SAAFL History – 2009

There are times when we embark on major projects and the shadow of self doubt can cloud the path before you. Thebarton is a major project for the League. Nearly a year of occupancy and Thebarton is the surrogate mother of the SAAFL. The facility at Thebarton is a local council owned facility. Sure it is bigger than most other facilities but it is subject to the same issues as any council owned facility. Managed well, it can become a valuable facility and resource for the League. Managed poorly, it can become a noose around our neck. Thinking you can or thinking you can’t is only half the message. Knowing you can and doing it is the second part of the equation.

In making statements about success or failure depends on what is valued. Economics or monetary gain is highly valued in a free enterprise system but what else is valued and how is it measured. In looking at Thebarton, how does one measure the impact on umpires that have a true home, proper facility to train and be coached? How does one measure the impact on the quality of umpiring and recruitment of umpires? What impact does this have on the climate of a game? After reviewing the Umpires Report for 2009, one thing is for certain, there have been significant improvements in umpiring quality and numbers this year. Well done to Barry Oates and his support team.

After 21 years of age, birthday parties are held at the end of each decade and bigger celebrations are held at 50 or 100. In 2011, the SAAFL is holding its centenary party. A centenary is a time to reflect on the past, be reminded of the great memories and to honour the people that have gone before that paved the way for us to be enjoying the fruits of their labour.Fred Blochdid a magnificent job in compiling the history of the SAAFL up until 1994. The centenary is a call to all clubs to research and document their own history and put strategies in place to ensure the people and memories live forever.

Strengthening communities through football is our vision. Making the vision a reality is like saying that every football club must mirror a family. Everyone feels welcome, safe, supported and valued yet everyone makes a contribution selflessly. A sound governance structure is the foundation for realising the vision. It is the ‘Great Australian Bite’ of sporting clubs when people with values that conflict with the club’s values, find their way onto boards or committees and leave a trail of destruction that can cripple or decimate clubs and their good willing volunteers. Good governance is at the heart of successful and sustainable clubs.

In 2008, tribunal offences fell by a staggering 25%. In 2009, it has fallen again by another 20%. In a contact sport, there is always the prospect of injury but when injury is incurred by players playing without regard for the rules, they are not welcome in our clubs or the League. Congratulations to all clubs in their embracement of the code of behaviour. The League continues to grow and a safer environment is a contributing factor to its growth. Next year, we are raising the ante on education to ensure properly qualified people officiate at all matches.

It takes persistence, determination and dedication to be successful in winning a grant. This year, over $100,000 in computers were given to clubs to support the online administration thanks to the Commonwealth Government. Next year, with the support of the West Torrens City Council, Australian Football League and the State Government, we hope to upgrade the lights at Thebarton for night football. We are making things happen and we can only make things happen with the help and support of our partners and sponsors. We are indebted to them for their human and financial support.

I take this opportunity to thank the staff for their magnificent support and dedication, the Executive Committee for their guidance and hard work, the Tribunal and Investigation Committee for their commitment and devotion and all the other people that served on committees and devoted many hours of voluntary work to support the League in becoming a better place. Finally, the League exists because there are clubs and I take this opportunity to thank the club leaders and the 1,000 plus volunteers that undertake the numerous tasks in making local football, a place for thriving communities.

Mark D Shadiac CEO

2009 Premiership Winners

Division 1……………………………………….. Goodwood Saints

Division 2……………………………………….. Broadview

Division 3……………………………………….. Walkerville

Division 4……………………………………….. Prince Alfred OC

Division 5……………………………………….. Pulteney

Division 6……………………………………….. Hectorville

Division 7……………………………………….. Henley

Division 1 Reserve…………………………. Sacred Heart OC

Division 2 Reserve…………………………. PHOS Camden

Division 3 Reserve…………………………. St Peters OC

Division 4 Reserve…………………………. Prince Alfred OC

Division 5 Reserve…………………………. Plympton

Division 6 Reserve…………………………. Colonel Light Gardens

Division 7 Reserve…………………………. Adelaide University

C1………………………………………………….. Modbury

C2………………………………………………….. Flinders Park

C3………………………………………………….. Old Ignatians

C4………………………………………………….. Prince Alfred OC

C5………………………………………………….. Paralowie

C6………………………………………………….. Port District

C7………………………………………………….. Kenilworth

Under 18 Blue……………………………….. Port District

Under 18 Yellow…………………………….. Henley

Under 18 Red………………………………… Tea Tree Gully

Premiership Tables (as at the end of minor round)

Div 1

Div 1 Reserves

Goodwood Saints1813526Tea Tree Gully1814428
Tea Tree Gully1811722Sacred Heart OC1813526
Gepps Cross1810820Goodwood Sts18116123
Port District189918Modbury18107121
Gaza1881016Salisbury North189918
Salisbury North1881016Port District18710115
Sacred Heart OC1871114Gepps Cross1851310
Rostrevor OC1851310Rostrevor OC182164

Div 2

Div 2 Reserves

Payneham NU18143128PHOS Camden1817134
Broadview1813526Flinders Park1814428
Eastern Park1712524Adelaide Uni1812624
PHOS Camden1812624Pembroke OS OS1812624
Adelaide University18107120Payneham NU1811722
Flinders Park1871114Eastern Park1871114
Pembroke OS OS1861212Seaton Ramblers1851310
Seaton Ramblers1851310Broadview182164

Div 3

Div 3 Reserves

St Peters OC1816232Walkerville1817134
Walkerville1814428St Peter’s OC1816232
SMOSH W/Lakes1814428Para Hills1812624
Para Hills1813526SMOSH W/Lakes1812624
Old Ignatians1881016Mitcham189918
Scotch OC1871114Woodville South1881016
Portland1861212Scotch OC1871114
Woodville South1851310Old Ignatians183156

Div 4

Div 4 Reserves

CBCOC1816232Prince Alfred OC1816232
Prince Alfred OC1813526Golden Grove1814428
Fitzroy18107121Salisbury West1812624
Salisbury West1810820CBCOC1811722
Golden Grove1810820Unley189918
Unley1861212Adel Lutheran184148
Adelaide Lutheran184148Greenacres182164
North Haven182164North Haven182164

Div 5

Div 5 Reserves

Pulteney1815330Hope Valley1815330
Westminster OS1812624Westminster OS1814428
Blackfriars OS18116123Rosewater1810820
Hope Valley1810820Pulteney189918
Elizabeth1881016Blackfriars OS1871114
Ingle Farm1818Ingle Farm1818

Div 6

Div 6 Reserves

Brahma Lodge1817134Col Light Gdns1817134
Colonel Light Gdns1813526Paralowie1813526
Trinity OS1813526Trinity OS18125125
Lockleys1810820Brahma Lodge18116123
West Croydon1871114Mitchell Park1871114
Mitchell Park1861212West Croydon1841319
Central United1811613Central United182164

Div 7

Div 7 Reserves

Henley1816232Adelaide Uni1818036
Houghton Districts1814428Athelstone18134127
St Paul’s OS1814428St Paul’s OS18125125
Flinders University1881016S.H.O.C.1811722
Sacred Heart OC18710115Houghton Dists1881016
Angle Vale1861212Flinders Uni1851310
Adelaide University1851310North Pines1851310
North Pines1831417Ovingham182164
Ovingham181172Angle Vale1818

Div C1

Div C2

Tea Tree Gully1615130Flinders Park1817134
Modbury1615130PHOS Camden1816232
Salisbury North1696119Pembroke OS OS1812624
Goodwood Saints169718Eastern Park1812624
Gaza168816Payneham NU1812624
Gepps Cross1651110Broadview189918
Adelaide University164128Adelaide University184148
Rostrevor OC1631217Seaton Ramblers184148
Port District163136Salisbury West183156

Div C3

Div C4

SMOSH West Lakes1817134Golden Grove181836
St Peter’s OC1814428Prince Alfred OC1816232
Old Ignatians1813526Adelaide University1812624
Mitcham1812624Adelaide Lutheran18107121
Para Hills1810820CBCOC1881016
Scotch OC1851310Hope Valley1861212
Woodville South1818Unley1818

Div C5

Div C6

Tea Tree Gully1817134Port District1815330
Paralowie1814428Flinders Park1814428
Golden Grove1813526Modbury1812624
Hectorville1811722SMOSH West Lakes1811722
Wingfield Royals1881016Adelaide University1811722
Trinity OS1861212Mitcham18611113
Ingle Farm181172Salisbury181172

Div C7

Div Under 18 Red

Kenilworth109118Salisbury North15131127
Greenacres108216Tea Tree Gully16132127
Goodwood Saints105510Golden Grove168816
Gaza10192Hope Valley162144

Div Under 18 Yellow

Div Under 18 Blue

Henley18143129Port District1615130
Kenilworth1810820Gepps Cross1613326
Flinders Park189918Broadview167914
Seaton Ramblers189918Gaza1751210
SMOSH West Lakes1871114Portland174138
Lockleys1871114North Haven172154
Woodville South182164Fitzroy7162

Finals Results

Div 1 Finals

Div 1 Reserves Finals

Elimination final played at Duncan Fraser ResElimination final played at Goodwood Oval
Gepps Cross11.6Port District7.9Goodwood Saints8.3Modbury1.4
Qualifying final played at Goodwood OvalQualifying final played at Duncan Fraser Res
Goodwood Saints8.12Tea Tree Gully8.5Sacred Heart OC4.9Tea Tree Gully4.7
1st Semi-final played at Thebarton Oval1st Semi-final played at Thebarton Oval
Tea Tree Gully10.13Gepps Cross7.14Tea Tree Gully7.8Goodwood Saints6.6
2nd Semi-final played at Henley Mem Oval2nd Semi-final played at Henley Mem Oval
Goodwood Saints14.1Henley10.1Sacred Heart OC10.4Henley6.1
Preliminary final played at Henley Mem OvalPreliminary final played at Henley Mem Oval
Henley13.17Tea Tree Gully13.1Henley10.11Tea Tree Gully3.9
Grand final played at Thebarton OvalGrand final played at Thebarton Oval
Goodwood Saints11.13Henley8.12Sacred Heart OC8.9Henley4.9

Div 2 Finals

Div 2 Reserves Finals

Elimination final played at Camden OvalElimination final played at Broadview Oval
PHOS Camden17.12Adelaide Uni8.5Pembroke OS14.16Payneham NU4.5
Qualifying final played at Dwight ReserveQualifying final played at Camden Oval
Broadview19.12Eastern Park11.1Adelaide Uni9.16Flinders Park8.7
1st Semi-Final played at Dwight Reserve1st Semi-final played at Payneham Oval
Eastern Park12.11PHOS Camden11.1Pembroke OS3.6Flinders Park2.5
2nd Semi-final played at Payneham Oval2nd Semi-final played at Dwight Reserve
Broadview10.5Payneham NU9.5PHOS Camden8.16Adelaide University8.11
Preliminary final played at Payneham OvalPreliminary final played at Payneham Oval
Payneham NU17.9Eastern Park12.17Adelaide Uni7.11Pembroke OS6.9
Grand final played at Thebarton OvalGrand final played at Thebarton Oval
Broadview16.14Payneham NU8.14PHOS Camden8.8Adelaide Uni6.1

Div 3 Finals

Div 3 Reserves Finals

Elimination final played at The PaddocksElimination Final played at Walkerville Rec
Old Ignatians14.7Para Hills11.8Mitcham9.11SMOSH W/L8.8
Qualifying final played at Walkerville OvalQualifying Final played at The Paddocks
SMOSH W/Lakes16.11Walkerville15.14St Peters OC10.8Para Hills5.4
1st Semi-final played at Walkerville Oval1st Semi-final played at Walkerville Rec
Walkerville12.11Old Ignatians9.3Mitcham8.7Para Hills5.11
2nd Semi-final played at Caterer Oval2nd Semi-final played at Caterer Oval
St Peters OC9.11SMOSH W/Lakes4.11Walkerville5.11St Peters OC2.6
Preliminary final played at Walkerville OvalPreliminary final played at W/Lakes Shore Oval
Walkerville14.17SMOSH W/Lakes10.12St Peters OC14.11Mitcham6.5
Grand final played at Richmond OvalGrand final played at Richmond Oval
Walkerville17.16St Peters OC14.4St Peters OC8.11Walkerville 2.27.7

Div 4 Finals

Div 4 Reserves Finals

Elimination final played at Fitzroy Sports ClubElimination Final played at Fitzroy Sports Club
Fitzroy19.15Salisbury West17.9C.B.C.O.C.13.15Salisbury West12.4
Qualifying final played at Thebarton OvalQualifying Final played at Thebarton Oval
PAOC14.15Pooraka6.11Golden Grove15.1Pooraka6.0
1st Semi-final played at Lindblom Park1st Semi-final played at East Parklands
2nd Semi-final played at East Parklands2nd Semi-final played at Lindblom Park
CBCOC17.7PAOC4.16Prince Alfred OC10.8Golden Grove7.5
Preliminary final played at Campbelltown OvalPreliminary final played at Campbelltown Oval
PAOC27.16Fitzroy10.13Pooraka13.1Golden Grove10.2
Grand final played at Campbelltown OvalGrand final played at Campbelltown Oval
PAOC14.15CBCOC13.11Prince Alfred OCPooraka7.4

Div 5 Finals

Div 5 Reserves Finals

Elimination final played at Eric Sutton OvalElimination Final played at Eric Sutton Oval
Rosewater9.12Blackfriars OS9.9Rosewater12.9Elizabeth12.4
Qualifying final played at St Marys ParkQualifying Final played at St Marys Park
Plympton10.11Westminster OS5.9Plympton8.12Westminster OS9.3
1st Semi-final played at Glandore Oval1st Semi-final played at Glandore Oval
Westminster OS14.14Rosewater11.11Westminster OS12.8Rosewater3.8
2nd Semi-final played at Morgan Oval2nd Semi-final played at Morgan Oval
Plympton6.5Pulteney5.14Plympton11.4Hope Valley2.2
Preliminary final played at St Marys ParkPreliminary final played at St Marys Park
Westminster OS18.11Plympton10.9Westminster OS10.11Hope Valley7.7
Grand final played at St Marys ParkGrand final played at St Marys Park
Pulteney13.14Westminster OS12.9Plympton8.7Westminster OS4.5

Div 6 Finals

Div 6 Reserves Finals

Elimination final played at Daly OvalElimination final played at Daly Oval
Hectorville10.11Lockleys7.13Brahma Lodge14.11Hectorville5.5
Qualifying final played at Mortlock ParkQualifying final played at Mortlock Park
Trinity OS11.11Col Light Gdns9.15Paralowie8.7Trinity OS7.8
1st Semi-final played at Mortlock Park1st Semi-final played at Brahma Lodge Oval
Hectorville11.11Col Light Gdns9.8Trinity OS10.12Brahma Lodge5.7
2nd Semi-final played at Brahma Lodge Oval2nd Semi-final played at Mortlock Park
Brahma Lodge14.11Trinity OS10.15Paralowie11.5Colonel Light Gdns10.8
Preliminary final played at Trinity GawlerCampusPreliminary final played at Trinity Gwlr Campus
Hectorville16.1716.12Colonel Lights Gdns8.13Trinity OS7.9
Grand final played at Salisbury OvalGrand final played at Salisbury Oval
Hectorville9.13Brahma Lodge8.12Colonel Light Gdns11.7Paralowie5.4

Div 7 Finals

Div 7 Reserves Finals

Elimination final played at Mawson Lakes OvalElimination final played at Mawson Lakes Oval
St Pauls OS18.11Flinders University12.1St Pauls OS5.19Sacred Heart OC5.6
Qualifying final played at Torrens Valley OvalQualifying final played at Torrens Valley Oval
Houghton Districts11.15Athelstone11.6Athelstone8.8Henley6.5
1st Semi-final played at Torrens Valley Oval1st Semi-final played at Henley Memorial Oval
Athelstone4.8St Pauls OS4.6Henley8.1St Pauls OS3.4
2nd Semi-final played at Henley Memorial Oval2nd Semi-final played at Torrens Valley Oval
Henley5.19Houghton Districts5.5Adelaide University12.14Athelstone0.2
Preliminary final played at Houghton Memorial OvalPreliminary final played at Houghton Mem Oval
Houghton Districts11.1Athelstone10.13Henley15.1Athelstone2.1
Grand final played at Blair Athol ReserveGrand final played at Blair Athol Reserve
Henley19.11Houghton Districts13.8Adelaide University10.7Henley6.4

Div C1 Finals

Div C2 Finals

Elimination final played at Goodwood OvalElimination final played at Dwight Reserve
Goodwood Saints13.14Gaza6.7Eastern Park12.18Payneham NU12.7
Qualifying final played at Campbelltown OvalQualifying final played at Camden Oval
Modbury12.12Salisbury North5.6PHOS Camden10.7Pembroke OS OS8.1
1st Semi-final played at Salisbury North Oval1st Semi-final played at Haslam Oval
Goodwood Saints7.14Salisbury North7.4Eastern Park8.6Pembroke OS OS7.9
2nd Semi-final played at Salisbury Oval2nd Semi-final played at Flinders Park Oval
Tea Tree Gully11.13Modbury4.5Flinders Park12.13PHOS Camden2.8
Preliminary final played at Modbury Sports ResPreliminary final played at Camden Oval
Modbury10.1Goodwood Saints10.2Eastern Park16.6PHOS Camden7.1
Grand final (1) played at Hope Valley OvalGrand final played at Hope Valley Oval
Tea Tree Gully8.14Modbury9.8Flinders Park16.4Eastern Park4.4
Grand final (replay) played at Salisbury Oval
Modbury8.9Tea Tree Gully5.13

Div C3 Finals

Div C4 Finals

Elimination final played at Hawthorn OvalElimination final played at South Parklands
Walkerville9.1Mitcham6.12Pooraka9.5Adelaide Lutheran8.4
Qualifying final played at Caterer OvalQualifying final played at Thebarton Oval
Old Ignatians3.9St Peters OC9.13Prince Alfred OC7.9Adelaide University7.5
1st semi-final played at Caterer Oval1st semi-final played at Park 10
St Peters OC13.1Walkerville7.3Adelaide University10.8Pooraka4.6
2nd semi-final played at West Lakes Shore Oval2nd Semi-final played at Campbelltown Oval
SMOSH West Lakes10.4Old Ignatians7.5Prince Alfred OC12.5Golden Grove7.6
Preliminary final played at Hunter Park (Railways)Preliminary final played at Blair Athol Reserve
Old Ignatians9.8St Peters OC7.8Golden Grove14.14Adelaide University15.5
Grand final played at Hope Valley OvalGrand final played at Campbelltown Oval
Old Ignatians8.7SMOSH W/Lakes5.5Prince Alfred OC7.12Golden Grove7.4

Div C5 Finals

Div C6 Finals

1st semi-final played at Thebarton Oval1st semi-final played at Campbelltown Oval
Golden Grove6.6Hectorville4.8Modbury4.8SMOSH West Lakes4.7
2nd semi-final played at Salisbury Oval2nd Semi-final played at Largs Reserve
Tea Tree Gully13.1Paralowie7.5Flinders Park12.4Port District11.8
Preliminary final played at Yalumba Dr ReservePreliminary final played at Largs Reserve
Paralowie9.1Golden Grove7.6Port District16.7Modbury5.6
Grand final played at Thebarton OvalGrand final played at Blair Athol Reserve
Paralowie11.6Tea Tree Gully7.11Port District16.11Flinders Prk11.6

Div C7 Finals

Div Under 18 Red

1st Semi-final played at Blair Athol Reserve1st Semi final played at Campbelltown Oval
Salisbury8.9Goodwood Saints5.6Smithfield14.7Golden Grove13.4
2nd Semi-final played at Blair Athol Reserve2nd Semi final played at Salisbury North Oval
Kenilworth10.1Greenacres6.5Salisbury North9.5Tea Tree Gully7.7
Preliminary final played at Thebarton OvalPreliminary final played at Thebarton Oval
Salisbury12.12Greenacres6.3Tea Tree Gully13.5Smithfield12.6
Grand final played at Thebarton OvalGrand final played at Thebarton Oval
Kenilworth5.11Salisbury5.3Tea Tree Gully7.9Salisbury North7.7

Div Under 18 Yellow

Div Under 18 Blue

1st Semi-final played at St Marys Park1st Semi-final played at Duncan Fraser Res
Kenilworth10.13Flinders Park7.5Gepps Cross11.9Broadview10.5
2nd Semi final played at Henley Mem Oval2nd Semi final played at Largs Reserve
Henley7.7Plympton6.8Port District13.9Athelstone6.5
Preliminary final played at Thebarton OvalPreliminary final played at Torrens Valley Oval
Plympton12.11Kenilworth7.1Athelstone13.1Gepps Cross4.11
Grand final played at Thebarton OvalGrand final played at Thebarton Oval
Henley8.11Plympton7.9Port District11.6Athelstone5.10


Best & Fairest Awards

Div 1Eric Pfitzner Memorial Medal20 votesMatthew BrunoliTea Tree Gully
Div 2F A Bloch Medal19 votesNicholas KurzelAdelaide University
Div 3D G McKay Medal23 votesBenjamin KilsbySt Peters OC
Div 4A E Treloar Medal23 votesJohn BoxerGolden Grove
Div 5J B Dicker Medal25 votesSteven TaylorSmithfield
Div 6A G Bert Medal25 votesPaul WoottonHectorville
Div 7K C Sims Medal27 votesNicholas MeiersHenley
Div 1 RE A Davoran Medal15 votesGeoffrey TaylorGepps Cross
Div 2 RE P Nazer Medal17 votesMatthew GreenFlinders Park
Div 3 RH W Main Medal21 votesPhil NobleSMOSH West Lakes
Div 4 RC G Tideman Medal23 votesNicholas KriewaldtAdelaide Lutheran
Div 5 RG P Wilson Medal19 votesBrett RyanHope Valley
Div 6 RR H Elix Medal19 votesSteven NewchurchParalowie
Div 7 RF J Monten Medal31 votesWesley LegrandAdelaide University
C1P Collins Medal26 votesJamie EllisGaza
C2J A Burchell Medal19 votesCharles BrycePembroke OS
C3R B Lambert Medal20 votesAlex BondSt Peter’s OC
C4H D Naylor Medal25 votesWilliams EvansAdelaide University
C5F S Hone Medal30 votesMichael BurdenParalowie
C6C C Sando18 votesMike BarkerAdelaide University
C7Marie Little Medal18 votesAdam HamiltonGreenacres
U18 YellowH J Hutton Medal23 votesKurtis CoxHenley
U18 BlueF Cockburn Medal22 votesDylan MorphettPort District
22 votesDomenico PergolettoAthelstone
U18 RedD A Tothill Medal28 votesJosh MannTea Tree Gully

Goal Kickers

Div 1Charles Irvine Memorial Trophy76 goalsDrew LitsterRostrevor OC
Div 2Peter Hayes Memorial Trophy80 goalsTravis WhiteAthelstone
Div 384 goalsShane HansonPara Hills
Div 462 goalsChad BourkeFitzroy
Div 575 goalsLachlan JonesPulteney
75 goalsJim SmithPlympton
Div 675 goalsCarey PayneBrahma Lodge
Div 7100 goalsIvan NovoselSt Pauls OS
Div 1 R52 goalsDaniel FormosaTea Tree Gully
Div 2 R56 goalsSteven WilliamsPHOS Camden
Div 3 R63 goalsBrett SmidWalkerville
Div 4 R69 goalsIvan DidakPooraka
Div 5 R54 goalsDavid CichowskiRosewater
Div 6 R51 goalsPeter Diestel-FeddersenHectorville
Div 7 R110 goalsBenjamin VezisAdelaide University
C152 goalsGrant WilliamsTea Tree Gully
C294 goalsMatt HobbaFlinders Park
C382 goalsShaun HansenSMOSH West Lakes
C458 goalsAran KilpatrickCBCOC
C559 goalsChris MullinsParalowie
C677 goalsSamuel CoxModbury
U18 Blue41 goalsAlex NewellPort District
U18 Red39 goalsKyle ParksSalisbury North
U18 Yellow55 goalsKorey LoechelSeaton Ramblers

SAAFL v Country Challenge

Sunday, April 12, 2009, AAMI Stadium

The SAAFL State under-23 team lost to a far more physically-strong Country representative side by 66 points in the Challenge Cup at AAMI Stadium on Sunday, April 12, 2009. The match was played after Adelaide beat Fremantle in the third AFL series, which added to the great experience for the young and committed SAAFL side.

Regrettably, the League’s under-23 side was brushed aside too easily against older and hardened players, but earned praise from coachJamie Thomasfor remaining competitive.

SalisburyNorth’s Joseph Hay won theBill BottenMedal as the SAAFL’s best player. “It was a big thrill to play at AAMI Stadium, and I enjoyed the game,” Hay said. “It was a disappointing result, but the quality level that the country blokes showed was a learning experience.” During a post-match function SANFL Community Football League chairman David Shipway said it was important for SA football that the SAAFL v Country games continued.

We just need to keep evolving these games; we will always try to make these better,” he said. “The match was played in tremendous spirit, and it highlighted what community footy does, both regionally and in the city.”

Country 3.5 8.7 14.8 17.13 (115)

SAAFL 0.4 3.6 4.7 7.7 (49)

BEST – Country: Newberry, Vandeleu, Durbridge, Morris, Habner, Walker. SAAFL: Hay, Kerr, Botten, Rotolo, Downie, Jolly.

GOALS – Country: Morris 5, Habner 4, Portlock 2, Bennett, Stevens, Merrett, Darling, Walker, Sutherland. SAAFL: Jolly 2, Platten, Lewis, Capogreco, Downie, Botten.


SAAFL v Southern Football League

Saturday, June 6, 2009, Hickinbotham Oval

The SAAFL under-23 State team maintained its dominance over the Southern Football League in the Coca-Cola Metropolitan Challenge Cup V at Hickinbotham Oval on Saturday, June 6, 2009 – just. The SAAFL won by three points, 9.13 (67) to 10.4 (64) in slippery conditions with Henley’s Seamus McDonnell named as best.

Against the SFL, the SAAFL lost the opening match, but have won the past four. It was also a triumph for Eugene Warrior, who was a late replacement as coach forJamie Thomas.

The SAAFL almost blew its chances with poor kicking for goal early, leading 3.7 to 4.0 at half-time, and 7.11 to 7.2 at three-quarter time.

However, it wasn’t good news for the SAAFL under 18s as they lost to the SFL, 8.13 (61) to 4.4 (28) with Kurtis Cox, also fromHenley, named best for the SAAFL.

Under-23 v SFL

SAAFL 2.0 3.7 7.11 9.13 (67)

SFL 2.0 4.0 7.2 10.4 (64)

BEST: SAAFL – S. McDonnell,N. Grocke, R. Kelly, S. Hannaford, H. Mason, N. Jolly. SFL – S. Guilhaus, J. Farrier, J. Vick, A. Ridley, M. Heard, C. Smith.

GOALS: SAAFL – B. Hudson 2, B. Copping,

A. Dempsey, M. Eleftheriou, N. Jolly, H. Mason,

S. McDonnell, M. Rowe. SFL – M. Eagleton,

T. Tedmanson,N. Dobrovolskis2, D. Schneyder, A. Broadhurst, J. Vick, G. Dean.

SAAFL Under-18 v SFL

SAAFL 2.0 2.1 2.3 4.4 (28)

SFL: 2.5 3.8 6.10 8.13 (61)

BEST – SAAFL: K. Cox, E. Cashel, M. Richards, A. Gill, D. Cook, Y. Moukachar. SFL – DIrvine,S Karran, J Dillaway, C Langcake, M Runting, J Samarcq.

GOALS – SAAFL: S. Mumford 2, J. Lawless, J. Ball. SFL – J. McIntosh 3, M. Runting 2, S. Drew, S. Houweling, A. Rigney.

SAAFL Under-23 team

Broadview – Nathan Grocke (VC)

Gaza Alexander Haughey, Michael Kerr, Henry Mason, Christopher Papageorgiou, Nick Brewer

Gepps Cross – Daniel Capogreco, Brodie Hudson

Goodwood Saints Anthony Dempsey, Mitchell Eleftheriou

Henley – Seamus McDonnell

Payneham NU – Nick Jolly

PHOS Camden – Matthew Rowe

Port District Steven Clay, Ryan Kelly

Sacred Heart OC – Nick Forster

Salisbury North – Joseph Hay (C), Brendan Moon, Christopher Motley, Mathew Rotolo

St Peters OC – Tom Botten, Benet Copping

Tea Tree Gully – Steven Pollock

Woodville South – Sam Hannaford.

Coach – Eugene Warrior

SAAFL v Tasmania

Saturday, June 11, 2009, Thebarton Oval

The SAAFL under-23 team over-powered a resilient Tasmania by 39 points at Thebarton Oval on Saturday, July 11, 2009, but it faces a Hurclean task to clinch the AAFC Triennial Series Championship. To win, SAAFL must thrash Western Australia by at least 15 goals in Perth next year and rely on Tasmania having a convincing win over Victoria in Tasmania in July.

But if SAAFL loses to WA the Sandgropers will clinch the title with a 3-0 clean sweep after beating Victoria by a point and Tasmania by eight points. An All-Australian team will be selected after the remaining interstate matches this season. Coached byJamie Thomas, the SAAFL under-23 team started well, but then had to withstand a spirited comeback by Tasmania, winning 17.17 (119) to 12.8 (39). SAAFL captain Joseph Hay (Salisbury North) was judged best by the SA selectors, while Steven Pollock (Tea Tree Gully) was named best by the umpires.

Unfortunately, the SAAFL under-18 team succumbed to a very classy Glenelg under-18 side, suffering a crushing defeat, 18.23 (131) to 1.1 (7), after trailing 4.11 to 0.1 at half-time. SA’s best was Dene Steele fromSalisburyWest. It was no disgrace considering Glenelg went on to win the inaugural SANFL under-18 competition and boasts some of the best young players in the state.

SAAFL Under-23 vTasmania

South Australia 6.4 10.7 13.12 17.17 (119)

Tasmania 0.1 4.4 8.6 12.8 (80)

BEST – SAAFL: Joseph Hay, Steven Pollock, Matthew Brunoli, Chris Papageorgiou, Steven Clay, Matthew Rotolo.

GOALS – SAAFL: Nicholas Jolly, Brendan Moon, Martin Wilson 3, Mathew Rotolo 2, Matthew Brunoli, Steven Clay, Mitchell Eleftheriou, Nathan Grocke, Thomas Hurley, Matthew Rowe. Tasmania: Matthew Allford, Rowan Baldock 3, Nathan Ross 2, Jarrad Gale, Josh Hall, Nathan Mills, Chris Savage.

The SAAFL hosted an Australian Amateur Football Council delegates meeting on the morning of the match against Tasmania. Those who attended were: John Davies, AAFC vice-president and president of the West Australian Amateur Football League, Ian Wotherspoon, general manager Northern Tasmanian Football League,Mark Shadiac, CEO SAAFL, Andrew Richardson, AAFC board member and president NTFL,Gino Capogreco, vice-president AAFC and president SAAFL, Nick Bourke, president AAFC, Michael Sholly, treasurer AAFC and CEO Victorian Amateur Football Association, and Brendan Cullinan, CEO WAAFL

SAAFL U18 v Glenelg U18

Glenelg 2.6 4.11 11.17 17.22 (124)

SAAFL 0.1 0.1 1.1 1.1 (7)

BEST – SAAFL: Dene Steele, Ashley Sexton, Mark Robb. GOAL – SAAFL: Brett Selby-Fullgrabe.

2009 SAAFL officials

Coach: Jamie Thomas

Assistant coach: Eugene Warrior

Runner: Ben Halliday

Team managers: Ron Mills/Ray Aiston

Selectors: Ellis Burchell (chairman), Michael O’Brien, Scott Reid, Cori Simpson

Head trainer: Steve Szpunar, Vicki Lines

Physio: Dean Rady

2009 Under-18 representative team

There was significant change to the structure of junior football at the highest level inSouth Australiawith the SANFL under-17 and under-19 competitions being replaced by an under-18s format. It meant an overflow of young players, and many moved to SAAFL clubs to compete in the under-18s.

This positive change saw the SAAFL introduce an extra under-18 competition – Under-18 Red – and overall four new teams.Greenacres,EasternParkandSalisburyWest did not field under-18s teams in 2009, but coming into the competition wereFitzroy,Gaza,HopeValley, Kenilworth,Portland, Plympton andSMOSHWestLakes.

The SAAFL fielded two under-18 representative teams – against the Southern Football League at Hickinbotham Oval on Saturday, June 6, and against Glenelg at Thebarton on Saturday, July 11. The SAAFL lost to the SFL by 33 points, and to Glenelg, which went on to win the inaugural SANFL under-18 grand final, by 117.

The results were disappointing, but according to co-coaches Kevin Hart and Terry Bourke the competition proved a tremendous learning curve and an important part of the development of the young players. Their commitment to the State program could not be questioned, and it was always going to be a great challenge given the fact the SAAFL players had not played as a team previously, whilst the SFL and Glenelg teams were far more settled and had greater experience.

Overall, there were some very promising performances by the SAAFL under-18 players, and it was the view of the coaches that with continued commitment to their football whilst maintaining a positive attitude, many could progress to the SAAFL senior state team within a few years.

The commitment by the SAAFL under-18 coaching, management and support staff, including the selection committee chaired by Ellis Burchell, to developing some of the League’s finest young players was outstanding.

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