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New umpires


If interested in umpiring with the Adelaide Footy League for the first time in Season 2019, please contact Umpire Manager Colin Rowston on 0434 547 904 (mobile) or at (email)

SANFL Basic Umpires Course (for new field umpires)



Umpiring Appointments


Adelaide Footy Umpiring Appointments 25-28 April

Umpiring Coaches Appointments 25-28 April

Record of games (up to 28/4/2019)

Milestones for weekend of 25-28 April:
50th game – Darren Alexander (boundary), Nicholas Dawes (boundary), Lisa Cotgrove (goal)
100th game – Bruce Cameron (field), Michael Goldspink (goal)



2019 Adelaide Footy League season


Link for registration to umpire with the Adelaide Footy League in 2019

2019 Interpretations Video

2019 Laws of Australian Football

Decision on new rules for 2019 season

Umpires Manual

Coaching schedule for field umpires

Umpire fees  Please note that there is a $3 Admin fee per League appointed umpire payment

Link to become a member of the Umpires Association

Umpiring uniform

Provision of umpires for Season 2019

Trial game request form for umpires



2019 umpiring coaching staff


Umpiring Manager – Colin Rowston 0434 547 904 (mobile) or (email)

Umpiring Coordinator – Peter Angel 0427 770 419 (mobile) or (email)

Umpires Trainer – Susan Stevens

Field Umpires Coaches – Tony Symons (fitness coach), Greg von Einem (1st years coach), Mark Braunack, Sam Colella, John Morrison, Craig Trewartha, Lincoln Smith, Anthony Wesley, Richard Williams, Darcy Wright

Boundary Umpires Coaches – Neil Rankine (head coach), Blake Emmins (fitness coach), Anthony Brattoli, Frank McHugh, Ray Roberts, Rick Starkie

Goal Umpires Coaches – Steve Chrysochoos (head coach), Joe Buselli, Gary Coombes, Bill Dart, John Kitto



Commonly asked questions


What is the difference between a panel, recreational and club umpire?
A panel umpire trains and attends coaching sessions regularly (at least once a week) while a recreational cannot attend training and coaching sessions regularly. Both panel and recreational umpires are appointed by the League with the match fees for panel umpires generally higher than those for recreational umpires. When there are not enough panel or recreational umpires available to be appointed for games, the clubs must find their own club umpires and are paid at the discretion of the club.

What are the match fees for umpires and how are the umpires paid?
Trial game fees are the same for all grades – $100 per field umpire, $60 per boundary umpire and $50 per goal umpire (both clubs contribute half each the amount of the fees each). Umpires are paid in cash after the game by clubs for trial games and via EFT by the League for minor and major round games (clubs will be invoiced separately by the League). The various minor and major round fees can be found here.

What are the uniform requirements for an umpire?
Field and boundary umpires are expected to purchase an on-field set of shorts, shirt, wristbands and socks with the set of cards. Acme Thunderer whistles are the only acceptable whistles to be used. Field and boundary umpires are also expected to purchase a polo shirt and jacket to wear to and from games. Goal umpires need to purchase a shirt, rain-proof jacket, trousers and cap to wear on-field and a polo shirt to wear to and from games (if cold, goal umpires can wear their rain-proof jacket to and from games). There are flags available to purchase if goal umpires do not have them. To try on sizes and order, an umpire can visit the Sports Centre at 142 Port Rd Hindmarsh. To see what is available, visit

What is the process for making a complaint about an umpire’s performance?
Contact Umpiring Manager Colin Rowston via email ( or phone (0434 547 904). Make sure the complaint contains legitimate concerns about an umpire who goes against what is expected of them (expectations can be found in the Umpires Manuel or in the Umpiring Interpretations Video). If the complaint is seen to be pointless whinging, it will not be taken seriously.









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