Sherrin Footballs

Phone: 1300 367 582
Address: 6 Dalmore Dve, Scoresby Vic 3179
ABN: 68 069 922 970

Company Overview


The Sherrin – It’s the Official AFL Football, an elite piece of leather that has always been around since 1880 – 21 years before federation.


The Sherrin is the oldest regular footy. It seems that footy pioneers used rugby balls from England. It was when Sherrin’s founder was given a misshaped rugby ball to fix in 1880 that he came up with the design for the first Sherrin.


The ball bears the name of its founder/inventor, T.W. Sherrin, who produced the footy from a factory in Collingwood. Now the famous footy is manufactured in Scoresby.


Sherrin was founded in 1880 and since that time has had an unswerving dedication to the following values:


    • high quality craftsmanship


    • commitment to excellence in all areas


    • support of grass roots


    • highest levels of service


    • passion for the game


As custodians of this enduring brand name today, all staff involved in the brand as thoroughly grounded in these values to ensure that the Sherrin tradition continues and evolves.




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