Using umpiring to fundraise

Groups or charities are often looking for ways to raise funds for a particular cause and the Adelaide Footy League provides a unique way for this to happen. With over 140 games of men’s, women’s and U18 football played every weekend, over 800 field, boundary and goal umpires are required to officiate in these games. To ease the pressure on clubs to find umpires for the games where the League’s umpiring panel cannot assist, volunteers are being sought to assist, with the normal match payments going back to their associated group or charity.

The Camden Athletic Club is looking forward to a special event next year, with the 40th anniversary of the Camden Classic Carnival being held at Camden Oval on the first Sunday in February. Athletes travel from across the country to participate in the day and the club needs to raise over $20,000 for the event to go ahead. Camden Athletic Club coach Frank McHugh said the umpiring concept to raise money was put towards the club’s committee earlier in the year. “We thought it was a fantastic idea and many of our runners have already put their hand up to run the boundary in a game this season. It looks like we could end up raising a couple of thousand dollars by the end of the year.”

Last weekend, Camden Athletic Club members Hayden Rothe and his sister Simone ran the boundary in a B grade game and volunteered their match payments back to the club. While Hayden has done some boundary umpiring in the past, the experience was new to Simone. “It was good fun and a great workout for both of us. The other umpires helping us out were very supportive and we were happy to volunteer our time.”

Any groups or charities interested in raising money through umpiring can contact Adelaide Footy Umpiring Manager Colin Rowston via email ( or on the phone (0434 547 904).

This weekend sees the Adelaide Footy League’s Umpires Appreciation Round, with players, coaches and supporters encouraged to acknowledge the officiating umpires for the job they do. For more information about umpiring, visit

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