SAAFL History – 2014

Season 2014 has been one with a range of achievements, challenges and changes to what has historically been known at the South Australian Amateur Football League.

Significantly, we are now referred to as the Channel 9 Adelaide Football League. Nearly 12 months to the day has passed since we announced a three year media partnership with Channel 9 that continues to raise our profile amongst corporate Adelaide and reaffirms Channel 9’s commitment as a supporter of community based organisations. It is a part­nership we hope will extend well beyond the original term of three years.

In November 2013 the Channel 9 Adelaide Football League formed an alliance with the South Australian Women’s Foot­ball League, adding another 23 teams to our 220 male teams and nudging, our participation numbers as close to ten thou­sand playing members as it ever has been. By Christmas 2014 we will have a new tenant with Inclusive Sport SA formerly known as SASRAPID moving in to Adelaide Airport Stadium to conduct their business in an environment conducive to not only Australian Rules football but sport in general.

Twenty four not-for-profit organisations have used Adelaide Airport Stadium in 2014 as a venue to hold events, whether they be sport or community based allowing us to pay forward our own successes as an extension of our goal of being rec­ognised as not only a not-for-profit in our own right but one that is supportive of other ‘not-for-profits’ less fortunate than ourselves.

The City of West Torrens, The Lion Nathan Brewery, Adelaide Airport, Sherrin, Greyhounds Racing SA and of course Chan­nel 9 continue to provide a financial base for us to assume some security in the decisions we make on behalf of our clubs. We are currently negotiating renewed terms for a longer tenancy at Adelaide Airport Stadium where we plan to fur­ther entrench ourselves and continue to develop a platform based on stability for the 66 Members Clubs of our League. Adelaide Airport Stadium has become synonymous with the Ch9 Adelaide Football League and will continue to allow us to strengthen our footprint as the sole metropolitan football competition in Adelaide and the preferred destination for men and women to play football.

Those relationships will continue to grow inviting further opportunities for the Ch9AFL to expand and fulfil our long list of strategic targets.

The Ch9 Adelaide Football League will continue to focus its efforts in collaborating with the South Australian Com­munity Football League to provide leadership to a football community that runs the risk of being marred by a culture of excessive match payments and a transient migration of players from one club to the next which is largely recognised as unsustainable at every level.

All that said, the competition in the Ch9 Adelaide Football League is a healthy one. Since the year 2000, there has been 24 clubs compete in Division 1 with Goodwood Saints the only club being a constant fixture in that period.

Sean Jackson led a victorious Under 23 representative team against Western Australia in June. We hope representative football will stay as a vehicle to recognise the talent in our system and whilst in its embryonic stage, negotiations are in play to reinvigorate open age state football against Victoria.

It would be remiss of me and quite possibly not a great career move not to acknowledge The League Executive Committee led by President, Mark Johnstone. Whilst volunteers them­selves, their efforts and contribution to The League is reflect­ed in the positive light that we have come to be viewed, whether that be by internal or external stakeholders. Their attention to detail in ensuring The League’s Strategic Plan is adhered, to whilst affording our team consisting of Tony, Tan­ya, Dee, Caitlin, Ivana and I the autonomy to use our better judgement to achieve their goals is a productive one. Thanks must also go to Ron Stennett, Chairman of the Ch9AFL Tri­bunal and all of the Tribunal members who are charged with managing umpire reports.

Finally and by no means the least, to all volunteers, we salute you. The continued effort from club volunteers to facilitate an environment to develop not only a player’s football prowess but developmental skills as a member of the wider commu­nity deserves recognition far beyond that of what can be af­forded in this report.

John Kernahan CEO


D1Goodwood SaintsD1RGoodwood Saints
D2Payneham Norwood UnionD2RPrince Alfred Old Collegians
D3ModburyD3ROld Ignatians
D4Golden GroveD4RGolden Grove
D5Westminster Old ScholarsD5RCBC Old Collegians
D6Blackfriars Old CollegiansD6RLockleys
D8Prince Alfred Old CollegiansD8RPrince Alfred Old Collegians
C1Goodwood SaintsC3Pembroke
C2AthelstoneC4Mawson Lakes
U18RPayneham Norwood UnionU18YGoodwood Saints


Division 1Division 1 Reserves
Goodwood Saints1818194197566.5636Goodwood Saints1818189054977.4936
Rostrevor OC181531855112362.2930Rostrevor OC18144154580565.7428
Henley181261667131855.8524Tea Tree Gully181341148192061.6827
Tea Tree Gully181171974144957.6722Henley1811611253100155.5923
Salisbury North187111610171748.3914Port District181081158107951.7720
Portland187111354189841.6414Adelaide University189811080120347.3119
Port District1861111420150148.6113Gaza184131897157436.309
Adelaide University1861111291155645.3513Salisbury North18414901155836.648
St Peters OC18216922209630.554St Peters OC18216660144831.314
Division 2Division 2 Reserves
Payneham NU181711784128758.0934Prince Alfred OC1818190073072.2436
Scotch OC181351759122259.0126Sacred Heart OC181341132471265.0327
Prince Alfred OC181171496133952.7722Payneham NU1812511456108857.2325
Sacred Heart OC188101220131748.0916PHOS Camden18991185113851.0118
Walkerville188101403160846.6016SMOSH West Lakes188101009109148.0516
SMOSH West Lakes187111179155143.1914Broadview187111034119946.3114
Gepps Cross186121262132248.8412Scotch OC18612863133739.2312
PHOS Camden186121378153547.3112Gepps Cross18315886145437.866
Flinders Park186121255155344.6912Flinders Park18315686165129.356
Vili’s Division 3Vili’s Division 3 Reserves
Unley Mercedes Jets181532397110768.4130Modbury18171163348477.1434
Seaton Ramblers181532355123765.5630Unley Mercedes Jets18144154973467.8528
Modbury181442195111566.3128Old Ignatians18135149078965.3826
Pembroke OS181352263111467.0126Pembroke OS18135129395657.4926
Old Ignatians181081943144257.4020Plympton181171320102256.3622
Mitcham186121890165053.3912Seaton Ramblers18513919158036.7710
Nine News Division 4Nine News Division 4 Reserves
Golden Grove18171242698571.1234Golden Grove1818205048880.7736
Salisbury West181622515117968.0832Eastern Park18126163798562.4324
Eastern Park181532256138162.0330Salisbury West181261215120150.2924
Hope Valley18991415168145.7018Hope Valley181171385105756.7222
Hectorville186121204150244.4912Woodville South186121231135347.6412
Woodville South185131261171642.3610Pulteney18612842127939.7012
Nine News Division 5Nine News Division 5 Reserves
North Haven1814311791107662.4729Elizabeth18153154691762.7730
Colonel Light Gardens181351970122661.6426CBC Old Collegians18144183173271.4428
Elizabeth181261843133657.9724Colonel Light Gardens18144192780470.5628
CBC Old Collegians181171620140253.6122North Haven18126146777165.5524
Westminster OS181081528141551.9220Adelaide Lutheran18117126692757.7322
Adelaide Lutheran18991308120652.0318Westminster OS188101172109151.7916
Para Hills18991552145751.5818Trinity OS18711944121843.6614
Greenacres187111494137952.0014Para Hills186121101133945.1212
Trinity OS1841311185153443.589Greenacres18315690163229.726
Brahma Lodge1818737299719.74Brahma Lodge181828527989.24
Easyfuel Division 6Easyfuel Division 6 Reserves
Blackfriars OS181622584116169.0032Rosewater18162207356578.5832
West Croydon181532503137964.4830Lockleys18162186767273.5332
Ingle Farm181442194101268.4328Ingle Farm18144168976368.8828
Rosewater181352304110367.6326West Croydon181351550102760.1526
Fitzroy18992138145259.5518Mawson Lakes181081217103454.0620
Mawson Lakes184141429176844.708Blackfriars OS18414931147038.788
Central United188101967162754.737Flinders University18315596189123.966
Angle Vale18117674371015.372Central United18711892108345.165
Mitchell Park18117554344113.872Angle Vale1818366178717.00
National 1 Plumbing Division 7Division 7 Reserves
Houghton Districts1612421721108861.2724Flinders Park161242131166666.3124
Adelaide University1611521670109660.3822SMOSH West Lakes169721208102254.1718
North Pines169721870132258.5818Modbury16882101798550.8016
Henley167921209135847.1014Houghton Districts167921027109648.3714
Sacred Heart OC1651121075138243.7510Adelaide University166102846110943.2712
SMOSH West Lakes1641221006165737.788Sacred Heart OC16214237336350.684
Wingfield Royals16162396271912.71North Pines162142448230216.294
Ch9AFL Division 8Ch9AFL Division 8 Reserves
Golden Grove161422157868469.7628Prince Alfred OC161512182943580.7930
Prince Alfred OC161422131181461.6928Hope Valley161512162566470.9930
Tea Tree Gully161332140362169.3226Colonel Light Gardens16972122984959.1418
Blackwood16882112183057.4616Tea Tree Gully168821347103856.4816
Payneham NU16882113890755.6516Old Ignatians16882961107347.2516
Old Ignatians16792100386353.7514Payneham NU16882961109346.7916
Salisbury164122788136136.678Golden Grove165112778126838.0310
North Haven163132613141730.206North Haven163132583141929.126
Hope Valley161152522198020.862Salisbury161152458193219.162
CH9AFL Division C1Ch9AFL Division C2
Goodwood Saints18162200165775.2832Athelstone18171173960274.2834
Unley Mercedes Jets18153188077470.8430Broadview18153167674669.2030
Rostrevor OC18144180654076.9828Plympton18135136881762.6126
Adelaide University181251149590962.1925Seaton Ramblers18135141384862.4926
Port District181081469102658.8820Gepps Cross1899109995853.4318
Walkerville188911258117651.6817Adelaide University188101057107049.6916
PHOS Camden18513676160229.6810Eastern Park188101030134943.3016
St Peters OC18414810154934.348Portland18414906119843.068
Salisbury North18315572187823.356Elizabeth18315540180023.086
Ch9AFL Division C3CH9AFL Division C4
Pembroke OS181611172754276.1133Ingle Farm18162154969469.0632
Scotch OC18153122662366.3130Lockleys18162137664068.2532
Prince Alfred OC181261468116655.7324Trinity OS181251128586159.8825
Adelaide University18117107696652.6922Rosewater18117118778960.0722
Kenilworth181081288108054.3920Mawson Lakes18108113476759.6520
Adelaide Lutheran187111144112250.4914Glenunga18612872130939.9812
Woodville South1851211014132143.4311Modbury185121833107843.5911
CBC Old Collegians18513610116934.2910Para Hills184131826151435.309
Nine News U/18 RedNine News U/18 Yellow
Payneham NU18162155478966.3332Flinders Park18153174478968.8530
Tea Tree Gully18153160174068.3930Henley18153166087365.5330
Modbury181171236109353.0722Goodwood Saints181431176356775.6729
Gepps Cross181081329136749.3020Sacred Heart OC181431166558574.0029
Golden Grove189811241111552.6719Port District181081169103852.9720
Ingle Farm18991234121150.4712Unley Mitcham185121838124540.2311
Hope Valley18315867174933.146Woodville South18315576187423.516
Division C7
Goodwood Saints91819365622.732

Finals Results

Greyhound Racing SA Division 1
30/08/2014Qualifying FinalRostrevor OC9-14-68Henley9-8-62Campbelltown Memorial Oval
30/08/2014Elimination FinalTea Tree Gully18-15-123Salisbury North18-12-120Pertaringa Oval
6/09/20142nd Semi FinalGoodwood Saints12-8-80Rostrevor OC12-12-84Goodwood Oval
6/09/20141st Semi FinalHenley17-10-112Tea Tree Gully14-8-92Henley Memorial Oval
13/09/2014Preliminary FinalGoodwood Saints12-14-86Henley12-7-79Goodwood Oval
20/09/2014Grand FinalRostrevor OC7-7-49Goodwood Saints14-10-94Adelaide Airport Stadium
Adelaide Airport Division 2
30/08/2014Qualifying FinalScotch OC14-12-96Prince Alfred OC17-12-114Scotch College Oval
30/08/2014Elimination FinalBroadview6-9-45Sacred Heart OC20-16-136Broadview Oval
6/09/20142nd Semi FinalPayneham NU15-14-104Prince Alfred OC13-9-87Payneham Oval
6/09/20141st Semi FinalScotch OC7-13-55Sacred Heart OC16-10-106Scotch College Oval
13/09/2014Preliminary FinalPrince Alfred OC6-8-44Sacred Heart OC15-10-100City Mazda Stadium
20/09/2014Grand FinalPayneham NU15-11-101Sacred Heart OC13-6-84Adelaide Airport Stadium
Vili’s Division 3
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalSeaton Ramblers8-15-63Modbury22-21-153Pedlar Reserve
23/08/2014Elimination FinalPembroke OS19-13-127Old Ignatians11-7-73Haslam Oval
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalUnley Mercedes Jets15-24-114Modbury12-12-84Kingswood Oval
30/08/20141st Semi FinalSeaton Ramblers9-14-68Pembroke OS13-13-91Pedlar Reserve
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalModbury16-11-107Pembroke OS8-8-56Modbury Sports Reserve
13/09/2014Grand FinalUnley Mercedes Jets8-18-66Modbury12-9-81Adelaide Airport Stadium
SAAFL Division 4
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalSalisbury West13-16-94Eastern Park9-10-64Salisbury Downs Oval
23/08/2014Elimination FinalHope Valley10-12-72Pooraka10-13-73Hope Valley Oval
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalGolden Grove8-17-65Salisbury West17-17-119Harpers Field
30/08/20141st Semi FinalEastern Park16-22-118Pooraka12-11-83Dwight Reserve
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalGolden Grove14-18-102Eastern Park15-7-97Harpers Field
13/09/2014Grand FinalSalisbury West9-4-58Golden Grove15-17-107Adelaide Airport Stadium
SAAFL Division 5
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalColonel Light Gardens17-9-111Elizabeth14-18-102Mortlock Park
23/08/2014Elimination FinalCBC Old Collegians10-13-73Westminster OS12-16-88East Parklands
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalNorth Haven14-8-92Colonel Light Gardens12-10-82Largs North Reserve
30/08/20141st Semi FinalElizabeth10-11-71Westminster OS17-9-111Argana Park
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalColonel Light Gardens14-13-97Westminster OS17-18-120Mortlock Park
13/09/2014Grand FinalNorth Haven7-6-48Westminster OS15-9-99Saint Marys Park
SAAFL Division 6
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalWest Croydon23-8-146Ingle Farm7-15-57Fawk Reserve
23/08/2014Elimination FinalRosewater19-7-121Fitzroy11-13-79Eric Sutton Oval
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalBlackfriars OS18-8-116West Croydon14-9-93Saint Dominics Oval (Park 2)
30/08/20141st Semi FinalIngle Farm7-8-50Rosewater16-11-107Rowe Park
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalWest Croydon13-18-96Rosewater14-21-105Fawk Reserve
13/09/2014Grand FinalBlackfriars OS23-10-148Rosewater9-15-69Price Memorial Oval
SAAFL Division 7
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalHoughton Districts15-11-101Adelaide University7-11-53Houghton Memorial Oval
23/08/2014Elimination FinalNorth Pines16-14-110Modbury10-12-72Andrew Smith Reserve
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalSmithfield20-20-140Houghton Districts8-2-50Smithfield Oval
30/08/20141st Semi FinalAdelaide University19-12-126North Pines13-10-88University Oval
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalHoughton Districts8-4-52Adelaide University12-15-87Houghton Memorial Oval
13/09/2014Grand FinalSmithfield24-14-158Adelaide University9-13-67Payneham Oval
SAAFL Division 8
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalPrince Alfred OC5-15-45Tea Tree Gully6-4-40Adelaide Airport Stadium
23/08/2014Elimination FinalBlackwood8-10-58Payneham NU9-9-63Kingswood Oval
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalGolden Grove9-6-60Prince Alfred OC9-12-66Harpers Field
30/08/20141st Semi FinalTea Tree Gully10-8-68Payneham NU10-5-65Pertaringa Oval
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalGolden Grove14-13-97Tea Tree Gully9-4-58Harpers Field
12/09/2014Grand FinalPrince Alfred OC8-7-55Golden Grove6-8-44Adelaide Airport Stadium
Greyhound Racing SA Division 1 Reserves
30/08/2014Qualifying FinalRostrevor OC14-11-95Tea Tree Gully4-6-30Campbelltown Memorial Oval
30/08/2014Elimination FinalHenley10-5-65Port District9-13-67Henley Memorial Oval
6/09/20142nd Semi FinalGoodwood Saints7-13-55Rostrevor OC9-5-59Goodwood Oval
6/09/20141st Semi FinalTea Tree Gully9-9-63Port District11-12-78Henley Memorial Oval
13/09/2014Preliminary FinalGoodwood Saints11-11-77Port District3-6-24Goodwood Oval
20/09/2014Grand FinalRostrevor OC6-4-40Goodwood Saints13-10-88Adelaide Airport Stadium
Adelaide Airport Division 2 Reserves
30/08/2014Qualifying FinalSacred Heart OC5-12-42Payneham NU9-8-62Broadview Oval
30/08/2014Elimination FinalWalkerville13-12-90PHOS Camden9-8-62Walkerville Recreation Ground
6/09/20142nd Semi FinalPrince Alfred OC16-10-106Payneham NU5-15-45Payneham Oval
6/09/20141st Semi FinalSacred Heart OC8-7-55Walkerville5-9-39Scotch College Oval
13/09/2014Preliminary FinalPayneham NU4-14-38Sacred Heart OC5-4-34City Mazda Stadium
20/09/2014Grand FinalPrince Alfred OC9-11-65Payneham NU6-7-43Adelaide Airport Stadium
Vili’s Division 3 Reserves
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalUnley Mercedes Jets7-3-45Old Ignatians9-10-64Kingswood Oval
23/08/2014Elimination FinalPembroke OS15-5-95Plympton9-11-65Haslam Oval
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalModbury9-5-59Old Ignatians9-9-63Walkerville Recreation Ground
30/08/20141st Semi FinalUnley Mercedes Jets10-20-80Pembroke OS13-10-88Kingswood Oval
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalModbury9-8-62Pembroke OS6-10-46Modbury Sports Reserve
13/09/2014Grand FinalOld Ignatians8-3-51Modbury6-11-47Adelaide Airport Stadium
SAAFL Division 4 Reserves
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalEastern Park14-12-96Salisbury West8-3-51Salisbury Downs Oval
23/08/2014Elimination FinalHope Valley15-16-106Pooraka6-9-45Hope Valley Oval
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalGolden Grove14-11-95Eastern Park11-12-78Harpers Field
30/08/20141st Semi FinalSalisbury West9-4-58Hope Valley13-16-94Dwight Reserve
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalEastern Park9-6-60Hope Valley13-12-90Harpers Field
13/09/2014Grand FinalGolden Grove15-12-102Hope Valley6-4-40Adelaide Airport Stadium
SAAFL Division 5 Reserves
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalCBC Old Collegians9-13-67Colonel Light Gardens6-13-49Mortlock Park
23/08/2014Elimination FinalNorth Haven12-5-77Adelaide Lutheran6-9-45East Parklands
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalElizabeth8-8-56CBC Old Collegians11-13-79Argana Park
30/08/20141st Semi FinalColonel Light Gardens8-12-60North Haven11-8-74Largs North Reserve
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalElizabeth7-5-47North Haven12-13-85Mortlock Park
13/09/2014Grand FinalCBC Old Collegians12-11-83North Haven5-7-37Saint Marys Park
SAAFL Division 6 Reserves
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalLockleys9-14-68Ingle Farm8-13-61Lockleys Oval
23/08/2014Elimination FinalWest Croydon9-6-60Mawson Lakes7-8-50Fawk Reserve
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalRosewater10-13-73Lockleys4-7-31Rowe Park
30/08/20141st Semi FinalIngle Farm10-10-70West Croydon12-4-76Saint Dominics Oval (Park 2)
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalLockleys9-14-68West Croydon6-9-45Fawk Reserve
13/09/2014Grand FinalRosewater9-6-60Lockleys9-8-62Price Memorial Oval
SAAFL Division 7 Reserves
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalFlinders Park11-13-79SMOSH West Lakes4-4-28Houghton Memorial Oval
23/08/2014Elimination FinalModbury7-8-50Smithfield7-12-54Andrew Smith Reserve
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalHenley14-11-95Flinders Park6-6-42Henley Memorial Oval
30/08/20141st Semi FinalSMOSH West Lakes9-8-62Smithfield11-9-75Smithfield Oval
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalFlinders Park10-13-73Smithfield2-14-26Houghton Memorial Oval
13/09/2014Grand FinalHenley10-8-68Flinders Park8-9-57Saint Marys Park
SAAFL Division 8 Reserves
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalHope Valley10-11-71Colonel Light Gardens7-4-46Hope Valley Oval
23/08/2014Elimination FinalTea Tree Gully8-7-55Old Ignatians5-9-39Adelaide Airport Stadium
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalPrince Alfred OC6-10-46Hope Valley13-5-83University Oval
30/08/20141st Semi FinalColonel Light Gardens11-11-77Tea Tree Gully9-8-62Pertaringa Oval
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalPrince Alfred OC15-13-103Colonel Light Gardens2-8-20Payneham Oval
13/09/2014Grand FinalHope Valley7-9-51Prince Alfred OC8-5-53City Mazda Stadium
SAAFL Division C1
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalUnley Mercedes Jets6-8-44Rostrevor OC5-15-45Kingswood Oval
23/08/2014Elimination FinalAdelaide University15-7-97Port District8-5-53University Oval
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalGoodwood Saints10-8-68Rostrevor OC5-8-38Goodwood Oval
30/08/20141st Semi FinalUnley Mercedes Jets7-4-46Adelaide University12-22-94Kingswood Oval
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalRostrevor OC5-11-41Adelaide University13-9-87Campbelltown Memorial Oval
13/09/2014Grand FinalGoodwood Saints9-9-63Adelaide University8-5-53Payneham Oval
SAAFL Division C2
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalBroadview10-12-72Plympton7-3-45Broadview Oval
23/08/2014Elimination FinalSeaton Ramblers15-10-100Gepps Cross7-4-46Pedlar Reserve
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalAthelstone13-8-86Broadview4-8-32Max Amber Sportsfield
30/08/20141st Semi FinalPlympton7-5-47Seaton Ramblers13-7-85Pedlar Reserve
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalBroadview10-12-72Seaton Ramblers3-5-23Broadview Oval
13/09/2014Grand FinalAthelstone10-8-68Broadview9-4-58Payneham Oval
SAAFL Division C3
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalScotch OC7-6-48Prince Alfred OC6-4-40Adelaide Airport Stadium
23/08/2014Elimination FinalAdelaide University6-7-43Kenilworth10-12-72University Oval
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalPembroke OS15-8-98Scotch OC6-7-43Haslam Oval
30/08/20141st Semi FinalPrince Alfred OC11-18-84Kenilworth7-6-48University Oval
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalScotch OC6-5-41Prince Alfred OC6-8-44Scotch College Oval
13/09/2014Grand FinalPembroke OS9-8-62Prince Alfred OC2-9-21City Mazda Stadium
SAAFL Division C4
23/08/2014Qualifying FinalLockleys6-9-45Trinity OS9-8-62Lockleys Oval
23/08/2014Elimination FinalRosewater6-4-40Mawson Lakes13-7-85Eric Sutton Oval
30/08/20142nd Semi FinalIngle Farm5-10-40Trinity OS13-9-87Rowe Park
30/08/20141st Semi FinalLockleys1-4-10Mawson Lakes11-14-80Lockleys Oval
6/09/2014Preliminary FinalIngle Farm7-3-45Mawson Lakes15-14-104Rowe Park
13/09/2014Grand FinalTrinity OS6-3-39Mawson Lakes12-7-79Price Memorial Oval
SAAFL Division C7
27/07/2014Semi FinalsKenilworth7-4-46Goodwood Saints4-10-34Adelaide Airport Stadium
27/07/2014Semi FinalsSalisbury4-5-29Kilburn6-10-46Adelaide Airport Stadium
3/08/2014Preliminary FinalSalisbury10-8-68Kenilworth2-3-15Adelaide Airport Stadium
10/08/2014Grand FinalKilburn8-7-55Salisbury6-4-40Adelaide Airport Stadium
SAAFL U18 Yellow
24/08/2014Qualifying FinalHenley7-9-51Goodwood Saints9-4-58Henley Memorial Oval
24/08/2014Elimination FinalSacred Heart OC11-7-73Port District7-7-49Mitchell Park Oval
31/08/20142nd Semi FinalFlinders Park13-8-86Goodwood Saints5-6-36Flinders Park
31/08/20141st Semi FinalHenley8-8-56Sacred Heart OC8-3-51Henley Memorial Oval
7/09/2014Preliminary FinalGoodwood Saints8-12-60Henley6-5-41Saint Marys Park
14/09/2014Grand FinalFlinders Park7-13-55Goodwood Saints8-15-63Adelaide Airport Stadium
24/08/2014Qualifying FinalTea Tree Gully14-10-94Modbury4-8-32Pertaringa Oval
24/08/2014Elimination FinalGepps Cross10-10-70Golden Grove11-11-77Duncan Fraser Reserve
31/08/20142nd Semi FinalPayneham NU14-7-91Tea Tree Gully7-5-47Payneham Oval
31/08/20141st Semi FinalModbury8-7-55Golden Grove5-15-45Modbury Sports Reserve
7/09/2014Preliminary FinalTea Tree Gully16-10-106Modbury8-1-49Pertaringa Oval
14/09/2014Grand FinalPayneham NU9-10-64Tea Tree Gully9-9-63Adelaide Airport Stadium

Best & Fairest Medalists

Competition NameClub NameFirst NameSurnameVotes
Greyhound Racing SA Division 1Rostrevor OCCraigHolm19
Adelaide Airport Division 2Scotch OCAngusTwopeny18
Adelaide Airport Division 2WalkervilleFraserMarshall18
Greyhound Racing SA Division 1 ReservesGoodwood SaintsTomLangley24
Adelaide Airport Division 2 ReservesPrince Alfred OCHenryOlsson23
Vili’s Division 3Seaton RamblersLukeWalsh21
Vili’s Division 3 ReservesAthelstoneStephanMonda19
Nine News Division 4Salisbury WestMarkRowe28
Nine News Division 4 ReservesKenilworthDanielDelawyer19
Nine News Division 5GreenacresBenBamford17
Nine News Division 5 ReservesColonel Light GardensStephenHammond21
Easyfuel Division 6West CroydonStevenCooper31
Easyfuel Division 6 ReservesIngle FarmJamesHughes21
National 1 Plumbing Division 7SmithfieldIanBellman26
National 1 Plumbing Division 7Houghton DistrictsDaveKeetch26
National 1 Plumbing Division 7 ReservesAdelaide UniversityTomMuecke14
Ch9AFL Division 8Golden GroveJakeTonkin29
Ch9AFL Division 8 ReservesTea Tree GullyGregoryKells26
CH9AFL Division C1Port DistrictRickyWiseman33
CH9AFL Division C1Adelaide UniversityCallumRohde33
Ch9AFL Division C2Gepps CrossTimothyRosenberg23
Ch9AFL Division C3Adelaide UniversityWesleyLegrand24
CH9AFL Division C4GlenungaDanielPilgram-Lynch33
Ch9AFL Division C7KilburnLindsayDrowley9
Nine News U/18 RedTea Tree GullyDylanSchoenmakers19
Nine News U/18 YellowFlinders ParkSpencerJohnson23


Goal Kicking Winners

1Rostrevor OCCommaneHeath81
1RRostrevor OCHarrisonJohn50
2Payneham NUJollyNick57
3Unley Mercedes JetsWarkNicholas92
3ROld IgnatiansCiniJeremy54
4Golden GroveScuddsShane80
4RGolden GroveMorrisBrad64
5Colonel Light GardensHarveyArren108
5RNorth HavenMcCullochDamon64
6Central UnitedBainJames103
7North PinesDudleyPhillip124
8Golden GroveSimmonsGlen90
8RPrince Alfred OCBilykHarry56
C1Adelaide UniversityMeierBrenton47
C1Port DistrictWisemanRicky47
C3Prince Alfred OCWalthamJohn71
C4Trinity OSKriegThomas41
18RTea Tree GullySchoenmakersDylan73
18YFlinders ParkJohnsonSpencer102


SAAFL defeat WAAFL in Perth 2014

SA v WA Under 23

The AAFC 2014 interstate matches concluded Saturday night when the West Coast Eagles WA Amateur 23’s were defeated by the South Australian Amateur Football League under lights at Kingsway Sporting Complex in Perth.

Unfortunately for the West Coast Eagles WA Amateur 23’s, the visiting side proved too good and fought hard in the final quarter to prove they were the better side on the day.

The SAAFL side got out to an early lead to which the West Coast Eagles WA Amateur U23’s answered by kicking three consecutive goals to take the lead and go into the first break nine points up.

By half time the game had changed with SAAFL dominating the second quarter, adding five goals five to their score and limiting the West Coast Eagles WA Amateur U23’s to just two goals.

The West Coast Eagles WA Amateur U23’s squad had a fierce third quarter playing exciting football to kick four goals four, while SAAFL’s inaccurate goal kicking saw them add one goal.

Heading into the last quarter on equal scores, the game could be won by either side.

SAAFL stamped their dominance in the second half of the quarter kicking three quick goals in succession to steal the win from the West Coast Eagles WA Amateur U23’s by 19 points.

In a highly competitive contest, the AF Statton Best on Ground Medal was awarded to Joshua Hand (SA), with the best SA player being awarded to Trent Heffernan and Thomas Curtin of University AFC claiming WA’s best.

WA Head Coach Wayne Langborne was extremely proud of the playing group, with nearly all players being eligible for the AAFC Carnival in Hobart next year.

SA Head Coach Sean Jackson congratulated all players in the post match presentations for a brand of football any football puriest would be proud of.

Final score
Western Australia





South Australia





Western Australia

Goal Kickers: G. Alone 3, Z. McCarrey 3, M. Bluett 2, T. Curtin 2, M. Outridge, A. Wyatt, J. Lee

Best Players: T. Curtin, C. Flint, B. Luckman, Z. McCarrey, G. Alone, R. Wallis

South Australia

Goal Kickers: L. Giles 3, K. Siebels 2, A. Agorastos 2, S. Tonkes, A. Pedler, G. Hurley-Wellington, J. Rosenthal, P. Fantasia, W. Thorpe, J. Giannini

Best Players: T. Heffernan, J. Hand, B. Castree, A. Agorastos, G. Hurley-Wellington

SAAFL Travelling Party to WA
5AthanasiAgorastosPayneham NU
4DanielBlytheFlinders Park
11BrockCastreeGolden Grove
9MatthewDelmenicoSacred Heart OC
13PaulFantasiaRostrevor OC
12JonathanGianniniPayneham NU
21LachlanGilesScotch OC
2JoshuaHand (Vice Capt)Tea Tree Gully
6TrentHeffernan (Vice Capt)Port District
16KieranHollandRostrevor OC
22GeorgeHurley- WellingtonAdelaide University
19JordanLockwoodSt Peters OC
18JoshuaRosenthal (Capt)Port District
14NathanRudloffTea Tree Gully
23KarlSiebelsPrince Alfred OC
7WilliamThorpeScotch OC
10MitchellTillerGoodwood Saints
15SamuelTonkesPort District
8LouWhitelockGoodwood Saints
DaveKennewellAssist Coach
KerryDohntAssist Coach
PaulBehrendtAssist Coach



CITY 12.10 (82) d COUNTRY 7.9 (51)

BEST – CITY: Dale Armstrong (Bill Botten Medal), Hayden Martinello, Josh Rosenthal, Brock Castree, George Hurley-Wellington, Josh Hand.

COUNTRY: Jackson O’Brien (Peter Kitschke Medal), Simon Berkefeld, Nick Schmidt, Joel Montgomerie, Ray Jaensch, Rowan Prior.

GOALS: CITY: George Hurley-Wellington 3, Scott Burnett, Nick Wark, Charile Rae 2, John Boxer, Trent Heffernen, Sam Tonkes.

COUNTRY: Jackson O’Brien 2, Siimon Berkefeld, Matthew Hodge, Tyson Wait, Rowan Prior, Brodie Murphy.

SA Amateur Football League – Team Sheet
Association: South Australian Amateur Football League (SAAFL)
Teams: SA Amateur Football League Vs SA Country
Competition: City v Country Match Date: 20/04/14
1Boxer, JohnGaza
2Hand, JoshuaTea Tree Gully
3Burnett, ScottBroadview
4Tiller, MitchellGoodwood Saints
5Batty, JamesPort District
6Armstrong, DalePooraka
7Heffernan, TrentPort District
8Wark, NicholasUnley Mercedes
9Pedler, AdamHenley
10Giles, LachlanScotch OC
11Rae, CharlieSMOSH West Lakes
12Whitelock, LouGoodwood Saints
13Rosenthal, JoshuaPort District
15Stent, MatthewGolden Grove
16Fantasia, PaulRostrevor OC
17Holland, KieranRostrevor OC
18Tonkes, SamuelPort District
19Nyskohus, JasonPort District
20Castree, BrockGolden Grove
21Hurley-Wellington, GeorgeAdelaide University
22Martinello, HaydenFlinders Park
25De Prinse, BraydenBroadview
CoachBob Cross
Team ManagerScott Hastings

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