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2019 Season


Decision on new rules for 2019 Season

Coaching schedule for field umpires

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2019 Trial Games


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New Umpires


If interested in umpiring with the Adelaide Footy League for the first time in Season 2019, please contact Umpire Manager Colin Rowston on 0434 547 904 (mobile) or at (email)

SANFL Basic Umpires Course (for new field umpires)


Adelaide Footy Umpiring Coaching Staff 2019


Umpiring Manager – Colin Rowston 0434 547 904 (mobile) or (email)

Umpiring Coordinator – Peter Angel 0427 770 419 (mobile) or (email)

Umpires Trainer – Susan Stevens

Field Umpires Coaches – Tony Symons (fitness coach), Greg von Einem (1st years coach), Mark Braunack, Sam Colella, John Morrison, Craig Trewartha, Lincoln Smith, Anthony Wesley, Richard Williams, Darcy Wright

Boundary Umpires Coaches – Neil Rankine (head coach), Blake Emmins (fitness coach), Anthony Brattoli, Frank McHugh, Ray Roberts, Rick Starkie

Goal Umpires Coaches – Steve Chrysochoos (head coach), Joe Buselli, Gary Coombes, Bill Dart









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