SAAFL History – 1988

By 1988 the Amateur League had grown to 63 clubs and 206 teams including juniors. The day to day administration of this large body of people fell on the very broad shoulders of Office Manager Elaine Davoren, who despite sinking slowly under a mountain of paper work, never ceased to amaze those who observed here calm and collected manner, as she shuffled the paper and dealt with the hundreds of phone calls pouring in to the office each week. Many of the calls would have been unnecessary if club officials had been doing their jobs properly, but it never seemed to bother Elaine no matter how trivial the enquiry. For the previous few years she had had the benefit of an office assistant, but they never lasted for very long, undoubtedly because they were mere mortals and sank under the weight of mountains of paper shuffling and incessant enquiries.

A big bonus to Elaine and the Amateur League in general was the appointment of Office Assistant Glenda Czornohalan. Glenda took to the job like a footballer to linament, absorbing Elaine’s capacity to calmly handle any situation no matter how silly, trivial or infuriating to ordinary mortals. Together they shouldered the burden and sailed through crisis after crisis as though it was just normal routine, so to stop them becoming complacent the decision was made to acquire a FAX machine which meant that the mountain of paper flowed even faster! Even that failed to ruffle the Davoren-Czornohalan feathers. They just kept on photocopying several forests of trees, answering a phone which was continually engaged, running three computers with several different lines of software, managing the financial accounts, preparing programs and premiership tables, registering, clearing, and recording matches for six to seven thousand footballers, managing umpires (with invaluable help from umpires’ assistant Ev Busbridge, mother of Pfitzner medallist Kevin), archiving results of matches, making tea for visiting historians and attending to the fax machine.

A pre-season seminar was held to remind clubs of the amateur requirements and to advise them that all new players would be required to sign affadavits as would senior club officials.

Following the rejection by the delegates in the previous year of the proposal to partition the Amateur League into northern and southern zones, a guideline was established for the admittance of new clubs from outlying areas. To be considered for admittance the applicant’s home ground would have to be within a 15 kilometre radius of the G.P.O. This new guideline had immediate effect because Para District Uniting had just formed a football team and applied for entry to the Amateur League. It was advised that its proposed ground would have to be changed because it was presently well outside the 15-kilometre boundary. Para District then arranged for the use of the Parks Community Centre oval as its home ground and was duly admitted. Another marginally-located club in former S.A.F.A. club Tea Tree Gully was also admitted as its oval was only just outside the boundary. Other clubs admitted were West Lakes, which had previously been in the amateurs as Semaphore Park, and Modbury, both clubs coming from the S.A.F.A. Disbanding were Woodville West and Port Adelaide United (after round 2).

Premiership Tables

A1 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Arch rivals Greenacres and Broadview were the leading teams in A1 at the end of the minor round.

Played Won Lost Pts Greenacres 18 14 4 28 Broadview 18 14 4 28 Greek Camden 18 13 5 26 Riverside 18 11 7 22 Adelaide University 18 9 9 18 St.Peters O.C. 18 7 11 14 Sacred Heart O.C. 18 7 11 14 Woodville South 18 6 12 12 West Croydon 18 6 12 12 Pulteney O.S. 18 3 15 6

In the First Semi at Thebarton Oval, Greek proved far too strong for Riverside winning 13.12 to 4.8. The Second Semi at Unley was much closer, and scores were tied with only 30 seconds remaining when Dragons goalsneak Nick Genovese marked 20 metres out and kicked truly giving Greenacres a 11.7 to 9.13 victory. The Prelim. Final at Prospect was a low-scoring affair, and Greek led 5.5 to 3.11 at three-quarter time, but the Tigers ran away in the last quarter to win 8.16 to 5.8. In the Grand Final at Adelaide Oval umpired by John Cranwell and John Ferme, a desperate Dragons defence frustrated many Broadview attacks, and when the final siren blew Greenacres had won 11.13 to 11.11. Best for the premier were Kevin Aistrope, Paul Pugliese and Stephen Clifford.

A2 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

The A2 competition began dramatically when after round 4, Kilburn had its 2 wins taken away to put them bottom of the ladder. However, the side regrouped and never lost another match for the rest of the season.

Played Won Lost Pts Rostrevor O.C. 18 15 3 30 Kilburn 18 14 4 28 Scotch O.C. 18 12 6 24 Prince Alfred O.C. 18 11 7 22 Port District 18 10 8 20 Brighton High O.S. 18 9 9 18 Gaza 18 7 11 14 Goodwood Saints 18 4 14 8 Ethelton 18 3 15 6 Port Adel Presbyterian 18 2 16 4

Scotch and Princes met at Hawthorn Oval in the First Semi, and Scotch looked the better team leading throughout until five minutes to go when Princes hit the front, helped by its amazingly accurate goalkicking, only to see Scotch regain the lead and win by 2 points 15.9 to 16.1. The Second Semi at Unley was also a torrid affair, but Kilburn finished the stronger to win 8.12 to 6.10. Rostrevor came back in the Prelim. Final at Camden for a comfortable 16.10 to 11.9 victory over Scotch, and so won promotion to A1 and a rematch with Kilburn. The Grand Final was played at Thebarton Oval in wet and muddy conditions. Chics rover Gavin Lauder dominated around the packs to set up an early lead, then the Kilburn defence held Rostrevor goalless in the last quarter, and Kilburn won 10.9 to 6.6.

A3 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Gepps Cross did well in its first season in A3 to make the finals, but Rosewater was the outstanding team.

Played Won L D Pts Rosewater 18 16 2 0 32 Seaton Ramblers 18 14 4 0 28 Gepps Cross 18 13 5 0 26 St.Michaels O.S.& H. 18 12 6 0 24 Plympton High O.S. 18 9 9 0 18 Fitzroy 18 7 10 1 15 Pembroke O.S. 18 7 10 1 15 Adelaide University B 18 7 11 0 14 Immanuel O.S. 18 4 14 0 8 S.A.College & Teachers 18 0 18 0 0

S.M.O.S.H. won the A3 First Semi Final against Gepps Cross at Blair Athol Reserve 14.17 to 11.8, and Rosewater defeated Seaton Ramblers in the Second Semi at Camden 16.15 to 14.12. Seaton came out firing in the Prelim. at Hawthorn Oval and defeated S.M.O.S.H. 18.17 to 13.14, but despite getting to within 5 points of Rosewater in the Grand Final at Norwood, the minor premier always looked the better side and finally won 11.11 to 10.10.

Other Tables and Scores


Glenunga (31), Burnside Kensington (30), Kenilworth Colonel Light (25), Edwardstown Baptist (22), Norwood Union (18), Mitcham (18), Ferryden Park (16), Old Ignatians (14), Salisbury College (6), Post-Tel Institute (0).

1st S. Kenilworth 21.14 Edwardst Bap 11.13 2nd S. Burns Kens 9.7 Glenunga 9.5 Prelim. Glenunga 26.16 Kenilworth 7.10 G.Fin. Burns Kens 8.5 Glenunga 4.10


Hope Valley (28), Flinders Uni (28), National Australia Bank (26), Adelaide Lutheran (22), Lockleys (20), Wingfield Royals (18), Unley (14), Christian Brother College OC (14), A.N.Z. Bank (6), Salesian (4).

1st S. Adel Lutheran 12.10 National Bank 10.7 2nd S. Hope Valley 11.13 Flinders Uni 7.8 Prelim. Adel Lutheran 19.12 Flinders Uni 16.10 G.Fin. Adel Lutheran 13.11 Hope Valley 6.9


Tea Tree Gully (36), West Lakes (30), Modbury (28), Campbelltown Magill (24), Para Hills (18), Glandore (18), Banksia Park (18), Broadview C (15), Woodville District (15), Australian National Railways Institute (10), Alberton United (4), Fitzroy C (0).

1st S. Modbury 7.8 Campb Magill 6.8 2nd S. West Lakes 10.11 Tea Tree Gully 10.6 Prelim. Tea Tree Gully 19.17 Modbury 13.9 G.Fin. West Lakes 22.19 Tea Tree Gully 10.12


Para District Uniting (32), S.A.Institute of Technology (31), Salisbury Central (26), P.A.O.C. C (26), S.M.O.S.H. C (19), Greenacres C (18), S.P.O.C. C (14), Adelaide Uni E (14), Goodwood C (14), R.O.C. C (14), S.H.O.C. C (6). A7: (Cont.)

1st S. Salisb Cent 12.10 P.A.O.C. 8.13 2nd S. Para District 7.9 S.A.I.T. 6.9 Prelim. S.A.I.T. 19.13 Salisb Cent 7.14 G.Fin. S.A.I.T. 12.8 Para District 7.11


Kilburn C (32), Greek Camden C (28), Gaza C (28), Port District C (20), Riverside C (18), West Croydon C (10), Tea Tree Gully C (14), Glenunga C (12), Scotch OC C (8), Pulteney OS C (0).

1st S. Port District 12.18 Gaza 7.10 2nd S. Greek Camden 9.9 Kilburn 8.4 Prelim. Kilburn 11.17 Port District 9.5 G.Fin. Greek Camden 8.19 Kilburn 5.9


Woodville South C (34), Rosewater C (32), Adelaide Uni G (26), Gepps Cross C (26), Hope Valley C (14), Fitzroy E (12), Burnside Kensington C (12), Old Ignatians C (10), P.A.Presbyt C (8), Para Hills C (6).

1st S. Adelaide Uni 17.10 Gepps Cross 13.14 2nd S. Woodville Sth 14.18 Rosewater 6.7 Prelim. Adelaide Uni 17.10 Rosewater 13.14 G.Fin. Adelaide Uni 10.3 Woodville Sth 7.12


Brighton High OS C (28), Adelaide Uni H (26), Pembroke OS C (24), Lockleys C (24), West Lakes C (24), Woodville South D (16), Seaton C (14), Ethelton C (12), Adelaide Lutheran C (10), Norwood Union C (2).

1st S. Pembroke OS 13.20 Lockleys 6.16 2nd S. B.H.O.S. 13.8 Adelaide Uni 5.8 Prelim. Pembroke OS 18.15 Adelaide Uni 8.8 G.Fin. Pembroke OS 8.5 B.H.O.S. 6.5


Adelaide Uni I (34), Modbury C (30), Mitcham C (28), Kenilworth Col Lt C (24), Ferryden Park C (18), Campbelltown Magill C (18), Glandore C (16), Gaza D (14), Flinders Uni C (10), Adelaide Lutheran D (8), A.N.R.I. C (8), S.A.C.A.T. C (8).

1st S. Kenilworth 13.11 Mitcham 5.10 2nd S. Adelaide Uni 8.16 Modbury 9.6 Prelim. Modbury 13.7 Kenilworth 9.7 G.Fin. Modbury 4.10 Adelaide Uni 3.7

A1 Reserve

Broadview (36), Greek Camden (30), Adelaide Uni (24), Woodville South (24), Greenacres (20), West Croydon (13), St.Peters OC (12), Riverside (12), Sacred Heart OC (7), Pulteney OS (2).

1st S. Adelaide Uni 5.9 Woodville Sth 5.1 2nd S. Broadview 11.12 Greek Camden 11.2 Prelim. Greek Camden 7.10 Adelaide Uni 3.3 G.Fin. Greek Camden 5.7 Broadview 5.5

A2 Reserve

Kilburn (30), R.O.C. (29), P.A.O.C. (26), Gaza (24), B.H.O.S. (18), Port District (16), Goodwood (15), Scotch OC (14), Ethelton (6), P.A.Pres (2).

1st S. Gaza 13.4 P.A.O.C. 6.7 2nd S. Kilburn 9.7 Rostrevor OC 3.3 Prelim. Rostrevor OC 10.12 Gaza 6.2 G.Fin. Rostrevor OC 6.3 Kilburn 2.5

A3 Reserve

Gepps Cross (34), Rosewater (28), Adelaide Uni (26), S.M.O.S.H. (22), Seaton (22), P.H.O.S. (16), Pembroke OS (14), Fitzroy (12), Immanuel OS (6), S.A.C.A.T. (0).

1st S. S.M.O.S.H. 9.6 Adelaide Uni 6.7 2nd S. Gepps Cross 8.9 Rosewater 7.10 Prelim. S.M.O.S.H. 11.6 Rosewater 8.6 G.Fin. S.M.O.S.H. 6.6 Gepps Cross 4.5

A4 Reserve

Norwood Union (30), Glenunga (28), Old Ignatians (28), Ferryden Park (24), Kenilworth Col Lt (18), Burnside Kensington (18), Mitcham (18), Edwardstown Baptist (8), Post-Tel Inst (8), Salisbury College (0).

1st S. Old Ignatians 10.4 Ferryden Park 8.5 2nd S. Norwood Un 10.3 Glenunga 7.10 Prelim. Glenunga 12.9 Old Ignatians 5.2 G.Fin. Glenunga 6.9 Norwood Un 1.5

A5 Reserve

Hope Valley (33), Lockleys (32), Adel Lutheran (24)*, C.B.C.O.C. (22), Flinders Uni (16)*, National Bk (16), Salesian (13), Unley (12), Wingfield (10), ANZ Bank (2). * Includes 2 draws.

1st S. Adel Luth 8.5 C.B.C.O.C. 4.7 2nd S. Hope Valley 10.6 Lockleys 5.8 Prelim. Lockleys 12.9 Adel Luth 6.8 G.Fin. Hope Valley 6.14 Lockleys 5.6

A6 Reserve

Tea Tree Gully (36), West Lakes (30), Modbury (30), Broadview (24), Campbelltown Magill (20), Para Hills (18), Glandore (18), A.N.R.I. (14), Banksia Park (10), Woodville District (6), Fitzroy (6), Alberton United (4).

1st S. Broadview 6.10 Modbury 4.6 2nd S. Tea Tree Gully 10.7 West Lakes 8.5 Prelim. West Lakes 10.9 Broadview 9.4 G.Fin. West Lakes 4.11 Tea Tree Gully 4.3

A7 Reserve

Adelaide Uni (35), S.P.O.C. (28), S.A.I.T. (27), Greenacres (26), P.A.O.C. (24), Salisbury Central (24), Goodwood (16), R.O.C. (13), S.M.O.S.H. (11), S.H.O.C. (8), Para Dist (4).

1st S. Greenacres 9.2 S.A.I.T. 6.12 2nd S. Adelaide Uni 7.5 S.P.O.C. 5.11 Prelim. S.P.O.C. 9.13 Greenacres 9.6 G.Fin. S.P.O.C. 5.6 Adelaide Uni 5.4

Under 17

Tea Tree Gully (28), Gepps Cross (24), Hope Valley (24), Gaza (24), Goodwood (22), Para Hills (22), Port District (22), Ethelton (16), Broadview (16), West Lakes (10), Ferryden Park (10), Kilburn (8), Unley (4), Greenacres (4), Modbury (4), Campbelltown Magill (2).

1st S. Gaza 18.6 Hope Valley 13.10 2nd S. Gepps Cross 11.18 Tea Tree Gully 5.3 Prelim. Gaza 12.8 Tea Tree Gully 8.4 G.Fin. Gepps Cross 14.9 Gaza 10.7


State captain Shane Reardon was the Pfitzner medallist for 1988, the only Greek-Camden player to win an A1 medal. Another first was the voting for the A2 medal which resulted in a tie between Kilburn teammates Gary Argus and Gavin Lauder, the only time that two players from the same club tied to win a medal. Rep. side captain Terry Lewis of Fitzroy won his second A3 McKay Medal in succession. Adelaide Uni created a record by having 5 medallists, while Norwood Union’s Ray Ladhams joined an elite band by winning his fourth medal, the A4 Treloar Medal.

Other medal winners were:

  • Paul Johnson (National Bank – A5)
  • David Trevaskis (Banksia Park – A6)
  • Dean Hawkins (Para District – A7)
  • Brian Jeffries (Greek Camden – A8)
  • Falies Wanganeen (Rosewater – A9)
  • Grant Parker (Adelaide Uni – A10)
  • Andrew White (Adelaide Uni – A11)
  • Alister Lee (Adelaide Uni – A1 Res)
  • Gary Short (Gaza – A2 Res tie)
  • Brett Spence (Kilburn – A2 Res tie)
  • Digby Hancock (Adelaide Uni – A3 Res)
  • Max Hunt (Burnside Kensington – A4 Res)
  • Gerry Manouge (Hope Valley – A5 Res)
  • Gavin Frith (ANRI – A6 Res)
  • Damian McGrath (Adelaide Uni – A7 Res)
  • Ray Winen (Ferryden Park – Under 17)

The Charles Irvine Trophy winner for A1 leading goalkicker was the 1982 winner Alex ‘Sandy’ Hancock of Adelaide University who kicked 73 goals. The A2 Peter Haynes Trophy winner was Brian Carey of Rostrevor O.C. who kicked 81. Adelaide University won the Norwich Life Cup for the third year in succession with 9 teams, 6 of whom played in the finals, 5 medallists, and the A1 leading goalkicker.


The 18th interstate carnival was held in Launceston in June. Preparations began with a fitness camp at St. Lukes, Port Elliott on the long weekend in May under the supervision of coach Noel Annear and assistant coach Evan Katsaros. This was followed by a trial game against a combined Norwood team under lights at Norwood Oval in appalling conditions, after which the following squad was selected.

  • Argus, Gary Kilburn
  • Ashby, Darryl Riverside
  • Bald, Colin Riverside
  • Blank, Barrie Broadview
  • Brown, Darryl Scotch O.C.
  • Carey, Mike Rostrevor O.C.
  • Crerar, Peter Broadview
  • Davies, Chris Broadview
  • Economou, John Greek Camden
  • Gatoudis, Aris Greek Camden
  • Huppatz, Phillip Greenacres
  • Johnston, Rob St.Peters O.C.
  • Kemp, Mark Broadview
  • Kemp, Paul Broadview
  • Killian, Andrew Riverside
  • Manuel, Geoff Riverside
  • Morgan, Michael Greek Camden
  • Reardon, Shane captain Greek Camden
  • Simpson, Mark Broadview
  • Solomon, Jack vice captain Greek Camden
  • Spirou, Kevin Greek Camden
  • Thompson, Christian St.Peters O.C.
  • Vincent, Andrew St.Peters O.C.
  • Williams, Cory Adelaide University
  • Willsmore, Ian Prince Alfred O.C.

Ivan Coles from Riverside had been named in the original squad but had to withdraw and was replaced by Darryl Brown. The two umpires from S.A. were Chris Evans and Allen Robertson.

Monday June 13th 1988

S.A.Team v Tasmania

York Park

The carnival did not get off to a promising start in cold and wet conditions at York Park, as S.A. struggled against the Taswegians who were winning at centre half back, centre and centre half forward. However, after half time, the S.A. players put it together kicking 15 goals to just 2. Paul Kemp dominated on a wing, Darryl Brown came off the interchange bench to cut out Tassie centreman Wim Vaessen, Michael Carey starred at centre half forward, and rover Colin Bald took everything away from the packs. Unfortunately, Michael Morgan dislocated a shoulder and Geoff Manuel badly damaged a knee.1Q 2Q 3Q Final S.A. 4.1 6.6 12.10 21.15 (141) Tasmania 2.6 4.7 5.11 6.12 (48)

Goalkickers: M.Kemp 4, Brown 3, Carey 3, Huppatz 3, Argus 2, Bald, Davies, P.Kemp, Reardon, Simpson, Thompson

Best Players: P.Kemp, Carey, Bald, Argus, Killian, Brown

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 4.3 7.6 11.7 11.14 (80) W.A. 1.2 3.5 5.5. 7.5 (47)

Wednesday June 15th 1988

S.A.Team v W.A.

York Park

S.A. made four changes following the two severe injuries in the match on Monday, and was jumped by W.A. who kicked 5 goals in the first quarter while S.A. kicked badly. It was catch-up football from then on, and in an exciting finish S.A. was demoralised to lose by a solitary point. Coach Annear was distraught at the many opportunities that were wasted in the forward lines.1Q 2Q 3Q Final W.A. 5.4 7.8 10.9 12.11 (83) S.A. 1.6 5.9 8.13 11.16 (82)

Goalkickers: Brown 3, Bald 2, Argus, Blank, Davies, Economou, P.Kemp, Solomon

Best Players: Brown, Reardon, P.Kemp, Vincent, Argus, Crerar

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 4.3 15.7 20.14 25.17 (167) Tasmania 2.1 2.2 4.3 8.4 (52)

Saturday June 18th 1988

S.A.Team v Victoria

York Park

An injury to Jack Solomon further weakened the squad for the deciding match of the carnival. S.A. was again jumped in the first quarter, and despite battling it out to the end, found the Vics. simply too quick and too talented.1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 7.2 14.3 24.10 27.11 (173) S.A. 1.2 5.5. 8.8 13.11 (89)

Goalkickers: Simpson 5, Argus 2, Carey 2, M.Kemp 2, Bald, Williams

Best Players: Argus, Crerar, Bald, Reardon, Gatoudis, Simpson

1Q 2Q 3Q Final W.A. 1.3 8.4 12.5 21.8 (134) Tasmania 3.3 6.4 11.6 11.9 (75)

Gary Argus won the Patron’s Trophy for the best S.A. player at the carnival. An All-Australian team was named at the conclusion of the carnival which included Gary Argus, Colin Bald, Darryl Brown, Peter Crerar and Mark Kemp. Brown had an extremely good carnival for a last-minute replacement.

Earlier in the year during March an N.F.L. Bi-Centennial Carnival was held at Football Park. The All-Australian Amateurs played in Division II, and the S.A. representatives were Gary Argus, Bill Botten, Ivan Coles, Chris Horwood, Jack Solomon, Cory Williamsand Ian Willsmore. Also in the squad were seven V.F.L. and S.A.N.F.L. players who began their careers in the amateurs, namelyAndrew Obst (Port Adelaide), Simon Beasley (Footscray), Stephen Clark (Essendon), Alex Ischenko (West Coast), Sean King (West Coast), Geoff Miles (West Coast) and James Morrisey (Hawthorn). John Ferme had the honour of being selected as the umpire from the amateurs. Results were as follows:

Wednesday March 2nd 1988

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Amateurs 4.3 7.6 11.7 14.12 (96) A.C.T. 2.4 5.5 8.10 12.11 (83)

Thursday March 3rd 1988

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Northn Territ. 0.4 3.9 4.14 11.19 (85) Amateurs 2.3 2.4 6.7 8.9 (57)

Bill Botten won the trophy for the best ‘non-professional’ player in the All-Australian Amateurs.

For the second year in succession an A3-A6 Representative Team was selected. Whyalla was unable to offer a match, and so a match was arranged against a comparable team from the Victorian amateurs. Peter Hill was appointed coach, and the match was played at Norwood Oval on Sunday May 29th.

The team was as follows:

  • Agius, Ross hf Rosewater
  • Alm, Richard ruck Immanuel O.S.
  • Brake, Wes follower Plympton High O.S.
  • Carty, Wayne ff St.Michaels O.S.& H.
  • Duif, Paul interch Campbelltown Magill
  • Ey, Peter hb Pembroke O.S.
  • Flynn, Gary ruck Fitzroy
  • Gay, Mark chb Gepps Cross
  • Gordon, David fb Adelaide University
  • Hammond, Tim follower Mitcham
  • Ladhams, Ray v.capt bp Norwood Union
  • Lane, Tony wing Glenunga
  • Lewis, Terry capt. rover Fitzroy
  • Marcuzzi, Paul wing Burnside Kensington
  • Matts, Clive interch West Lakes
  • McKee, Andrew chf Pembroke O.S.
  • Modra, Mark centre St.Michael O.S.& H.
  • Sherman, Mark interch Hope Valley
  • Smith, Mike hb Gepps Cross
  • Waites, Peter fp Seaton Ramblers
  • Watson, Michael rover Glenunga
  • Wellington, Mark bp Adelaide University

S.A. was absolutely blitzed in the first half of the match as the run-on style of the Vics caught them flat-footed time and time again. Ross Agius was brilliant when moved to the pivot, and was a big factor in a much better second-half performance by the whole team.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 11.3 21.6 24.9 28.11 179) S.A. 1.1 4.3 7.8 8.13 (61)

Goalkickers: Alm 2, Carty, Hammond, Matts, Modra, Waites, Watson

Best Players: Agius, Ladhams, Wellington, Modra, Matts, Lewis

The Under-17s played a match against the Hills Association at Lobethal on July 10th and won 9.10 to 5.8.

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