but the celebrations must have left a hangover as it failed to make the Final Four. With one round to play, Riverside, Adelaide Uni and Greenacres were all level on 26 points with Riverside playing Uni at Port Adelaide Reserve. Rivvies won this match by 10 points and so got the double chance.

Premiership Tables

A1 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Played Won Lost Pts Riverside 18 14 4 28 Greenacres 18 14 4 28 Adelaide University 18 13 5 26 Broadview 18 10 8 20 Sacred Heart O.C. 18 9 9 18 Greek 18 8 10 16 West Croydon 18 8 10 16 St.Peters O.C. 18 7 11 14 Port District 18 4 14 8 Prince Alfred O.C. 18 3 15 6

In the First Semi Final at Unley Oval, University was big winners over Broadview 21.14 to 11.11, while in the Second Semi at Prospect, Greenacres was trailing by only 7 points near the end of the third quarter, and looking forward to the support of a strong in the last quarter, when Rivvies kicked three goals in as many minutes and eventually won 14.12 to 11.4. The Preliminary Final at Adelaide Oval was played in two halves, with Uni looking the better side in the first half then Greenacres in the second. At the 27-minute mark of the final quarter, Greenacres looked home when Mario Fregona kicked a goal to give the Dragons a 3-point lead, but then a pass from future Adelaide Crow player Sean Tasker found Steve Moy who goaled for the Blacks with only seconds remaining for a 3-point victory 11.17 to 12.8.

The Grand Final was also played at Adelaide Oval under central umpires John Cranwell and Allen Robertson. Riverside was warm favourite and for most of the match it seemed that it was coasting to a comfortable victory. It led by 4 goals at quarter time as Daryl Lowry and Grant Montgomery ran amok in the forward lines, and for most of the match held on to a 3-goal lead in a low-scoring affair. It was only really in the last 20 minutes of the match that Uni fired as it kicked 4 goals in 10 minutes without reply, the last as a result of a screaming mark by Darren Foster in the goalsquare, then held on to win by 3 points 10.8 to 9.11. Uni’s best were full back Chris James, half-back/centreman Cory Williams and captain Mick Kenny, while Riverside’s best were rovers Chris Pedersen and Daryl Lowry and defender Marty Martinovic.

This was the third time that a team coached by John Griffen had beaten Noel Annear’s in a Grand Final following the 1981-82 Adelaide College-Riverside clashes. However, it also marked the end of a remarkable feat by super-coach Annear. After leaving Seaton Ramblers as a player in 1978 he coached Broadview in 1979 and 1980, then Riverside from 1981 to 1986. In every one of these years his team appeared in the Grand Final, with premierships in 1980, ’83 and ’84. No other coach in the Amateur League could boast that in his first 8 years as a coach, his team appeared in every A1 Grand Final.

A2 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Scotch O.C. was the dominant force in A2 all season with only Rostrevor looking anything like a threat. Seaton Ramblers was on a real slide from A1 the previous year finishing second bottom. Rosewater, who had finished second bottom in A2 in 1985, remained in A2 because of the demise of Adelaide College.

Played Won Lost Pts Scotch O.C. 18 17 1 34 Rostrevor O.C. 18 14 4 28 Kilburn 18 12 6 24 Pulteney O.S. 18 10 8 20 Gaza 18 9 9 18 St.Michaels O.S.& H. 18 9 9 18 Port Adelaide Presbyterian 18 8 10 16 Ethelton 18 5 13 10 Seaton Ramblers 18 4 14 8 Rosewater 18 2 16 4

Pulteney beat Kilburn by 11 points in the First Semi at Goodwood, kicking 10 goals in an explosive second quarter, while Scotch thrashed Rostrevor in the Second Semi at Hawthorn Oval winning 18.17 to 5.4. Rostrevor bounced back in the Prelim. at Thebarton Oval to beat Pulteney 15.15 to 9.11 and so set up a rematch with Scotch at Alberton Oval, although Scotch was hot favourites for the flag. However, the Final proved nothing like the Second Semi, as Rostrevor led all day and withstood a strong second half from Scotch to win 12.8 to 9.10, the best for Rostrevor being Richard Akkermans, Michael Carey and Frank Renfrey, while Simon Ellis and Peter Johnston were best for Scotch.

A3 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

In A3, Woodville South was minor premier, but ’85 finalist Plympton High O.S. had slumped to bottom.

Played Won Lost Pts Woodville South 18 14 4 28 Adelaide University B 18 12 6 24 Goodwood Saints 18 11 7 22 Kenilworth Colonel Light 18 11 7 22 St.Dominics 18 9 9 18 Glenunga 18 8 10 16 Pembroke O.S. 18 8 10 16 S.A.College & Teachers 18 7 11 14 Norwood Union 18 7 11 14 Plympton High O.S. 18 3 15 6

The First Semi Final at Lockleys Oval was won by Kenilworth 18.11 to 14.10, while Adelaide Uni beat Woodville South at Kilburn Oval 19.11 to 14.10, with Uni goalsneak Michael Burfield kicking an incredible 14 goals. Woodville South fired in the last quarter of the Prelim. Final at Norwood Oval to beat Kenilworth 17.10 to 12.14. The Grand Final at Prospect Oval saw Uni warm favourites, but all the omens pointed to Woodville South. The front page of the morning’s Advertiser pictured Woodville South’s coach Bob Cross and captain Mark Steele with the Woodville League team’s coach and former Woodville South (nee Kilkenny Cats) colt Malcolm Blight. Then when Woodville South in red and white strip identical to North Adelaide’s, ran out on to the ground for the Grand Final at North Adelaide’s home, Prospect Oval, the more astute punters took the longer odds. Coach Cross managed to effectively blanket Uni’s matchwinner Burfield, and the Cats won 12.17 to 10.4

Other Tables and Scores


Gepps Cross (30), Brighton High OS (30), Immanuel OS (20), Burnside Kensington (20), A.N.Z. Bank (18), Wingfield Royals (16), Post-Tel Institute (16), Old Ignatians (14), Salisbury College (12), Alberton United (4).

1st S. Immanuel OS 19.13 Burns Kens 11.15 2nd S. B.H.O.S. 16.11 Gepps Cross 13.8 Prelim. Immanuel OS 21.14 Gepps Cross 12.8 G.Fin. B.H.O.S. 16.11 Immanuel OS 12.8


Ferryden Park (36), Mitcham (30), Christian Brothers College OC (22), Edwardstown Baptist (20), Australian National Railways Institute (18), Salesian (14), Unley (12), Flinders University (11), Woodville District (9), Para Hills (8).

1st S. Edwardst Bapt 12.15 C.B.C.O.C. 8.8 2nd S. Ferryden Park 15.7 Mitcham 7.5 Prelim. Edwardst Bapt 18.10 Mitcham 11.9 G.Fin. Edwardst Bapt 15.14 Ferryden Pk 8.4


Lockleys (32), Campbelltown Magill (28), Adelaide Lutheran (26), St.Peters YCW (26), Renown Park (22), Port Adelaide United (18), Glandore (14), Broadview C (6), S.A.Institute of Technology (4), Woodville West (4).

1st S. Adel Luth 23.8 St.Peters YCW 11.8 2nd S. Lockleys 18.8 Campb Magill 10.17 Prelim. Adel Luth 14.20 Campb Magill 9.18 G.Fin. Adel Luth 16.11 Lockleys 10.12


National Australia Bank (36), Banksia Park High OS (32), Greenacres C (24), P.A.O.C. C (22), Goodwood Saints C (20), S.H.O.C. C (16), S.M.O.S.H. C (14), S.P.O.C. C (10), R.O.C. C (4), Westfields (2).

1st S. P.A.O.C. 13.12 Greenacres 12.12 2nd S. Banksia Park 9.13 National Bank 9.10 Prelim. National Bank 17.12 P.A.O.C. 4.12 G.Fin. Banksia Park 15.11 National Bank 9.5


Adelaide Uni E (28), Kilburn C (28), Salisbury Central (26), West Croydon C (26), Riverside C (20), Gaza C (14), Old Ignatians C (14), Greek C (10), A.N.Z. Bank C (8), Port District C (6).

1st S. West Croydon 12.11 Salisb Central 11.7 2nd S. Adelaide Uni 17.8 Kilburn 9.9 Prelim. Kilburn 10.13 West Croydon 10.9 G.Fin. Adelaide Uni 14.13 Kilburn 9.6


Scotch OC C (34), Adelaide Uni F (28), St.Doms C (24), Gepps Cross C (20), Para Hills C (20), Rosewater C (18), Adelaide Lutheran C (16), Burns Kens C (14), St.Peters YCW C (4), Mitcham C (2). Ethelton withdrew after round 5 without playing a match and was replaced by St.Peters YCW.

1st S. St.Dominics 22.21 Gepps Cross 9.11 2nd S. Adelaide Uni 17.17 Scotch OC 7.8 Prelim. St.Dominics 17.11 Scotch OC 12.16 G.Fin. Adelaide Uni 14.13 St.Dominics 8.7


Kenilworth Colonel Light C (34), Glenunga C (28), Woodville South C (26), Pulteney OC C (22), Adelaide Uni G (19), Broadview E (16), Wingfield C (15), Post-Tel Inst C (12), Unley C (6), Norwood Union C (2).

1st S. Pulteney OS 18.14 Woodv Sth 4.6 2nd S. Kenilworth CL 8.5 Glenunga 7.8 Prelim. Pulteney OS 17.4 Glenunga 8.11 G.Fin. Kenilworth CL 8.9 Pulteney OS 7.4


Lockleys C (33), Pembroke OS C (30), Adelaide Uni H (25), P.H.O.S. C (24), P.A.Pres C (22), Renown Park C (20), S.A.College & Teachers C (19), Ferryden Park C (14), Flinders Uni C (13), A.N.R.I. C (10), S.A.I.T. C (4), Glandore C (2). Glandore withdrew after round 5 without playing a match. Its 2 points came from a forfeit from S.A.I.T.

1st S. P.H.O.S. 23.20 Adelaide Uni 8.4 2nd S. Pembroke OS 12.9 Lockleys 9.7 Prelim. P.H.O.S. 14.21 Lockleys 6.7 G.Fin. Pembroke OS 15.6 P.H.O.S. 8.10

A1 Reserve

Broadview (28), Riverside (26), Greek (24), Greenacres (24), S.H.O.C. (18), West Croydon (16), Adelaide Uni (14), Port District (14), St.Peters OC (10), Prince Alfred OC (6).

1st S. Greenacres 10.8 Greek 7.4 2nd S. Riverside 10.5 Broadview 9.5 Prelim. Greenacres 9.7 Broadview 2.7 G.Fin. Riverside 9.15 Greenacres 8.7

A2 Reserve

R.O.C. (34), Scotch OC (32), Kilburn (30), Gaza (24), S.M.O.S.H. (20), Ethelton (12), Pulteney OS (10), P.A.Presbyt (10), Seaton (4), Rosewater (4).

1st S. Gaza 8.5 Kilburn 6.6 2nd S. Rostrevor OC 10.9 Scotch OC 6.5 Prelim. Scotch OC 10.12 Gaza 6.3 G.Fin. Scotch OC 5.6 Rostrevor OC 5.5

A3 Reserve

Woodville South (30), Adelaide Uni (26), Pembroke OS (26), Goodwood Saints (24), Kenilworth Colonel Light (24), St.Dominics (14), S.A.College & Teachers (14), Norwood Union (12), Glenunga (10), P.H.O.S. (0).

1st S. Goodwood 11.10 Pembroke OS 6.7 2nd S. Woodville Sth 10.13 Adelaide Uni 9.7 Prelim. Goodwood 8.12 Adelaide Uni 6.12 G.Fin. Goodwood 9.7 Woodville Sth 8.5

A4 Reserve

Old Ignatians (32), Gepps Cross (32), B.H.O.S. (25)*, A.N.Z. Bank (23), Wingfield (20), Burnside Kensington (20), Post-Tel Inst (10), Immanuel OS (10), Alberton United (4)*, Salisbury College (2). * One match abandoned

1st S. B.H.O.S. 9.6 A.N.Z. Bank 6.11 2nd S. Gepps Cross 8.13 Old Ignatians 6.9 Prelim. Old Ignatians 11.8 B.H.O.S. 9.7 G.Fin. Gepps Cross 8.5 Old Ignatians 4.2

A5 Reserve

Para Hills (34), Ferryden Park (30), Edwardstown Baptist (26), Mitcham (22), C.B.C.O.C. (20), Unley (18), Salesian (14), A.N.I. (12), Flinders Uni (2), Woodville District (2).

1st S. Edwardst Bapt 7.11 Mitcham 8.3 2nd S. Para Hills 10.10 Ferryden Park 5.2 Prelim. Ferryden Park 10.2 Edwardst Bapt 8.5 G.Fin. Ferryden Park 6.5 Para Hills 4.7

A6 Reserve

Lockleys (36), Broadview (30), Campbelltown Magill (26), St.Peters YCW (18), Renown Park (18), Adelaide Lutheran (18), Glandore (14), S.A.I.T. (10), P.A.United (10), Woodville West (0).

1st S. Campb Magill 11.13 St.Peters YCW 2.5 2nd S. Broadview 9.8 Lockleys 6.9 Prelim. Lockleys 11.7 Campb Magill 5.10 G.Fin. Lockleys 11.7 Broadview 6.1

A7 Reserve

Greenacres (34), S.P.O.C. (32), P.A.O.C. (26), National Bank (26), S.H.O.C. (18), Goodwood Saints (18), Rostrevor OC (10), Banksia Park High OS (8), S.M.O.S.H. (8), Westfields (0).

1st S. P.A.O.C. 9.8 National Bank 8.6 2nd S. S.P.O.C. 13.14 Greenacres 6.8 Prelim. P.A.O.C. 7.7 Greenacres 6.6 G.Fin. S.P.O.C. 19.7 P.A.O.C. 5.5

Under 17

Gaza (36), Rosewater (32), Seaton (26), Kilburn (22), West Croydon (20), Lockleys (18), Port District (18), Burnside Kensington (12), Glenunga (10), Ethelton (10), Kenilworth Colonel Light (8), Campbelltown Magill (2).

1st S. Kilburn 11.6 Seaton 9.9 2nd S. Gaza 13.6 Rosewater 6.11 Prelim. Rosewater 14.5 Kilburn 11.8 G.Fin. Rosewater 12.6 Gaza 6.13


Rover Ian White became the fifth St. Peters Old Collegian to win the A1 medal for the best and fairest player. He won on a countback from Greenacres’ Steve O’Dorcic who was subsequently recognised as a co-winner. Steve Parsons of Scotch O.C. won the A2 medal, and Brian Clarke of S.A. College & Teachers completed the collegiate sweep by winning the A3 medal. Other medal winners were David Glenn (Gepps Cross – A4), Gerry Crowhurst (Mitcham – A5), Vic Zafran (Woodville West – A6), Matt Bryant (Westfields – A7), Gary Marshall (Gaza – A8), Robin Pearce (St.Dominics – A9), Gary Harding (Post-Tel Inst – A10), Gary Wakefield (Renown Park – A11), Peter Bourden (West Croydon – A1 Res), Mark Smith (Kilburn – A2 Res), Steve Blight (Woodville South – A3 Res), Max Hunt (Burnside Kensington – A4 Res tie), Ted Keyte (Alberton United – A4 Res tie), Terry Bourke (Woodville District – A5 Res), Domenic Trimboli (Glandore – A6 Res), Peter Hill (S.P.O.C. – A7 Res), and Troy Desfontaines (Kenilworth Col Lt – U17).

University won the Norwich Cup. The leading goalkicker in A1 was Mick Barker of West Croydon with 67 goals, and Greg Curnow of Gaza kicked 54 in A2.


Following the carnival in Melbourne in 1985, the next would normally have been scheduled for 1988, but as it was South Australia’s 150th Jubilee in 1986, it was decided to accede to a request from the S.A. Government and hold a carnival in Adelaide to celebrate the occasion. A special carnival dinner was held at Football Park at which the guest speaker from Sydney was journalist and former schoolboy coach Mike Coward, and a reunion of past state players was held at Amateur League House.

For the second year in succession, a trial match was held against S.A.F.A., this time at Unley Oval on Sunday June 8th. The amateurs were over 4 goals behind in the second quarter, but then Peter Johnston playing as a follower took control and brought players around him into the match. Wingman Mark Simpson and forwards Mark Kemp, Tony Roach and Phil Allen all played well.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A.A.F.L. 2.3 7.5 12.11 16.16 (112) S.A.F.A. 5.4 9.5 10.7 13.9 (87)

Goalkickers: Roach 4, Allen 3, Barnett 3, Kemp 2, Hurley, Juniper, Mason, White

Best Players: Johnston, Simpson, Kemp, Roach, Allen, Botten

David Marsh was again state coach and John Cranwell was S.A.’s umpire. The final squad as follows was addressed by former S.A.N.F.L state coach Bob Hammond:

  • Allen, Phil Broadview
  • Antonello, Andrew Adelaide College
  • Barnett, Chris Sacred Heart O.C.
  • Botten, Bill captain St.Peters O.C.
  • Coles, Ivan vice captain Riverside
  • Gatoudis, Aris Greek
  • Hall, Trevor Adelaide College
  • Hamill, Mick Riverside
  • Horwood, Chris St.Peters O.C.
  • Howells, Andy St.Peters O.C.
  • Hurley, Peter Sacred Heart O.C.
  • Johnston, Peter Scotch O.C.
  • Juniper, Greg Sacred Heart O.C.
  • Kemp, Mark Broadview
  • Martinovic, Marty Riverside
  • Mason, Jamie Broadview
  • Parker, Gary Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Prest, John Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Roach, Tony Broadview
  • Schulz, Craig Adelaide University
  • Simpson, Mark Broadview
  • Tait, Simon Sacred Heart O.C.
  • Walker, Nick St.Peters O.C.
  • Williams, Peter Riverside
  • Willsmore, Ian Prince Alfred O.C.

Sunday June 29th 1986

S.A.Team v Tasmania

Adelaide Oval

The first match was played against Tasmania, and S.A. began well to lead by 10 goals at half time through a winning attack led by Greg Juniper at full forward. Another 9 goals in the third quarter sealed the match beyond all doubt.1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A. 8.7 17.10 26.12 29.16 (190) Tasmania 4.2 7.5 11.7 16.10 (106)

Goalkickers: Juniper 7, Roach 5, Howells 4, Parker 4, Kemp 3, Allen 2, Barnett, Gatoudis, Horwood, Hurley

Best Players: Juniper, Tait, Antonello, Hurley, Hall, Prest

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 5.3 12.9 19.10 28.13 (181) W.A. 1.4 3.5 7.10 7.19 (61)

Despite continual rain, Adelaide Oval was in fair condition for the match against W.A. S.A. again started well kicking 7 goals in the first quarter, and then continued to outscore W.A. each quarter, with its defence led by Andrew Antonello well on top. Wednesday July 2nd 1986.

S.A.Team v W.A.

Adelaide Oval

1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A. 7.2 10.9 13.10 18.13 (121) W.A. 2.1 2.4 3.9 5.14 (44)Goalkickers: Parker 5, Allen 4, Roach 3, Botten 2, Barnett, Coles, Howells, Kemp

Best Players: Antonello, Mason, Simpson, Tait, Parker, Hamill

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 3.1 7.6 12.10 17.13 (115) Tasmania 3.1 3.5 4.7 4.9 (33)

Saturday July 5th 1986

S.A.Team v Victoria

Adelaide Oval

Following more rain on Thursday and Friday, Adelaide Oval had become very heavy by the Saturday of the deciding clash between S.A. and Victoria. The opening quarter was a battle of defences, then the Vics went to a 4-goal lead in the second quarter, only to see S.A. come back to within 5 points at half time. The Vics then got more run into their game as they adapted better to the conditions, and despite several moves by David Marsh to counter their attacks, were too good in the second half and won by 38 points.
1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 3.2 8.2 14.4 17.10 (112) S.A. 2.1 7.3 10.4 11.8 (74)

Goalkickers: Kemp 2, Roach 2, Allen, Antonello, Botten, Hall, Juniper, Parker, Willsmore

Best Players: Walker, Tait, Mason, Hamill, Howells, Hall

1Q 2Q 3Q Final W.A. 1.5 6.9 8.17 15.25 (115) Tasmania 2.3 3.4 6.6 9.6 (60)

Six South Australian players had the honour of being selected in the All-Australian team after the carnival, namely Antonello, Hamill, Mason, Parker, Roach and Tait.