SAAFL History – 1998

Following the turmoil of the previous two years, relative calm settled on the gradings front with the one competition of 20 divisions firmly in place. Promotion and relegation for the top and bottom two teams in each division proceeded relatively smoothly, although Port District, second bottom in 1997, applied to stay in Division 1. Districts had recruited several good players from the Port Magpies in the S.A.N.F.L., and 1997 runners-up in Division 2, Sacred Heart O.C., were happy to remain in Division 2 to leave a Div. 1 spot for Districts. The Delegates however refused this request, perhaps in the spirit of the now-settled gradings structure and its associated promotion/relegation rules.

Rule changes were made to the playing time for early and late matches. In accordance with the A.F.L., late games which had been of four 25-minute quarters plus time-on, were changed to four 20-minute quarters with extra time-on added when the ball went out of bounds. The playing time for early matches was changed from four 25-minute quarters (no time on) to four 22-minute quarters to allow the late matches to start promptly on time.

A change was also made to the send-off rules. There had been a category A offence for serious breaches such as striking, a category B offence for less serious breaches such as attempting to strike, both of which involved a report and a sending-off for a minimum of 15 minutes, and a category C offence for misdemeanours not requiring a report but a sending-off for 10 minutes (the ‘sin bin’), all categories subject to non-replacement of the guilty player. These three categories were collapsed into two, category A now involving any offence requiring a report and minimum 15-minute send-off (effectively the old categories A & B combined), and category B becoming the ‘sin bin’ for sending off players for 10 minutes to cool down, with no report but allowing replacement.

After a one-year trial the position of Junior Development Manager was not renewed. However, a position which had been in existence for 25 years and which had been held by one person for the last 23, namely the position of Office Manager, was still going strong. Elaine Davoren had her outstanding service to the League over many years recognised with the award of life membership of the S.A.A.F.L., only the 20th person to have been so honoured. The League’s foray into publishing its own magazine had proved extremely successful, and so On The Full was extended into its second season, although incorporated into the weekly sports magazine Sportsbeat, a publication made available free to the public through hotels.

A new innovation was the awarding of the A.F.Statton Medal for the best player in the Division 1 Grand Final. The League’s General Manager, Alan Statton, was as famous in his long time in the driving seat of the S.A.A.F.L. as was Hugh Millard during his long reign from the 1920s through to the 1950s. Such a high profile award was most fitting recognition for Alan’s dedication to amateur football. Another innovation for Grand Finals was the presentation of a small replica winner’s shield after the match in place of the actual premiership shield, a change brought about by instances in the past of damage to the official shields during hi-jinx celebrations.

Significant club happenings included a one-year recess for Campbelltown-Magill which was having difficulty attracting players, a name change for Henley Greek to simply Henley, and a change of nickname for Kilburn who dropped the ‘Chics’ (short for Chicago) in favour of the ‘Knights’.

In Division 1, 1997 finalists PHOS Camden and Henley had slipped out of the top four to be replaced by Adelaide Uni. And Kilburn. With one minor round match to play Goodwood, Adelaide Uni and Kilburn were competing for the double chance which Goodwood sealed by beating Kilburn in a fiery encounter at Goodwood Oval.

Premiership Tables

Div 1 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Played Won L D Pts Broadview 18 15 3 0 30 Goodwood Saints 18 13 5 0 26 Adelaide University 18 13 5 0 26 Kilburn 18 13 5 0 26 P.H.O.S. Camden 18 11 7 0 22 Edwardstown 18 9 9 0 18 Athelstone 18 6 12 0 12 Henley 18 5 13 0 10 Pooraka 18 3 15 0 6 Sacred Heart O.C. 18 2 16 0 4

Due to the scheduling of an extra interstate match it was decided to give the Division 1 grade two separate byes and to play the First and Second Semi Finals on the same Saturday, albeit a week behind the rest of the competition. In the First Semi at Payneham Oval, the Blacks established an early 3-goal lead over a weakened Kilburn and held this until the last quarter when the Knights gradually got on top but ran out of time, Uni winning 12.10 to 11.7. The Second Semi at Daly Oval was a one-sided affair as Goodwood reversed its two minor round losses to Broadview by kicking 5 goals to 2 in the third quarter for a 13.10 to 6.14 victory. The Preliminary Final was played at Prospect Oval and was a tight struggle until the last quarter when the Tigers over-ran the Blacks kicking 7 goals and winning easily 14.6 to 7.8.

In the Grand Final at Adelaide Oval, Brenton Honor’s Goodwood were warm favourites after beating Tony Roach’s Broadview by 38 points in the Second Semi and having had the benefit of a week’s rest. However, the Tigers continued their form from the last quarter of the Prelim. Final by leading at every change and kicking bags of 5 goals in the second quarter and 9 goals in the last to thrash the Saints 18.13 to 8.6. The on-ballers Justin Salisbury, Adam Nicks and Paul Kemp were unstoppable, with Salisbury winning the inaugural Alan Statton Medal for best-on-ground.

The Division 2 competition had two outstanding teams in Port District and Tea Tree Gully, while Scotch stood above the rest. There was a fight between Seaton and Rostrevor for the other finals spots which the Rams won.

Div 2 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Played Won L D Pts Port District 18 15 3 0 30 Tea Tree Gully 18 15 3 0 30 Scotch O.C. 18 13 5 0 26 Seaton Ramblers 18 10 8 0 20 Rostrevor O.C. 18 9 9 0 18 Salisbury North 18 9 9 0 18 Gaza 18 6 12 0 12 SMOSH West Lakes 18 6 12 0 12 Prince Alfred O.C. 18 5 13 0 10 St. Peters O.C. 18 2 16 0 4

Mark Downie’s Seaton had the better of the first half in the First Semi at Daly Oval, but Graham Dewhurst’s Scotch took over in the second half apart from the first 10 minutes of the last quarter when the Rams kicked 3 quick goals. Scotch countered and led by James Pascoe and Ian Steel poured on the last 7 goals of the match to win 19.9 to 10.9. The Second Semi was played at Prospect Oval where Damien Angove’s Port District had to struggle all day to beat Kym Nicholls’ Tea Tree Gully 12.13 to 11.7. In the Prelim. Final at Blair Athol Reserve, Dale Betterman mesmerised the Scotch players with a best-on-ground performance as the Gullies over-ran Scotch 15.14 to 9.3. Norwood Oval was the venue for the Grand Final, and Districts got on top early through the efforts of ruckman Ron ‘Muddy’ Waters, rover Jamie Baldissera, and century goalkicker Mark Tylor. With Magpies’ coach Damien Angove shadowing the brilliant Gullies’ playmaker Adam Betterman, the Port side enjoyed a 5-goal lead at half time which they stretched to 9 by three-quarter time and held to win 17.9 to 9.6.

In Division 3 Walkerville set the early pace but by the end of the minor round there was not a lot of difference between the top six sides.

Div 3 Premiership Table

(as at the end of the minor round)

Played Won L D Pts Glandore 18 13 5 0 26 Walkerville 18 12 5 1 25 Gepps Cross 18 12 6 0 24 Unley 18 12 6 0 24 Flinders Park 18 11 7 0 22 Payneham N.U. 18 10 8 0 20 Greenacres 18 8 10 0 16 Plympton 18 7 10 1 15 Salisbury West 18 3 15 0 6 Modbury 18 1 17 0 2

Unley had led the competition with two rounds to go but lost their last two. In the First Semi at Blair Athol Reserve against Gepps Cross, the Jets fought all the way only to go down by four points 9.9 to 10.7. In the Second Semi at Panther Park, Glandore was a firm favourite but had to fight hard to defeat the Cats 10.15 to 10.4 helped by two late goals. An injury-riddled Walkerville took it up to Gepps Cross in the Preliminary Final at Panther Park until the third quarter when the Rams, led by Paul Pisani, piled on eight goals to one. The Cats came back in the last quarter to go down narrowly 16.5 to 17.11 The Grand Final was also at Panther Park, and the two-pronged attack of Laurence Schache and Clinton Payne spelt trouble for the Glandore Eagles. However, it was Paul Pisani and Chris Packham who kick-started the Rams into a 7.11 to 3.5 at half time. However, after half time the Eagles were lifted by Wayne Richardson, Mark Taintey and Ray Milburn, scoring 9.7 to 3.0 for a 12.12 to 10.11 victory and their first flag since 1992.

Other Tables and Scores

Div 4: Old Ignatians (30), Pembroke OS (28), Portland (26), TransAdelaide Tigers (22), Hectorville (20), Lockleys (14), Glenunga (14), Rosewater (12), Elizabeth (10), Fitzroy (4).

1st S. Portland 18.10 TransAdelaide 14.9 2nd S. Pembroke OS 14.12 Old Ignatians 10.10 Prelim. Old Ignatians 15.9 Portland 7.6 G.Fin. Pembroke OS 11.14 Old Ignatians 10.8

Div 5: Eastern Park (34), Mitcham (28), C.B.C.O.C. (26), Smithfield (26), St. Pauls OS (22), Adelaide Lutheran (14), North Haven (12), Woodville South (12), Central United (4), Hope Valley (2).

1st S. C.B.C.O.C. 15.11 Smithfield 10.9 2nd S. Mitcham 8.13 Eastern Park 6.7 Prelim. Eastern Park 17.10 C.B.C.O.C. 8.13 G.Fin. Eastern Park 14.8 Mitcham 4.10

Div 6: Burnside Kensington (28), Adelaide High OS (25), West Croydon (22), Kenilworth (22), North Pines (22), Golden Grove (18), Salisbury (16), Para Hills (15), Ingle Farm (10), Colonel Light Gardens (2).

1st S. West Croydon 15.11 Kenilworth 7.15 2nd S. Burns Kens 22.19 Adel High OS 7.8 Prelim. West Croydon 22.9 Adel High OS 5.12 G.Fin. West Croydon 14.9 Burns Kens 8.15

Div 7: Pulteney OS (34), Broadview (30), Houghton Districts (20), Adelaide Uni (18), Brahma Lodge (18), Wingfield Royals (16), Athelstone (4), Paralowie (4).

1st S. Adelaide Uni 12.8 Houghton 9.20 2nd S. Pulteney OS 11.9 Broadview 10.5 Prelim. Broadview 16.12 Adelaide Uni 2.4 G.Fin. Pulteney OS 3.10 Broadview 5.6 GF2: Pulteney OS 12.12 Broadview 11.9

Div 8: Henley (30), Portland (28), Port District (28), Ovingham (16), Flinders Uni (14), Tea Tree Gully (14), Adelaide Uni (12), Gaza (2).

1st S. Port District 18.13 Ovingham 8.13 2nd S. Henley 14.7 Portland 9.7 Prelim. Port District 15.11 Portland 9.7 G.Fin. Henley 10.15 Port District 10.5

Div 9 North: Modbury (34), Kilburn (30), Gepps Cross (26), Adelaide Uni (22), Salisbury North (20), Eastern Park (16), Salisbury West (14), Pooraka (14), Ingle Farm (4), Salisbury (0).

1st S. Adelaide Uni 12.5 Gepps Cross 7.14 2nd S. Kilburn 18.9 Modbury 5.14 Prelim. Modbury 12.23 Adelaide Uni 10.11 G.Fin. Modbury 10.11 Kilburn 8.9

Div 9 South: Goodwood Saints (34), PHOS Camden (32), Rostrevor OC (26), Seaton Ramblers (22), S.P.O.C. (20), Scotch OC (18), Edwardstown (16), Flinders Park (16), Adelaide Uni (12), P.A.O.C. (10), SMOSH West Lakes (4), S.H.O.C. (4).

1st S. R.O.C.S. 26.10 Seaton Rams 8.5 2nd S. Goodwood 11.15 PHOS Cam 7.5 Prelim. PHOS Cam 8.12 R.O.C.S. 7.7 G.Fin. PHOS Cam 6.11 Goodwood 5.12

Div 10 North: Payneham NU (34), Greenacres (32), Walkerville (28), North Pines (22), Woodville South (22), Fitzroy (14), Golden Grove (12), TransAdelaide Tigers (10), Hectorville (6), Wingfield Royals (0).

1st S. Walkerville 18.17 North Pines 5.2 2nd S. Greenacres 9.5 Payneham NU 8.8 Prelim. Walkerville 10.10 Payneham 4.10 G.Fin. Greenacres 11.4 Walkerville 6.6

Div 10 South: Pembroke OS (34), Mitcham (30), Old Ignatians (28), C.B.C.O.C. (24), Plympton (16), Pulteney OS (16), Unley (12), Adelaide Lutheran (12), North Haven (8), Glenunga (0).

1st S. Old Ignatians 21.16 C.B.C.O.C. 2.3 2nd S. Pembroke O.S. 14.5 Mitcham 9.6 Prelim. Old Ignatians 12.12 Mitcham 7.8 G.Fin. Old Ignatians 11.10 Pembroke OS 6.3

Div 1 Res: Goodwood Saints (35), Adelaide Uni (28), Edwardstown (26), Broadview (24), Henley (24), PHOS Camden (15), Athelstone (12), Pooraka (10), Kilburn (6), Sacred Heart O.C. (0).

1st S. Broadview 14.3 Edwardstown 6.8 2nd S. Goodwood 10.10 Adelaide Uni 6.3 Prelim. Adelaide Uni Broadview G.Fin. Goodwood Adelaide Uni

Div 2 Res: Port District (30), Scotch OC (27), Tea Tree Gully (24), R.O.C.S. (24), Salisbury North (24), Seaton Rams (14), SMOSH West Lakes (11), S.P.O.C. (10), P.A.O.C. (10), Gaza (6).

1st S. R.O.C.S. 8.11 Tea Tree Gully 7.7 2nd S. Scotch O.C. 5.17 Port District 4.12 Prelim. R.O.C.S. 13.13 Port District 5.8 G.Fin. R.O.C.S. 9.13 Scotch O.C. 6.5

Div 3 Res: Gepps Cross (33), Walkerville (32), Flinders Park (24), Plympton (24), Greenacres (23), Unley (16), Salisbury West (10), Modbury (8), Payneham NU (8), Glandore (2).

1st S. Flinders Park 10.8 Plympton 7.5 2nd S. Walkerville 12.9 Gepps Cross 3.1 Prelim. Gepps Cross 5.13 Flinders Park 4.8 G.Fin. Walkerville 8.4 Gepps Cross 2.7

Div 4 Res: Old Ignatians (36), Portland (30), Pembroke OS (28), TransAdelaide Tigers (26), Fitzroy (16), Hectorville (16), Elizabeth (14), Lockleys (6), Glenunga (4), Rosewater (4).

1st S. TransAdelaide 10.8 Pembroke OS 7.14 2nd S. Portland 9.6 Old Ignatians 8.9 Prelim. Old Ignatians 14.10 TransAdelaide 2.3 G.Fin. Old Ignatians 9.6 Portland 3.4

Div 5 Res: Eastern Park (30), North Haven (28), St. Pauls OS (24), Smithfield (24), Mitcham (22), CBCOC (22), Adelaide Lutheran (16), Woodville South (8), Central United (4), Hope Valley (2).

1st S. St. Pauls OS 8.6 Smithfield 5.9 2nd S. Eastern Park 10.10 North Haven 7.7 Prelim. North Haven 7.3 St. Pauls OS 5.6 G.Fin. North Haven 15.11 Eastern Park 8.8

Div 6 Res: North Pines (31), Golden Grove (28), Para Hills (28), West Croydon (28), Ingle Farm (16), Salisbury (12), Burnside Kensington (12), Adelaide High OS (10), Kenilworth (8), Colonel Light Gardens (7).

1st S. Para Hills 14.15 West Croydon 8.6 2nd S. North Pines 17.14 Golden Grove 9.9 Prelim. Para Hills 9.7 Golden Grove 7.8 G.Fin. North Pines 9.11 Para Hills 3.9

Div 7 Res: Pulteney OS (32), Broadview (30), Athelstone (24), Adelaide Uni (22), Houghton Districts (20), Wingfield Royals (12), Brahma Lodge (4), Paralowie (0).

1st S. Athelstone 11.3 Adelaide Uni 5.8 2nd S. Pulteney OS 15.16 Broadview 4.4 Prelim. Broadview 7.5 Athelstone 5.13 G.Fin. Pulteney OS 9.8 Broadview 5.1

Div 8 Res: Henley (34), Port District (30), Portland (22), Flinders Uni (18), Adelaide Uni (18), Tea Tree Gully (16), Ovingham (6), Gaza (0).

1st S. Portland 10.3 Flinders Uni 5.14 2nd S. Henley 11.16 Port District 7.9 Prelim. Port District 11.11 Portland 8.10 G.Fin. Henley 10.9 Port District 8.7

Under 17 Gold: Pooraka (34), Gepps Cross (30), Eastern Park (28), Salisbury (26), Broadview (22), Tea Tree Gully (18), Athelstone (18), Modbury (16), Para Hills (12), Salisbury North (8), Fitzroy (2), North Pines (2).

1st S. Salisbury 15.15 Eastern Park 12.9 2nd S. Pooraka 22.9 Gepps Cross 7.11 Prelim. Gepps Cross 13.13 Salisbury 11.5 G.Fin. Pooraka 12.17 Gepps Cross 10.12

Under 17 Blue: Payneham NU (26), Portland (26), Henley (26), Woodville South (24), SMOSH West Lakes (22), Port District (18), Flinders Park (14), North Haven (12), Plympton (8).

1st S. Woodville 12.7 Henley 11.7 2nd S. Payneham NU 11.8 Portland 3.4 Prelim. Woodv South 10.16 Portland 7.9 G.Fin. Woodv South 11.14 Payneham NU 7.5


For the second year in a row a Kilburn player won the Division 1 medal. Dwayne Wilson was something of a surprise winner with 16 votes. One vote ahead of Broadview’s Paul Kemp and P.H.O.S. Camden’s Adrian Pope. The Div. 2, Div. 3 and Div. 4 winners were all lining up for their second medal. Marcus Trimboli of Rostrevor O.C. won his second Div. 2 medal, Div. 3 medallist Chris Packham of Gepps Cross had won the Under 17 medal playing for Elizabeth the previous year, and Div. 4 medallist Damien Laan of Hectorville had won the Div 5 medal in 1997. Other medal winners were Michael Moss (D5 – Smithfield), Phillip Attenborough (D6 tie – Golden Grove), Malcolm Grossman (D6 tie – Para Hills), Craig Manuel (D7 – Houghton Districts), David Rose (D8 – Port District), Tim Hill (D9 North – Pooraka), Joe Walsh (D9 South – R.O.C.S.), Phil Cleary (D10 North – Walkerville), Mark Bryson (D10 South – C.B.C.O.C.), Peter Sarson (D1R – Adelaide Uni.), Chris Arnold (D2R – Scotch O.C.), Simon Laube (D3R – Walkerville), Robert Cains (D4R – Portland), Kevin Prime (D5R tie – Eastern Park), Anthony Altamura (D5R tie – St. Pauls O.S.), Steven Linou (D6R – Adelaide High O.S.), Ian Havelberg (D7R – Houghton Districts, his second medal), Glenn Schapel (D8R – Adelaide Uni.), Anthony Didak (U17 Gold – Pooraka), and Russell Martin (U17 Blue- Port District).

The leading goalkicker in Division 1 was Edwardstown’s Dion Hibberd who kicked 54 goals, and Mark Tylor led Division 2 with 112.


Two senior state matches were played in 1998. The squad was as follows:

  • Angove, Damien Port District
  • Ashcroft, Deryck Goodwood Saints
  • Baldisera, Jamie Port District
  • Brkic, Kemal Goodwood Saints
  • Buckskin, Barry Broadview
  • Carr, Stephen Edwardstown
  • Carter, Michael Pooraka
  • Cosh, Andrew Scotch O.C.
  • Dittmar, Mark Kilburn
  • Downs, Jamie Kilburn
  • Franz, Loren Sacred Heart O.C.
  • Goodes, Jason Goodwood Saints
  • Grantham, Daniel Broadview
  • Hawkins, Mark Kilburn
  • Katsaros, Tom Adelaide University
  • Kemp, Paul Broadview
  • Kent, Robbie Goodwood Saints
  • Kitschke, Damian Sacred Heart O.C.
  • Lambert, Patrick Sacred Heart O.C.
  • Lukosius, Rob Henley
  • Martin, Tom Adelaide University
  • Merchant, Anthony Goodwood Saints
  • Page, Paul Goodwood Saints
  • Pascoe, Chris Pooraka
  • Pascoe, James Scotch O.C.
  • Perugini, Rob v.c. P.H.O.S. Camden
  • Prescott, Stephen Edwardstown
  • Salisbury, Justin Broadview
  • Tumes, Jon Adelaide University
  • Tylor, Mark captain Port District
  • Whelan, Ben P.H.O.S. Camden
  • Wyles, Dallas Kilburn

Negotiations to play the Victorian Metropolitan Football League had broken down, but we were fortunate to make last-minute arrangements to travel to Canberra to play a combined team from the A.C.T. Australian Football League. This was the first occasion in the history of the Amateur League that we had played a match against a team from Canberra, and the A.C.T.A.F.L. was a very strong opponent having lost narrowly to a combined S.A.N.F.L. team coached by Mick Nunan in 1997 and played trials against A.F.L. teams. Bob Cross was the new coach and the team lined up as follows:

Saturday May 16th, 1998

S.A. Team v A.C.T.

Football Park, Canberra

It was a fine but overcast day and the long Football Park arena had a longer grass covering than usual making conditions slippery. The A.C.T. started better to lead by three goals at quarter time then edged further to a 25-point lead at half time. S.A. played much better in the second half getting plenty of drive from James Pascoe and Deryck Ashcroft. Unfortunately we hit the post twice in the last quarter and couldn’t quite bridge the gap to go down by 12 points.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final A.C.T. 6.3 10.5 12.6 14.12 (96) S.A. 3.3 6.4 10.8 12.12 (84)

Goalkickers: Goodes 5, Tylor 4, Page, Hawkins, Carr

Best Players: J.Pascoe, Ashcroft, Baldisera, Grantham, Lambert, Carr, Goodes

For the second match against traditional rivals Victoria, the S.A. team was hit hard by injuries, but still produced a very competitive team.

Sunday June 7th 1998

S.A. Team v Victoria

Woodville Oval

With the advantage of a slight breeze S.A. led early in the match aided by strong rucking from Damian Kitschke, the dash of wingman Robbie Kent and three goals from the dangerous Mark Tylor at full forward. The Vics moved more smoothly in the second quarter and enjoyed a 15-point lead at half-time which had been reduced to just one point with one quarter to play. At the start of the last, Jamie Downs goaled to give S.A. the lead, but two goals to the Vics gave them an 11-point advantage which was whittled down to four points after Tylor kicked his sixth goal for the match. Seconds before the sire blew, Downs marked 45 metres out and the crowd went silent. Under enormous pressure, Downs’ shot sailed over the top of the goal post and goal umpire Bruce Amos broke S.A.’s hearts when he signalled a behind.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 3.1 8.8 9.8 11.12 (78) S.A. 5.1 6.5 9.7 11.9 (75)

Goalkickers: Tylor 6, Carr 2, Goodes 2, Downs

Best Players: Kitschke, Kent, Martin, Tylor, Prescott, Baldisera, Dittmar

Triple medallist Ray Ladhams was the coach of the Division 3-6 Representative side which played two matches in 1998. The squad was as follows:

  • Barnes, Nathan Payneham Norwood Union
  • Battams, Jamie Payneham Norwood Union
  • Byrnes, Daniel v.c. Flinders Park
  • Chapman, Wil Old Ignatians
  • Cocks, Mark Portland
  • Dolheguy, David Salisbury West
  • Evans, Jack Glandore
  • Fowler, Brenton North Pines
  • Fowler, Hayden North Pines
  • Golding, Matt Unley
  • Gregory, Matt Greenacres
  • Halliday, Ben Elizabeth
  • Jarvis, Daniel Portland
  • Karatsas, Hassan Gepps Cross
  • Kowall, Matt Gepps Cross
  • Kulpe, Andre captain Hope Valley
  • Lovelock, Graham Unley
  • Mead, Daniel Modbury
  • Nation,. Andrew Plympton
  • Patruno, Daniel Portland
  • Portaro, Sammy Fitzroy
  • Salisbury, Kane Glenunga
  • Smith, Tim Fitzroy
  • Sochacki, Jeff Hope Valley
  • Souter, Justin Mitcham
  • Stahlhut, Brad, Brett Flinders Park
  • Stephenson, Kym Walkerville, Hectorville
  • Tozer, Peter Rosewater
  • Watts, Brendon Elizabeth
  • Willoughby, Mark Flinders Park

The first match was against the Broken Hill League who we had beaten by three points the previous season in Broken Hill, but coach Ladhams was distressed when several players originally picked in the squad withdrew under pressure from their clubs.

Saturday, May 16th 1998

S.A. Rep. Team v Broken Hill

Blair Athol Reserve

In a low-scoring first quarter the Rep. Side’s defence was under extreme pressure, and three goals from ‘Tanka’ Salisbury in the second quarter kept them in the game. However, the home side were kept to four points in the third and kicked only one goal in the last to go down by 50 points.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Broken Hill 2.4 6.9 9.11 13.13 (91) S.A. Reps 0.1 4.2 4.6 5.11 (41)


Best Players:

The second match was against Victoria whom we had beaten only twice in six encounters.

Sunday, June 7th 1998

S.A. Rep. Team v Victoria

Woodville Oval

The match was all over by quarter time with the Vics running rampant to lead by 8 goals. It was only in the last quarter that S.A. made any sort of contest.

1Q 2Q 3Q Final Victoria 9.9 13.5 22.8 29.9 (183) S.A. Reps 1.1 2.1 4.2 10.3 (63)

Goalkickers: Kowal 4, Mead 3, H.Fowler, Karatsas. Stephenson

Best Players: H.Fowler, Kowal, B.Fowler, Kulpe

The Under 17 team played a team from the Kowree Naracoorte Tatiara Football League at Naracoorte on Sunday May 24th losing 3.5 to 9.9.

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