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2017 Presentation Dinner


Jason Mounce wins the 2017 Casey Cooper Medal

Presentation Dinner photos

Umpiring Reality video (produced by Sam Colella and John Cronshaw)

Umpiring Manager’s Season Overview



Adelaide Footy Umpire’s Coaching Staff 2017


Umpiring Manager – Colin Rowston 0434 547 904 (mobile) or (email)

Umpiring Coordinator – Peter Angel 0427 770 419 (mobile) or (email)

Umpires Trainer – Susan Stevens

Field Umpires Coaches – Tony Symons (fitness coach), Sam Colella (1st years coach), Mark Braunack, Michael Humphreys, John Morrison, Greg von Einem, Anthony Wesley, Richard Williams, Darcy Wright

Boundary Umpires Coaches – Ian Denham (head coach), Tony Symons (fitness coach), Frank McHugh, Neil Rankine, Ray Roberts

Goal Umpires Coaches – Steve Chrysochoos (head coach), Joe Buselli, Gary Coombes, Bill Dart





2017 Record of Games for Adelaide Footy umpires

Adelaide Footy 2017 Umpiring Interpretations Video

2017 Umpires Manual

2017 Umpires Association Membership Form

2017 Umpiring Fees (Minor Round and Major Round)

News article (September 2017): Experienced pair to umpire Division 1 Grand Final

News article (May 2017): Umpires Appreciation Round

News article (May 2017): AFL umpires began at local level

News article (May 2017): Raymond and Harris set to debut

News article (May 2017): Umpires have their say

News article (May 2017): Keeping umpiring in the family

News article (February 2017): Local footy to be umpired differently than AFL

Field Umpire Appointments for Season 2016

Boundary Umpire Appointments for Season 2016

Goal Umpire Appointments for Season 2016

Review of 2016 Ch9AFL umpiring interpretations

Umpire Manager’s 2016 Season Overview

The GodUmpire (a video by John Cronshaw and Sam Colella)

2016 Presentation Dinner photos

News article (October 2016): 2016 Casey Cooper Medallist – Jason Mounce

News article (September 2016): Division 1 Grand Final Umpires appointed

News article (July 2016): Umpires Appreciation Round

News article (July 2016): Age shall not weary them – John Amos and Albert Walding

News article (July 2016): New umpires enjoying the challenge

News article (July 2016): Son of a Gun debuts in Division 1 – Ben and Richard Williams

News article (July 2016): Panel boosted by umpires with AFL/SANFL experience

News article (June 2016): Milestones for four veteran umpires

News article (April 2016): Umpires ready to go for Round 1

2016 Laws of Australian Football

2016 Umpires Manual

2016 Field Umpires Coaching Schedule

News article (October 2015): 2015 Casey Cooper Medallist – Frank Manikas

Field Umpire Appointments in Season 2015

Field Umpire Games Total at end of Season 2015

News article (September 2015): 2015 Division 1 Grand Final Umpires appointed

Coaching notes from Laurie Argent about umpiring in finals

Coaching notes from Tim Pfeiffer about umpiring in finals

News article (September 2015): 500 games for Paul Montesi

News article (August 2015): Luke Harrington, Chris Robertson and Damien King – from playing to umpiring

News article (August 2015): Damien King’s first Division 1 game

Ground Rules video




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