Staff & Committees

Staff & Committees

Adelaide Footy League Patron: Hon. John Trainer


Adelaide Footy League Office Staff:

John Kernahan John Kernahan
Chief Executive Officer
Tony Sullivan Tony Sullivan
Football Operations
Tess Baxter sml 2 Tess Baxter
Women’s Football Operations
Dee Shepard  Dee Shepard
Partnership & Communications Executive
 Colin Rowston Colin Rowston
Umpiring Manager
Ivana Lombardi  Ivana Lombardi


League Sub-Committees

  • Football Operations: Stephen Young (Chair), John Kernahan, Lindsay Blight, Dan Eddington
  • Junior Football: Stephen Young, John Kernahan
  • Finance, Audit, Risk: Shaun Ryan (Chair), Stephen Young, Lindsay Blight, Dan Eddington
  • Marketing and Partnerships: Lindsay Blight (Chair), John Kernahan, Dee Shepard
  • Rules and Regulations: Geoff Heard (Chair), John Kernahan, John Schulz, Rod George, Dan Eddington, Tony Sullivan
  • Constitutional Review: Peter Carter (Chair), Geoff Heard, Gary Palasis, Mark Johnstone, Stephen Young, John Kernahan
  • Work, Health & Safety: John Kernahan (Chair),  Mark Johnstone


Representation on other sporting bodies:

  • Australian Amateur Football Council: Shaun Ryan

Honorary Positions

  • Honorary Solicitor – Garry Palasis, Nic Kernahan
  • Honorary Auditor – Perks
  • Honorary Historian – Geoff Heard

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