West Croydon


Affiliations: 1961-72 Woodville Juniors
1973 Norwood North
1974- S.A.A.F.L.
Grounds: 1961-72 Croydon Pk Primary
1973-75 St.Clair, Woodville
1976- Fawk Reserve
Colours: 1961-75 Navy blue: light blue ‘V’
1976- Brown & gold vert. stripes
SAAFL Premierships: A2 1980
A4 1977
D6 1998, 2010
A7/D7 1983, 2005
A2R(A4R) 1996
D5R 1997
SAAFL Medallists: A2 1993 Rory L Poole
A5 1976 John Wilcox
D5 1999 Jason Soar
D6 2006 Matthew Loffler
D7 2003 Matthew Loffler
A11 1992 Niko Gramatika
A1R 1986 Peter Bourden
A2R 1989 Ray Agius
A5R 1975 William Rattley
U18 1985 Malcolm Karpenny

SAAFL Grades/Divisions:

1974 A5(3), A5R(9) 1975 A5(3), A5R(6)
1976 A5(2), A5R(7) 1977 A4(1), A4R(7), U18(7)
1978 A3(4), A3R(7) 1979 A3(2), A3R(4), A6(10)
1980 A2(1), A2R(3), A8(3) 1981 A1(7), A1R(6), A8(2)
1982 A1(10), A1R(8), A7(2) 1983 A2(5), A2R(3), A7(1), U18(4)
1984 A2(2), A2R(4), A7(3), U18(5) 1985 A1(6), A1R(8), A8(4), U17(3)
1986 A1(7), A1R(6), A8(3), U17(5) 1987 A1(8), A1R(9), A8(6)
1988 A1(9), A1R(6), A8(6) 1989 A2(4), A2R(6), A9(7)
1990 A2(6), A2R(8), A9(6) 1991 A2(9), A2R(10)
1992 A3(10), A3R(10), A11(3) 1993 A4(2), A4R(10)
1994 A3(6), A3R(7) 1995 A3(9), A3R(10)
1996 A2(A4)(3), D2R(A4R)(1) 1997 D5(10), D5R(1)
1998 D6(1), D6R(4) 1999 D5(2), D5R(2)
2000 D4(10), D4R(9) 2001 D10N(3)
2002 D7(6), D7R(4) 2003 D7(7), D7R(11)
2003 D7(7), D7R(11), U17C(8) 2004 D7(5), D7R(7), U17C(4)
2005 D7(1), D7R(3), U17C(6) 2006 D6(6), D6R(4), D10B(9)
2007 D6(5), D6R(9), C5(9) 2008 D6(8), D6R(9)
2009 D6(7), D6R(8) 2010 D6(1), D6R(5)
2011 D5(3), D5R(10) 2012 D5(6), D5R(8)
The Club began its existence fielding junior teams in response to parents’ concerns about the welfare of the youth in the district. After a 12-year apprenticeship the Club joined Norwood North for one season, then the SAAFL in 1974. With Vic Place at the helm the Club’s ‘A’ grade played in the finals for 8 years in succession. It rose from A5 to A1 in only 8 seasons. A besser block building took over as changing rooms from a tin shed at Fawk Reserve in 1978 and further extensions were made in 1982. After competing in A1 and A2 for 12 seasons, the Club dropped to A4 but was promoted back to A3. The Club claims to be the original Hawks in South Australia and changed its colours from double blue to brown and gold in 1977. One of the Club’s stars in the ’80s who swapped the Hawks colours for the Magpies and then the Demons was Andrew Obst. The record holder for games played is Malcolm Pert with 374

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